Sunday, September 18, 2005

Freaking Titan Poker

I hate it. I should not have moved my roll there. I was doing fine, building at Empire. I am going to quit after this latest SNG but a happy welcome it has NOT been. That has turned into some bad playing. Like calling an all in with AA in an SNG. I mean what a bad move. Of course I hit trips. After his jacks flop quads. Second set of QUADS I have seen against me so far. RIGGED!?!?!?#?@?#?!?@! I better win this blogger thing or I am going to be pissed.

Ok. Ok. So I made worse worse plays like calling an all-in in an SNG with AK vs 77. Ouch. I lost of course. I am off my game. I am taking the day off.

So the roll is not too badly dented yet. I am down to $145 on Tital, $50 on Empire, and I cashed out $23. I just didnt feel like transfering the additional $23 to Titan. I think once the tourney is over on Tuesday I am going to probably cash out of Titan.

I will do a full write up of my opinion of the site but I hate it. I guess I am a party guy through and through..


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