Sunday, September 18, 2005

Titan Poker

Ok. I might have been a LITTLE bit unfair with Titan Poker. I am at least going to give it a fair shot. I do not want to influence anyones option of a new site until they have had a chance to try it out. Especially since it coincides with a downward slide in my play.

If not for anything else, you all better come play in the Blogger tourney on Tuesday. I intend to win, so consider it a donation to the site. If you have not signed up yet go give Iggy's affiliate link a hit at Guiness and Poker. Links on the right.

Good luck and see ya on the tables!


Blogger Veneno said...

I agreed with your first assessment. It sucks! I hate it! Of couse for me, Avatars and chatting are key. The Avatars are soooo dorky. The chat window is not easy to read. And then there are the other annoyances ...changing bet amounts, short time clock, the alarms...should I continue?

But of course, I will be there tomorrow for the blogger

12:48 AM


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