Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Quick Update

Wellll... Gout came back Sunday. After I worked 35 hours this weekend. Real fun. At least I am a contracter and get paid hourly. Gout hurts. Avoid it like the gout! I come home Monday night Jonesing for some Poker action and my network card is DEAD. DAMMIT! So I am out. Until I get another card. Which might be today. Since a guy in my work, who is in MIS, lent me one. Who says MIS guys suck! He owed me anyway because the machine he built for me died, no backups, had to redo 2-3 days of work ASAP. I have been having a good week so far. NOT! Hopefully we can turn it around tonight.. but if you do not see me you will know why..


Blogger Veneno said...

Please take care of yourself!

Hope to see you soon. Poker without Sir, is just NOT as enjoyable.

8:26 PM


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