Tuesday, April 04, 2006


..to the latest winner(s) of seats to the WSOP. Iggy was kind enough to donate his hard earned cash to enable two seats to be given away. A dwarf with a giant heart for sure! I watched alot of the final two tables of this game and it was a battle. Congrats to all of the bloggers who made it that far. Congrats to Radio Head for winning the second seat and Lucko21 (I forgot your blog) for the first.

At 3AM when I finall succumbed to bed Radio had a HUGE lead on the final table. I would also like to congratulate GCox, TripJax and Soxlover for making the final two tables. That group of Bloggers seems to do well in alot of these events. Solid play by GCOX especially as he was almost down to the felt and ended up hanging in for third.

Pokerchamp finished a solid 5th. Play like a Champion boys and girls! Like I have said before: Good Poker Player, Could stand to grow up a little. No exception tonight as his taunting hat was on. He must style himself as the Phil Helmouth of Poker. I actually put $50 against him winning. Sorry Champ! It was when he had 20K in chips and was the small stack. I just did not see him coming back. He did play a great final table, waiting for his chances, and coming damn close to costing me money.

Maigrey was my pick for winner when it was down to two tables. TOUGH. TOUGH. Player. I have alot of respect for what I have seen and heard of her game. Of course my picks never win. SORRRY!

Holy shit April! Damn close! You too Mookie! Kaelin. I gotta get to work so NO LINKS FOR YOU! I can not wait for the next event. I hope it has a happier ending for me.


Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

That's ok. I don't need your half-assed pimpage anyway. Especially when you refuse to spell Kaellinn correctly. :-)

8:04 AM

Blogger Bloody P said...

Dude, check out Poker Champ's blog.

11:04 AM


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