Saturday, April 01, 2006

Not exactly..

excellent work congratulating yourself for not tilting worse, but you are still pretty much congratulating yourself for tilting.
-- Some Unemployed guy

I kid! I Kid! Actually the reason I write some of these painful observations is two fold. One is that it helps get it out of the system. The other reason though is to maybe help people get some insight into tilt. I am positive while I am especially prone to tilt I am not the only one blowing off huge chunks of my bankroll because of this. I am just the only one willing to open up about it. The reason I think that this tilt was somewhat of a success was because I did stop myself. I also decided on a course of action to try and teach myself not to do these things anymore: I.E. Send myself back to Hell. I have high hopes that one day variance will be my friend.

One other thing. The kind of "Tilt" I went off on last night can be called "YoYo Tilt", it is when you make 50 lose 60 make 20 lose 40, and after a few days or weeks of grinding you find you are down. This is such a natural part of poker but it can cause frustration which leads to tilt. If you start feeling frustrated it is probably a good idea to quit for at least the night.

So anyway back to the training wheels. Hope to have some good reports soon.


Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Context alert!

My comment was meant to say that the difference between what you did and what I did is only a hair's width.

I tilted too, EVERYONE DOES. The degree that you let it destroy your bankroll is the only difference.

9:45 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

lol. Ok maybe I am a grumpy bitch. So what. Sue me. The point I was making is I tilted, I hurt my bankroll a little.. and I decided to try something different.. I think that is a marked improvement for me..

12:36 PM


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