Saturday, April 01, 2006

It's how I roll

I am not playing an April fools joke so if any of you had that in mind get serious. Some people will say it is stupid to limit your bankroll because of a bad night. I disagree and I think it is IMPORTANT. I have been playing poker for a (somewhat) long time but I have not gotten the hand of the whole bankroll thing. A bankroll is there to be a guideline and not a 5 minute stock indicator. A night of poker has so many possible outcomes for even the best players in the world. If you live day by day you will never succeed. So I have resigned myself to Fucktard Poker Hell for a while.

I have every confidence I will get my bankroll up to epic proportions sometime soon but until then I am going to play with the losers of the poker world. With money that means nothing at all. I guess the real reason I cashed out was because I do not want to have a bankroll IF I am not ready to have a bankroll. I refuse to give myself the chance to succeed until I can handle it.

I have no doubt I could repair the damage I did last night very quickly but I roll that way too often. I want the quick fix. I want the instant solution to all of my problems. The easy out. Poker is not about that. So I am going to make myself climb the mountain over and over and over again until I get it right. Instead of losing a few hundred and then maybe tilting again and making 300-400 I decided to cash out some winnings and make myself earn the money the hard way. Not just the couple hundred I dropped but all of it. Once I become capable of having a decent size bankroll I will allow myself to keep it. Until then I am going to keep driving the point home (to myself) that poker is about edges over time and grinding out wins.

Now that I have sent myself to my room and beat up on myself I will say that I think I have grown a little. In the past I would not have stopped with a $200 loss. I would have kept going until I made it all back. I was very close to making it all back last night too. If it was not for a few epic suckouts at 5/10 I would have done it too. That is the main reason you play in your bankroll. The runner-runner 9To straight from a capped pre-flop, and capped flop vs your trip 3’s with an Ace kicker happens. When it does you just have to have the bankroll to survive it. So I will see you guys around on the Fucktard tables. Come and yell at these morons with me and we will all have a good time.

On a side note. I had an interesting time playing PLO this afternoon. It is much easier for me to asses my hand in a PLO game than a PLO8 game. I also do not have to share. I flopped the nut flush and nut straight draws with a K on the board. I bet out HUGE against the set that turned QUADS. I should have stopped there but oh well. In Omaha when the board pairs quit drawing or bluffing. It would have been hard to take the 3K loss but I would have at least been in the game still. I berated the no-class opponent of mine for slow rolling me at the end. No way you do not insta-call quads. I am sorry but that just shows no-class and no respect for the game. You sir are the real loser. Until next time. Peace out.


Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Exellent work congratulating youself for not tilting worse, but you are still pretty much congratulating yourself for tilting.

I know the feeling. Last night I was getting the crap beaten out of me brutally by horrible plays and unbelievable catches, and I actually brought up some poker sites looking for a bigger game. But I got ahold of myself before I did anything stupid.

You will never stop yourself from feeling like tilting, you can only stop yourself from ACTUALLY tilting.

3:51 PM

Anonymous Ingoal said...

I think there's no need to explain or justify why you cashed out a good part of your roll, but it's nice that you're sharing your thoughts on the whole matter!

My 0.02$:

1. I think the biggest problem with losing a big(ger) chunk at a given time is the whole feeling that you should win it back right away - which is a possibility, but I guess we all agree that most of the times you won't as you're at least on semi-tilt (?! - frustrated (by the donkeys/CBs chasing with bad odds and hitting their miracles), trying harder or more often than not too hard to hit the hands due to the prior (bad) beats) and maybe the deck just isn't kind to you at all, so trying longer won't help.

2. If you've grown enough as player to understand the whole situation (as in 1.) and act accordingly (logging off, cooling down, stop/loss-limit, ..) you've got my utmost respect as this is the really hard part.

3. If you've got a good understanding of the facts (as in 1.) and you find yourself unable to act accordingly at all times (!), but you're aware of just that fact...then the logical solution is to protect yourself (and your roll) ["from moments of weakness"] - which you decided to do...and I respect that almost as much as 2.!!

So, long story short: what protects your roll, can't be bad and I think we can all agree on one thing: it's easier to redeposit withdrawn funds than to grind out the same amount - and as a side-effect a smaller roll will protect a player from donking off dough which he wouldn't risk with a smaller roll ("Ah, let's give this 50$ SnG a shot tonight...")

So, good luck with the "rebuilding process" of your roll, see you at the tables soonish...

4:57 PM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

That is certainly a no class move, Waffles. It's funny. But no class for sure. Even I wouldn't do it, that's all you need to know.

And hey man, I am SO with you on the tilt discussion -- you probably know this about me as well as anyone. I am the king tilter of the poker world when I let it take control of me, and that still happens way too often. But I've never yet had the ballz to just up and withdraw a lot of my roll. I've always still thought I could win it all back. Kudos to you I guess. Get back here soon though. And this pullback can NOT apply to the WWdN and other blogger tournaments -- I trust you have enough sense to understand that.

5:43 PM

Blogger lumpy said...

bonuses man...bonuses. you can work that roll up to 4 figures in no time.

1:18 PM


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