Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Not my Night

Not a good night. I start of in the WWDN getting my Aces cracked by 44. I then make the round of 16 in the World Cup tourney only to get called by a 15K stack when I had 8K. I had TPTK he had the 2nd nut flush draw. So basically I win that hand and it is over.

The only good thing besides Kats hubby walking in on the two of us kissing was that the SharkScope rates me as a shark. Silly thing.

o /' )
/' ( ,
__/' ) .' `;
o _.-~~~~' ``---..__ .' ;
_.--' b) ``--...____.' .'
( _. )). `-._ <
`\|\|\|\|)-.....___.- `-. __...--'-.'.
jgs `---......____...---`.___.'----... .' `.;
`-` `


Blogger Wes said...

That looked really funky in bloglines.

9:32 PM

Blogger Jules said...

Kat's hubby walked in..now THIS is a story I want details on...

1:58 AM

Blogger katitude said...

LOL..details?? that implies it was something other than two typed lines in a chat (actually Waffles was blowing kisses to apologize for Waffles being, well, Waffles *grin).

SirF, stop being such a shit disturber, you loony :-)

6:11 AM


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