Saturday, September 30, 2006

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Welcome our newest advertiser I had not actually ever been to the site before we started talking about the ad on the right. So I went by and checked them out and they seem to have a very cool site.

I thought that the graphic below was pretty funny.

It is part of an article asking why do we play poker?. Nothing us bloggers have not asked a million times before but well written and worth reading.

I also go a chuckle out of this article on BlackJack!

Of course I thought of Veneno when I read the article on playing heads up. Interesting point they make that describes Veneno perfectly!

Pot Odds - Counting your outs correctly and integrating them

Pot odds is actually the least important in heads-up, because rarely will you call because you are 'getting odds'. If anything, if you have odds to call - BET! Play those flushies and straight draws aggressively, because whatever odds you are getting, aggression gives those odds a skyrocket value with folding equity tossed in. Even with a inside straight draw, it's not a bad idea to bet if checked to you or first to go, because you still have the possibility that your opponent might fold to you (likely in heads-up). If you miss your draw, you can keep attacking and hope he folds, or by miracle, you may even hit your draw and have a very well disguised hand that's perfect for trapping.

I should be poker around the site in the weeks to come and will let you know if I find anything else interesting..


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