Saturday, September 30, 2006

Who wants to win 14K anyways..

Played the 11$ rebuy crap shoot and did well all the way through until 300 left. I then had a shortish stack after pissing away 10K when I decided to bet on the turn when a guy had a gutshot straight draw WITH a flush draw on the board and of course rivers me. I mean why not call of a huge bet with a gutshot on the turn.. that must give you at least 5% chance to win which is better than all your poker skills gives you.

So then I am shortish and of course when a guy raise, the second guy pushes, and I have AK I decide to call. Why? Well I had a nice chance to hit 30K in chips, be solid middle of the pack, and do some damage in this thing. The first guy folds which gives me even better odds and the second guy turns over his A9. Of course I lose even though I have a nut flush draw and the best hand going into the turn. Riverstars lives up to it's name and give the guy a 9. Which by evil poker god trying to make me insane irony is the same card the guy with the gutshot had. Who knew? I need to stop getting the money in 80% ahead it is just too painful.


Blogger KajaPoker said...

You should know by now that you only call on RiverStars when you are sure you're behind. Bottom pair - call. Ace-Rag - call. Especially if you have more chips than your opponent. RiverStars wants the games over so that more people will throw in their rake and will almost always reward the dominated player who has more chips. And always on the river. A player on tilt will lose more money and generate more rake....

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