Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cox Lovers Revenge

So when I last left you I was getting an hours worth of sleep at my friend Carmens place. For all of you perverts out there Carmen and I have a good relationship: She thinks I am homely, and I am married. It works out good that way.

So with my one hour of sleep I drag my ass over to MiamiDonks house to prepare for the WPBT Main Event. I actually was feeling really good. I do not sleep well normally and sometimes one hour is better for me than six. The SoCo had made peace with my tum tum and all I needed now was breakfast! So Don and I hooked up with Veneno and had an awesome egg and bacon breakfast. I love breakfast. It is the best meal ever. Eggs, Bacon, Toast, Waffles, where can you go wrong? Not a single thing that is easy to ruin either.

So we finally get to the tourney and I get a much easier table than last year. Where the prior year had me facing the likes of Absinthine and Spaceman, a couple of poker book writers.. Alright so one of them was that Donkey Michael Craig who never takes these things seriously.. or maybe that is his "A" game? I guess anyone can write a book.

Instead of a couple of WSOP contenders and book authors I get the following lineup.

April. Much improved since our days at Poker Stars but I knew I could tilt her by incessantly rambling and yelling Pai Gow!! every five minutes and coughing into the pot so she would not want to win it.

Chilly. Pffft.

CC. God if there is anyone I wanted to stack more I do not know who it might be.

Otis. Great player but he was hung over and thus unable to do much.

MiamiDonk. Another tough player who I respect a hell of a lot. I do however know his game a little bit and I think I play better against people I know. Also I figured he would blind out before he became a problem.

Veneno. The queen of the sick suckout.. I would have to watch out for her.

Leigh? Lee? Leah? Sorry Girl. I do not know your blog.. and missed your name. Amy seemed to know you..

I can not remember the whole tourney as it was a blur. I will recount what I can and I apologize for any inaccuracies. It started out pretty good for me. I would be picking on Leigh all day. Not because she was weak or anything. Just because I got good cards when she had the second best. I stacked her for the first 1500 when I called a modest 3xBB raise with 78h. The flop came J78 and she lead out. I cold called. The turn was a low card and when she bet again I put her all in. She flipped over pocket kings and the cowboys were cracked.

I played several hands badly against CC. It was good that I had accumulated some chips earlier or I may not have survived. I honestly underestimated the guy. His live game MTT was so much different than his online donkey style that I did not adjust well. I was suitably impressed. He never really overplayed any hands and extracted some good chip value from me. I also called off a little too much when I knew he was on a draw and failed to notice the club that made his flush. Ooops. I finally was able to knock his ass out of the tourney in what was one of my proudest moments. I really did not play the hand poorly or well I just had Aces when he had AQ and a shortish stack. It was fun though.

I knocked Leigh out on a hand I honestly forget. She was very nice throughout the whole thing and she gave me a shirt as a bounty! I think I knocked her out after April was gone and Amy had sat down at our table. I really loved the short time I spent with Amy. I could tell she had a great sense of humor along the lines of my own. She was excellent competition and a joy to play with.

I made a monster bluff on Irish guy. He raised pre-flop and something inside me said he had a middle pocket pair. I called with ducks and when the flop had an ace I took a shot at it. He folded and I showed my little quackers. I forget Irish guys name. He comes all the way from Dublin and gets a “Irish Guy"from me. Heh. Start a blog and maybe I will give you more than Irish Guy!

I remember one nice setup that just was not to be also.. The hand before Chilly says I better stop stealing his blind. So I talk some smack and look down and see Aces. I ask him "How much do you want me to bet? How much will you call?".. he says he will call my all in but folds when I drop three 1K chips onto the felt.. I had a good time telling him that I had 52 s000ted. Heh.

I played maybe one or two hand against Veneno and MiamiDon.. I bluffed Don off of one hand and attacked his blinds as much as I could but we did not mix it up for the most part. I think Veneno took down a few small pots against me. I tilted April to the point where she just wanted to leave. She also says I gave her the plague but I am not sick so I think she has to find some other frog to blame that kiss on. Hell she probably got it from just touching the bar at the IP.. that place CAN NOT be sanitary.

Derek came to play at our table for a while. I always enjoy it when I get to spend some time with him. One of the nicest guys ever.

I also got to shout out "Hey Sucko!" to that luckbox before he went out. Nothing like a live Sucko!

After what seemed like an eternity we got moved to a new table. I had a decent but not huge chip stack and I had been playing really well. Busting CC had enabled me to keep ahead of the blinds and with four tables left things were looking good. I got seated just in time to see Ray Ray go busto. I think like three people called his all in with the short stack. See Smokkee I am not the only one who does not like you. I had CoxLover at this table as well as Daddy. That fucker is both lucky and good. I wish I was lucky.

I actually enjoyed getting some time with Soxy. He was very laid back and mellow all trip. I had a good time talking and hanging with him. We will get to the reason I am calling him CoxLover soon enough. I do not remember doing too much at this table. I saw Weak get sucked out on by Daddy. Daddy had a HUGE stack and was using it to bust people left and right. Before I knew it we were down to two tables.

I had a smallish but decent stack and was looking good for making it to the money. I had Irish Guy at my table. CoxLover. Tobyleah was the shortstack. I had actually busted her friend/boyfriend/husband/lover I dunno.. whoever she was there with earlier in the night. I had a nice conversation with her after she became bubble girl and she is a really sweet person. I do not think she knows I kicked her man to the curb though. It was also good that both Daddy and Veneno were at the other table. AlCantHang was also nursing some chips at my table. Big hug and congrats to Veneno for taking second with her amazing Poison powers live and in action!

So anyways all was going fairly well when CoxLover got a brain tumor and started raising every fucking hand. I mean he pushed all in like seven times in a row. We finally get to the hand that sealed my fate. CoxLover has 90K in chips and I have him covered by 2K or so. The blinds are 10/20. So he pushes his entire stack in with KQ. I fucking hate that hand. I look down and see some tens and they look pretty good about now. I think about it long and hard. I finally turn to Sox and say “I know I am going to regret this but I call”. Of course I end up regretting it as a queen hits the flop and basically I am done. I was steaming. I only said fucking CoxLover like four or five times. Really.

In hind site I question a few things about this hand. First off do I call here or do I let it go? I am in 13th place and four to the money. I think a case can be made for either move. The more aggressive players going with the "Hell yeah you were ahead you have to call" and the more "Make the money" type players saying there is no need to call. I am still up in the air as to which I should have done and I am not sure that an answer exists. It is not always right to do something just because you are ahead. While I tend to think that the majority of the hands that call Coxlover there have him beat by more than 56-42.. He was semi-short stacked at around 7xBB and was aggressively trying to make the final table. He succeeded in doing this. It was not the worst play ever and when the hands were turned over he had to be feeling good. While I am not glad he made the money I had a great time playing with him and it was a fun tourney.

I played a masterful game at the blogger tourney. The only race situation I was in the whole game was the one with Sox. I played post flop for the most part and while I did make some mistakes against CC I think this was one of my best games ever. I appreciate Pauly coming by afterwards and congratulating me for playing so well against a tough field. I had a great chat with Joachiam about all kinds of poker. In general it was a hell of a lot of fun to play face to face with the people I have seen as Frogs, Nurse’s and Monkeys for the past few months. Sox I still see as a fish. Even though the close but not quite enough theme would continue on this weekend I would not trade it for anything. My second live MTT experience was awesome and hopefully it will lead to some bigger and better things.

Next Up: Waffles Rants about Electronic Poker Dealers AKA Someone better call Poker Tek Before I post this AKA Ok It is not that bad


Blogger JL514 said...

loving the report so far. Your original 'coxlover' link is broke, might want to have a look at that.

10:16 AM

Blogger SoxLover said...

You forgot to mention my KQ was soooooted.

11:23 AM

Blogger cc said...

I bow to your eminence, and well done sir!

It was great sharing the felt with you. The only mistake I made against you that I've thought about was pushing with my baby flush, hoping that you'd read a bluff. I'd probably still play the hand as I did and felt good about it. Definitely enjoyed playing with you, and you should feel proud for making it out of what I thought was a very tough table when I saw who we had.

Only regret is that we should donked around a bit more in the cash games. But hope I'm still a big donkey in your eyes...

11:27 AM

Blogger Raveen said...

lol good post waffles enojyed it throughly....

11:49 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

All the donkeys say "But it was S000ted".. it really does not give you that much of an edge pre-flop... You go from a 42% Dog to a 46% Dog.. so you gain 4%.. wow.

12:12 PM

Blogger pokerpeaker said...

Great stuff Waffles.

What were the other chip stacks at the table? And were they tight or loose? And what were the blinds? You may not remember, and that's OK too. And is villian loose or aggressive?

Given that he was obviously aggressive, 10s look pretty good there. But those other factors might lead me to fold.

Regardless, I don't think you made a bad play.

12:12 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Everyone at our table was average 7-12K I would say.. nobody had a monster stack, I had 9K and Sox had 7K.. The blinds were 600/1200. Which is why pushing with almost anything is not all that wrong.. and why calling with tens can not be that wrong.. but folding also may not be wrong.. These are the interesting hands where we beat ourselves up but there may be no bad move..

12:16 PM

Blogger smokkee said...

not bad for your 2nd MTT on 1hr sleep. you're still a freaking bonafide donkey tho.

2:34 PM

Blogger mondogarage said...

There was no wrong play there. I mean, we're happy anytime we have all our chips in when we find we have the best of it, right?

But I hate KfuckingQ. Same situation (me TT, him KQ) at a $60 MTT in Blackhawk last week crippled me, and my KQ went out two hands later to AT...what's a donkey to do. I hate KfuckingQ.

All these blogs have got me juiced to start one. Ya'll are an inspiration. Just wish I actually had some good stories.


10:52 AM

Blogger Derek McG said...

it was great seeing you again sir F. until next time!

8:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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