Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The following is a paid review for Cardschat

The following is a paid review for Cardschat Poker Forum.

I have always been an advocate of Poker forums. Like Blogs they offer a place to discuss strategy, ask people about hands, and learn a little about what people think about Poker. The forum portion of Cardschat has two sections that I could see as a guest. It might be nicer to break it down into a few more sections but the posts were pretty good and some nice reading in the sticky post sections.

In addition to the normal forum features they have have articles, reviews of many sites, signup bonus's for new players and even a blog!! In reading through some of the content of the site I thought it was laid out well and enjoyed my time there. I would recommend it to anyone looking to join a forum. You know what I say.. If it's free it's for me!!!


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