Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Following is a Paid Review for PokerTeam.Com

The Following is a Paid Review for PokerTeam.Com.

Apparently I am a popular guy with ReviewMe... Anyways.. seems to be a Poker Newsletter online. It has articles about poker that you can read. It is in the style of a news site and the articles are all about poker rooms opening or people getting busted in raids. The news section has an RSS feed which makes it easy to subscribe to using Bloglines or any other RSS feed aggregator.

In addition to the news section there are articles on how to play poker. There are not a ton of these articles and they all cover basic topics but if you are new to poker you might enjoy them. It seems as if they site is relatively new and I would assume that more features will be added as they grow.

The site seems to be a nice little news site to get information from. I have subscribed to it through my bloglines and you can too.


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