Friday, December 15, 2006

The Pro vs the Fool

My good friend Fluxer wants you to check out his latest post. I really hope that Duggles gets his money back. Only chance of that is if he can track the IP back to a physical person and then threaten legal action. Not even sure it is worth it.

As for me.. Not really concerned about my Full Tilt funds. I am not sure how someone got in on his account but it is not THAT easy. I am leaving my funds in at Full Tilt and playing as I always do. I am glad that Full Tilt gave Duggles the IP information for the person who stole his funds. I do hope they investigate this further and do something. I am waiting to see what happens in the end before flaming a site that I have had excellent experiences with. I am really not concerned personally.

*** EDIT: While it is nice that the Poker Blogger community sticks up for one of it's own I think the whole "Everyone take your funds out before you lose them" attitude is insane. Total overreaction. Nothing about what happened to Duggles makes me feel any less safe at Full Tilt. It also is nothing that could not/has not happened at other sites. It is part of the cost of living in a world of Hackers and scammers. It sort of reminds me of Henny Penny and the Sky is Falling..

Work has been kicking my ass so I have not been playing much. I got home from work at 11PM last night. It is good because I get paid hourly. However it takes a toll.

I just realized I have been to Vegas 2-time and even stayed up at the IP all night Friday night and I have YET to see a Hooker or a Stripper!!! I blame these two for not taking care of me!! Curse you!!!!

I am starting up my sports betting career. I had such a good time with Don I decided to start a new feature here at Ramblings of a Mad Man: The Pro vs the Fool. Don and I will set up 4-units of bets before Sunday each week on NFL teams and list them publicly on our blogs. We will see who does better with the sports betting each week. Will the Pro kill the Fool? Will the Fool outpick the Pro? Who will end up ahead? I know we are starting this a little late but we can finish through Football season and then maybe move on the Basketball or something if it goes well. There is a chance I may bust before the end of the season too. I am under-bankrolled for Sports betting but I am just in it to have some fun. If I start winning I will keep to bankroll recommendations. My picks will be up tomorrow and I welcome any feedback.


Blogger StB said...

How could you miss the hookers at the Geisha bar?

8:25 AM

Blogger JL514 said...

I'm not withdrawing my Full Tilt funds either, I just think it's good to spread the word. I also think its BS they won't help him out, and if I had the money I'd be instacash depositing to them every time from now on.

8:29 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I am not exactly sure what they should do for him. Should they refund his money? If so I am going to the library tomorrow and hacking my own account and chip dumping to someone.. and then asking them for my money back..

It is good he got the IP.. and he might be able to do something with that if he puts in the effort. I do not blame FT for what happened. It seems they are helping somewhat although it sounds like support could have been more.. well.. supportive.. but what else can they do now? What should they do that they have not? And how does anything that happened to Duggles make Full Tilt any less safe that any other poker site..

I personally wrote about the same thing happening on another MAJOR site.. and they did the exact same thing Full Tilt has.. they gave the IP information and what they had..
Not sure what else they can or should do but open to suggestions..

8:34 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I have no idea.. I think I saw one pimp but that was it.. I blame Iggy!!!!! He was there! He could have found me one! Is the old saying true: IF you cant spot the Hooker at the Geisha bar then your the Hooker?

8:39 AM

Blogger Chilly said...

If your at the Geisha Bar and can't spot the whore, you are the whore.

9:27 AM

Blogger StB said...

Ask the Rooster. He was hitting on one and didn't even know it.

11:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hookers? i spent the money i made off of some donkey dugglebogey on hookers he played like a fool find him he's a atm machine HarriPotter

4:45 PM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

I never meant to call for everyone to pull their money from Full Tilt. I just think it's unwise to keep a large amount of cash on there, or anywhere else.

To be honest, if it hadn't happened to me I'd probably feel the same way you do Waffles. "The guy got unlucky. It probably won't happen to me."

And I'm not really worried for you, because from your writings I don't think you keep a significant amount of cash on any one site at a time anyway. It's a smart way to be.

I will say this. You are probably not as careful as I am with security. Like you, my living is IT. Security is a way of life. Difficult to guess unique passwords, hardware and software firewalls, constantly updated anti-virus definitions, the whole bit. I actually have a computer that I use only for playing poker. I barely have any other software except Instant Messenger on it.

For now, I will deposit and withdraw from Neteller when I want to play.

8:17 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

In general I think thats a good idea anyways as I said above.. I do not see this as a Full Tilt problem that was my only problem with the post and all of the wildfires raging afterwards.

9:31 PM


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