Friday, December 15, 2006

I want to go home..

It is 4:26 EST and I want to go home.. One half hour more baby.. then I can go to my night job! Woo hoo! Ok.. I think maybe I should take the night off. I have been KILLING myself lately.

I usually only browse Bill Rini as he is a little too intellectual for me.. Hell Dr. Seuss is a little too intellectual for me! Except for the porno book he did! Now that was right up my alley! He had a nice counterpoint to Duggle's post on Full Tilt. While I agree it sucks what happened to Duggles I know that kind of thing can and does happen on other sites. It is like he is blaming the Hispanics for all the murders.. Dammit the Blacks are out there killing people too!!! I kid. I kid. I think we White guys have the lock on murder per square inch of history.

I do not think keeping a working roll online and the rest in quickly reachable vehicles like Neteller or an Internet Bank is a bad one though. As much as I like Full Tilt or any other poker site, why give them the interest on your money? If you keep enough for the short term swings in your poker account and the rest somewhere you can get at it quickly then you can both make money and hopefully be safer.

JJ finally had one of his boys score!! Go tell the big lug congrats! He is looking for an Ace of spades to match his three queens so say the pee pee prayer and wish him well.

Carmen is eating large in her old stomping grounds of Maryland! I never got to see you off girl!!!! Give me a call if you get a free second, you know, if your bored out of your skull and can not think of anything worse to do.

I am locking down my final picks for the games this weekend.. Going to be an interesting Football betting weekend as all of the Favorite have HUGE spreads. It is a little nerve wracking hoping a team can cover 9-14 points.. I think the favorites are going to get it done this weekend though.. and I have my lock of the week picked out already..

Ok. Peace out. Enjoy your weekend. I am not sure how much poker goodness I get in this weekend as I will be.. say it with me people.. working, yes, I have such an exciting life.. I have to make up for all the money CoxLover sucked out of me when he cracked my tens with that fucking Anna Kornacuntia. Biatch!

** P.S. In case you have never noticed before it is usually good to hover over the links I provide to certain people as it can give clues to how I really feel.. *wink* *wink*

*** P.S.S. Oh yeah, did anyone even fucking bother to read my post about Don and I at the sports book? Not one single comment. Jesus. I work hard here people! I need my ego constantly stroked! Go read it if it got lost in the jumble of ad's and all other kinds of crap I keep posting.. huh? What's that? Oh, my insecurity is showing.. let me tuck that back in.. Ahhh.. that's better..


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