Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Still looking for a freaking job. Jesus. I actually have yet to have a week off but that is not the point! I have two days of work left here at least and then I landed a week long gig with an old employer for 90/hr.. then its back on the unemployment line.

I actually would not mind a day off as I was going to hit Foxwoods this week and play off some of my excellent Bodog monies.. Since I could not get them into a Poker Account I might as well play them live. I am going to try out the 80/20 MTT and see if I like it.. then play some cash.

Most of this week I have spent nursing the kids to health again. The girl got a nice fever and cough first.. then it spread to the boy.. now the wife has it.. I think I am next on the list. However I never take medications and it is VERY rare that I get sick. Now that I wrote that I am doomed for sure.

I am planning on hitting the Riverchasers / 72o game this Wednesday night. Not sure what else in on the schedule.. Do not really feel like pimping CC for his Thursday night gig.. although it is a fine game and CC is a good guy. I was reading his blog and I would actually like to see him play like Raveen. I think you have to have alot of balls to play like Raveen and you also need to be good at switching it up. It is not an easy style especially on a full table but he seems to do well. I think CC should play more like Don or Scott. It would fit him well and he could do good.

I have no idea what else I plan to do with Poker.. been busy lately.. Have not played all week.. and really, since I have not won a hand in three weeks, I am not missing it right now. I am going to try and win a few tokens. Play the 30K 20K HORSE MTT possibly or the bigger Razz MTT.. See if I can make a decent score.. I will have to save a token to try and get into the "Big Game" also.. I beleive that is this Sunday.


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