Wednesday, February 07, 2007

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I am using "New" Blogger now. I feel powerful.


I present to you a pictorial of the night of Waffles. I had a decent night final tabling two MTTs but not making any money.

I start out the night with the 2$ rebuy on FT. I flop a GREAT hand and on the flop this donkey re-raises me all in.

He runner-runner flushes me instead of catching his gutshot motherfucking straight draw and I am rebuying early and often. I then end up winning an 80% fav hand just after the break and suddenly I have some chips and can try and make a run for it.

Late in the game I end up with an interesting hand. I raise my 9's 6K and get cold called by the doofus on the end. The flop is not too bad. Either I am crushed or I am ahead. I decide to go ahead and push here since I do not have a hell of alot of chips left and my opponent insta-calls me.

As you can see his calling of my pre-flop raise and my push on the flop was retarded. My play of the hand was only slightly less retarded. I honestly put him on a big Ace and was happy to see his actual hand.

The next hand the same guy leads out weak and then bets the turn weak. I have two overs to the remaining cards and only the jack beats me. So I decide to go for it and push. He folds.

The next hand was interesting. I raise with my Jacks and he cold calls again. Bad habit of his. He then makes a good move by betting out small on the flop.. about 4K into an 8K pot.. So here I have to decide if I am ahead or not and if I think he has a heart.. I decide he is a donkey and go ahead and raise 12K.. In hind site this pot commits me and was a horrible move. If he had lead out with a pot sized bet I would have insta-folded but he tricked me into getting pot committed for a good chunk of my chips and well.. I actually won.

So I get near the chip lead.. I may have taken it for a while.. Meanwhile I am doing this at a Razz MTT.

I final table the fucker but only 3-spots paid so no luck for me. I just never could get any momentum going and went out on a hand that was close.. If he misses a 5 on the river or I get a low card it could be a different story.. however that is Razz for you..

So now I am concentrating on this table..

I end up going out in 7th place when I raise 12K with 99 and get pushed in for 26K more by KK.. Now I am not sure this call I made was good. It is hard to say. At 38K I was a shortie. Not the shortest but pretty short. I had an M of just over 10. However every spot from here on up is an extra chunk of change.. sooooooo.. I dunno.. I think folding here and not raising in EP in the first place would be ok. I do not think the call was horrible since I needed chips and this guy could easily have been on tilt from his last hand and/or been in a race situation.. Normally I like folding these kinds of hands when I am deep cause 8th just does not feel worth it.

Anyway.. perhaps my three week drought is over.. A normal amount of suckouts tonight and I even won a few hands I was suppose to.

I even had a HUGE suckout I did not report.. I had some hand like A2 in the SB.. and it is raised in EP.. 1 guy calls before me and it is 2BB to call.. So I call at the discount price. Hey it was s000ted! The flop gives me a gutshot straight draw. The guy leads out for a near pot bet and my middle friend once again calls.. So what the fuck.. getting 3:1 on my money and maybe implied odds? lol. Loose call but it was a rebuy. I turn a flush draw. I then decide to get cute and bet out 3K.. If I lose here I have 3-4K behind and will be hurt but ok. The original guy cold calls me after the middle guy folds. The river brings me the nuts.. I push the rest of my stack in and the on a flush and straight board I get called. He turns over somewhat badly played Aces.. I mean what does he beat there except a pure bluff? I dunno. Anyway.. he screams, whines, and yells at me for a while as I enjoy calling him a donkey and telling him to learn to laydown Aces.. Funny as hell.

Hopefully I am back to just having horrible luck and the super-extra-wicked-horrible luck is gone. We shall see tomorrow night. I am not totally sure yet because I got coolered in the Midnight Madness really early.. I have the Moooooook(T8o)! I flop my eight and turn trip eights.. so I push.. and the guy who flopped a set of jacks and turned a boat of course calls.. I was nowhere close to ahead at any point so maybe that does not count.. we shall see..

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Blogger Raveen said...

final tables are still final tables good job...donkey

5:07 AM

Blogger ScottMcM said...

Dont forget you had the single greatest railbird in the world on your side. it is easy to make good calls when you know the other guys cards

7:06 AM

Blogger Bloody P said...

I like that you let Hoy guest post.

4:44 PM

Blogger Irongirl01 said...

Did IG wind up in the wrong place? With all the screenshots and running commentary I thought I was on Hoy's blog..

Thanks for sending me a blogger hug the other day Waffles.


5:11 PM


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