Friday, May 25, 2007

Live Ranting

First off let me commend CC on his fine post about the worst five blogs. It appears he put as much effort in it as he does his poker game and as such got the same result: BAD. It was not even close to funny or good.. come on dude, you get paid to fucking write and that is the best you could come up with? If Pokerworks needs some real talent I might do a guest post. Anyway..

Oh yeah.. and Trauma's post was his idea. If anyone else would like to do a guest post I am up for it. Since Trauma set the bar so low I doubt I will deny you. So bring it. Now on to the days content..

It normally is probably not a good thing to call your wife's friend a fucking cunt but hey that is how I roll. I can not believe what a jackass this person is and I am entirely pissed off that my wife would confide anything to her.

Here is the setup. I am sitting at home having a good time playing some poker while my kids are over the FatLonelyBitches house. Her husband is on a business trip AKA Fucking his Blond secretary in style somewhere. So apparently my son overheard me having a losing session and dropping a couple hundred. No big deal. It is poker. It happens. So this bitch starts going off on me. She is like you should not be talking about poker in front of your kids. Now I normally do not talk about poker in front of the kids but when you play they are bound to hear about it. So I mention that I think these fugly bitches drinking around the children is far more damaging. She then says "Well drinking is legal".. ok.. so when your alkie son fucking kills someone during a DUI and my son wins a ton of money we will see how that goes.

I actually do not have a big problem with moderately drinking when the kids are around.. it teaches them to be responsible when drinking possibly.. but these chicks were definitely well on the way past tipsy.

So then she goes off on me saying she has tons of friends and they all lose a ton of money playing poker and nobody can win. Ummm.. Well.. Not true. Possibly if your friends are all as fucking dumb as you are then ok they probably do lose.. myself I am solidly break even and so who gives a crap. If I want to spend my time playing poker that is my business. We then tread off the path of poker and she starts telling me that I am lazy and I do not make enough money. Ohh sorry.. I only make like twice what most of my peers do. I will try harder. Just cause you fucked some guy who became a CEO or some stupid shit like that does not mean you have any skills. Except in blowjobs and possibly getting pregnant to entrap. Fat cunt. I do not know how your husband can stand you. People who live in McMansions are so not in touch with reality.

So I finally call her a fucking retard and slam the phone down on her. I later find out.. and this is the funniest part.. that the kids were shooting dice for money over her house!!!! SHOOTING DICE! At least poker is +EV. I mean you fucking ream me out for gambling and you start the kids on a craps addiction that will last a lifetime. At least be consistent you fat cunt.

Waffles out.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Yeah, she's a dumb bitch. Did you start packing for Vegas yet? ha ha

9:05 AM

Blogger Craig Cunningham said...


9:39 AM

Blogger TraumaPoker said...

You need a guest post that is negative because Jordan thinks you are a fucking tool for posting my pro Sirf guest post. Fuck 88!!

9:39 AM

Blogger mookie99 said...

"She is like you should not be talking about poker in front of your kids."

Hell who else can I tell my bad beat stories to. They're the only ones who will listen.

9:47 AM

Blogger bayne_s said...

What you have to find out is which of the kids was acting as the house?

11:42 AM

Blogger Alan said...

What a f*ckin wh0re. I hate b*tches that try to tell you what to do. She is a cunt. I got pissed off just reading your post.

11:58 AM

Blogger Rav said...

Tron on how he became the richest man in the world, "Hot hand in the dice game" from the Chappelle I think dice is +EV

3:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


5:31 PM

Blogger AVIGANOLA said...

I just love hypocrites. Glad you read her the riot act. Keep up the good work. Tony

5:36 PM

Blogger Coach said...

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2:32 PM

Blogger PokahDave said...

You tell 'em. I hate out of touch idiots like that. The Holier Than Thou people...

7:00 PM

Blogger pokerpeaker said...

Now THAT is a post. :)

11:03 PM

Blogger katitude said...

double standards are alive and well.

7:11 PM

Blogger golden said...

I work with a dozen of those judgemental bitches. Fuck em all. Naw, I take that back. I wouldn't fuck em wit your tool.

11:58 PM


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