Friday, May 25, 2007

A Guest Post from Trauma

Before we get to the guest post.. Is Falstaff out there? Hello? Is this thing on? Listen.. are you organizing this Vegas thing? People been asking if someone is going to make a nice list of everyone participating with e-mails and cell phone's and all that kind of stuff like April did.. So what is the deal you fat fuck? You gonna do any work here or what? And now without any further ado..

The Taint Hound Speaks out..

Is this thing on? Am I really writing at Amazing. I barley update the thing I have, that ummmm, blog? Yeah that's what it is called I think. Sirf told me the other day he was thinking of pulling the plug and shutting it down, I pulled the plug once, but then I just plugged it back in and posted 2 times a month!! The best thing about the pulling the plug post was people act like its Sirf trying to get attention. Are you kidding me! They guy can drum up 40 comments just by calling Jordan a tool who overplays 88 and you think he wants to get attention with a post like this? I think Sirf is misunderstood by most of his readers except for a select few, I would consider myself on of the select few. We all like Sirf for different reasons, some people like him because he takes his entire bankroll and plays a limit game where he only has 40 BB. Some people like him because he says things they don't ever say. Some people like him because of his sexy serial killer looks…..well OK not really that last one. Sirf is like Mike Mattasow but without the money or the drug problem, at least I think he doesn't have a drug problem. To me Sirf is my ambassador of Quan. He is the only blog I check daily, other blogs get bi daily, weekly, bi weekly, or never fucking read again status , but Sirf has held down the check daily status because he is that entertaining… ambassador of Quan if you will. One day he will have to stop posting, maybe Congress will make it against the law, maybe he will meet an untimely death, or maybe it will just be the right time. Now is not the right time. I want you to blog and blog hard, in fact I better see a good post about how you either won the Mookie last night or got donked out by some fucker!!! Sirf stays, deal with it, at least he has fucking contact and isn't shilling out every fucking space on his blog.


Blogger AlCantHang said...

"Sirf is like Mike Mattasow but without the money or the drug problem..."

or skill

6:53 AM

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

If you are trying to get people to think you aren't fishing for compliments, posting a guest post complimenting yourself might not be the best strategy. I know where you are coming from, Woffles. Really. But as I said to DoubleAs when he considered quitting: There is no reason to quit. You can quit the blog, but you can't quit being a blogger, so if your blog lies dormant for a month because you don't feel like writing, then so be it. But when you get that urge, the blog will still be there for us RSS lurkers.

I have to admit, though, I don't know what Trauma meant by: "at least he has fucking contact and isn't shilling out every fucking space on his blog." I don't see what wearing contacts has to do with anything.

7:49 AM


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