Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's all about the Fro..

Watched some Deal or No Deal last night.. this black lady was the funniest person I have ever seen. Check her out. "It's all about the FRO!!".. I may have to buy one of those for Vegas.. she won 400K.. I think she probably makes 30K a year. Seems like a nice lady though. Good for her.

I also smoked Fluxer taking 2 of 3. He lucksacked out when he pushed his 97 vs my A6. Turn 9. River 9. No straight for me. Fucker. I had one nice suckout on him too.. I call his umpteenth all in with KJo and he turns over AT.. I spike a Jack and that brings me back into the game.. where I totally destroy him. I own Fluxer.

I have mostly played HU non-HE games. It has been fun. I am 4-0 so far in Stud and Razz. I P@WN these L00Z3RS! Haha. Mookie is on for tonight. I am signed up. So come and take my LAST TEN BUCKS! Think your man enough? Not if your some Metro-sexual giving women advice on what dresses to wear biatch! Bring it.

Ten more days to Vegas baby!


Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

Dear Poker Donkey Overlord, please place waffles to my left tonight. I only raise when I don't have a hand, and he needs all the luck in the world to use me as an ATM to restore a little life in his bankroll.

And please, if I get my money in behind, only let the suckout come at Iggies expense, not waffles.

9:35 AM


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