Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good Night

I had a good night last night. I finally used mt 75-token on one of the $75 SNGs and scored a first place win for 310. I got the token from a 300FTP game so it was all pure profit. Very welcome win. I did donk a little of it off at the Razz table. I played well but the cards were not there. I also got into one of the retarded push fests that Don and Chad love so dearly and CK and I were taken out on the same hand by some retard. At least we were together baby! *sigh*

I played the Mookie last night and made one questionably bad play, one bad play, and got sucked out on once. These three plays were what made the night. One fun play was when Pushmonkey jammed the turn on me and I called with two pair. He was drawing dead BUT he caught his fucking ten. If there is anyway that lucksack can win a hand he will. I was lucky I had him drawing completely dead.

The Suckout was given by DonkeyPuncher. He jammed QJ s00000ted in EP with a semi-short stack and I felt he had ATC. So I called with KQo. Remember when we were naive and believe that dominated meant you probably would win? Not so my friends. Do not believe that shit as DonkeyPuncher pulled a flush out of his ass on the river to knock me down. This call was questionable but became a bad suckout when the cards were flipped over.

So then I get on a roll and get some more chips and get involved in a hand with Chad. I had two pair on the turn. There was a flush and straight on the board. Chad jammed all of his chips in which had me covered. Excellent pressure. I think I have to fold my hand here as almost any card beats me. I did let it go but before doing so I told Chad I thought he was on a total bluff. Something just did not smell right. He turned over AQ for Ace high nothing and although I was right he won a big pot.

The bad play of the night was my final play pushing fours into aces in EP. I never should have done this. It was retarded. I get a little anxious when my M gets low and tend to make mistakes like this. I would have no problem if I was in later position pushing my fours and hoping for a race. Really not considering the position was my big mistake here. So I went out in the Mookie in 14th place when I could have possibly waited and made the money.

All in all a nice night and the bankroll remains at just shy of 1K. In general I think I am playing excellent. It was nice that my read on Chad was dead on. I will be playing Riverchasers tonight as well as some Razz cash. I also plan on playing in Bodogs big $109 game this weekend whatever that might be. See you then.


Blogger StB said...

He was drawing dead BUT he caught his fucking ten.

Only in Waffles land can someone be drawing dead and still hit their card.

11:03 AM

Blogger BamBam said...

Two thanks for ya' Waffles.

1) Thanks for the Razz posts. I've been playing for some time now but have had a couple of good reads over there that have helped me make a bit more cash.
(see you tonight)

2) Thanks for making me think a couple of weeks back. You'll have no idea what this is all about, but it helped me get together some thoughts that helped me write my post for today. I think it's my best yet.
(not that that means much!)


1:58 PM

Blogger Chad C said...

Hey fishcakes, why did you play Tier 3 sit n go? What genius gave you that idea?

3:21 PM


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