Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Poker Thoughts

First off I mean no disrespect when I slam LJ. It is just meant in fun and you have to admit she has a winning style. Aggression pays off in MTT games even if it makes you look stupid sometimes. She has pretty much taken down every event that idiot bloggers play lately AND had a nice AC score. So suck that.

I am constantly thinking about poker and how my own game can improve. As much as I love slamming people and trying to get them to think about their own games. Starting sometime last year I got on the more aggression wins MTT bandwagon. However I have not yet figured out what the right mixture is.

In general it seems as if what you need to do to win one of these events is to get all your money into a HUGE pot and be close enough to winning that you have a shot and then get lucky and take down said enormous pot to become chip leader and try not to get fucked at the final table.

In practice you can never know when your going to get lucky so there is a lot of luck involved. You also can not just constantly sling chips around. As this will get you broke pretty fast. You just have to play tight and take a calculated chance when you get deep so you can have an abundance of chips.

I can not get my mind around what the right combination of tightness and reckless abandon you need to win something big. I have had times this week when I have played like a total donkey and sucked out three separate times to win the whole event. I have had times when I have called off large chips with weak holdings and held up to get to the final table only to get sucked out on as a 80% favorite. In the end how much of the decisions we make decide our fate. I have no answers. Perhaps this is why I am the Worst Poker Player.

Of course you could also always play Instant Tragedy. He has such a huge tell that you would never lose to him.


Blogger Chad C said...

Must you open every post with blatant ass kissing?

3:58 PM

Blogger Riggstad said...

Back pedaling seems more like it!

And there isn't a mix. You play your strategy the whole way. The luck will determine the "mix"

The strategy itself should be varying during the course of anyone tournament, of course. But by playing different ways every single tournament will only lead you to making bad decisions, IMO. Get comfortable with one way of playing and see how that goes... then change it up after you win 6 out of 20, or lose 10 out of 10...

You are an aggressive player. You like to take chances as well in good spots, as you should in these things.

You think to hard... Sucking out on someone down the stretch and losing as an 80% favorite at the Final table doesn't mean you played wrong...

Now go rim a horse :)

7:10 AM

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Hey Woffles. It isn't just aggression that wins MTTs. It's well timed aggression. To me, the key is being able to read situations well and know when it is right to keep betting away and when you need to fold. There's that old saying that folding is a very aggressive move, and while it sounds like BS, its kinda true in the right instances.

To me, its about post-flop play. If you can play well post-flop, then you can be more aggressive, because (a) when entering pots, its okay to raise since you have an advantage, (b) you can play more pots for small raises thanks to your post-flop skills and (c) you'll know when to get aggressive post-flop.

It isn't so much a formula, like 50% more aggression that the table, but rather a question of knowing when you should use aggression. In some games, it may be correct NOT to be aggressive (although this is a rarity), such as a blogger pushfest tourney.

Does that make any sense?

1:04 PM


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