Thursday, January 17, 2008


I went out of the Bodog 3k in 14th place. Getting closer. Thirty six bucks is not that fun though. I actually made a dumb call but I am neutral about it since I had 4BB. A guy jammed two hands in a row. I had J8d. Figured I would have two live cards plus some straight and flush possibilities so I called. I guess I would have rather jammed but 12k stack with 3k blinds I dunno. Anyway peace. I also finished third in Riverfuckers when three ways I had A9 vs AJ on an Axx flop. I am ambivalent about going out on this hand too. I maybe could have folded the turn but HU Aces whatever. Third is an acceptable finish for me even if first would be better. I think I played a great game at the end although I donked a lot early. Peace.


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