Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tilt Monkey

Man am I a tilt monkey. It really comes down to one form these days. It is not the playing worse form or anything like that. I can even take losing for a little while by retarded suckouts. Normally I just hang it up for the day and try again tomorrow. When I start losing a bunch in a row though it gets to me. All this week has been terrible. I have been losing in cash, losing SNGs, no good scores in MTTs. Besides the 75/token SNG win I have been going down.

So today I get that old feeling where I just want to play one more game to get it all back. I find myself down to 690 which is less than what I had before I won the 75/token SNG and then I go full out bat shit crazy. I sit down at a 220/HU SNG.

Lucky for me the players at 220/SNG's are retarded and I am back at 890 or so. It was pretty funny the last hand we played. I was having a good time playing with someone who was not a push monkey. However through some small bluffs and good cards I get him down to 990 chips. Still enough to work with. He had a pattern where whenever he lost a small hand he would try and 3-bet me the next hand with nothing to get it back. So I call him with T7o. The flop come T7x and I lead out a weak 200 into a 500 pot. Obviously he decides to push me off the hand and jams his full 990 in. I call and he shows 75o. He was drawing dead by the turn and I was laughing my way to the bank.

Now this might seem to point to the fact that you should follow my example and do this but in all reality this path leads to ruination eventually. Possibly not today or tomorrow but one day you will not be able to "make it back" and you will lose your bankroll. So do not do what you see the monkey do because it is just doo doo or something like that..


Blogger $mokkee said...

until you learn the discipline of BR mgmt, you'll continue to reload. it's a pretty simple concept. don't play over your BR and move down when you have to.

but if you like to gamboool, go for it.

2:10 AM


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