Sunday, September 30, 2012

Send Picks!

Yeesh where are your picks people?!?!?! Send them in! Josie and VinNay!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Ravens Are Hot Like Carmen

That 15 pick was a chipshot. Make sure you get your other picks to me. You can post them here or send me an email. Everyone except SGirl took the Ravens... but she has her own weird style that works out pretty good sometimes so I am not worried about her.

Things are going the same ole right now. I am loving the new Warcraft expansion which means my sleep has been erratic. I have given up Coke-A-Cola. Two weeks out. I have been taking my higher dose of blood pressure medicine. My body is kind of rebelling against all these changes. I think I am a little dehydrated from not drinking coke or from the medicine. Not sure. I am trying to drink water but I think water sucks.

Going to try and be a little more productive this weekend.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thursday Football Pick

Get them to me ASAP.

I need the thursdays game by tomorrow. I am going to be working late this week.. then after work ... well the new Warcraft Expansion came out and I stayed up till midnight playing it.. so I may be busy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Football Going Good

Finally won a week. It was a crazy week to be sure. My mid picks came through and gave me a huge win which I desperately needed. I came in top 5 in the CBS league too I think. Gaining 14 points on the challengers was good.

We need to decide what to do about the skipped picks of CEM and VinNay. I am fine with giving them 31 points (Lowest score minus one). Anyone object to this? It's a fun game and giving them zero would be pretty harsh. So if nobody objects I am going to give them 31 each.

I have been feeling like crap. I have been getting really badly exhausted for some reason. I have been taking my pills and changing some things around. The doctor jacked me up to 5mg from 2.5 because the blood pressure was still too high. I have cut out coke this week. Need to get my weight down to 160 and salt down to 3g. Need to do a lot of other things too.

Thinking of switching jobs... 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finally It Happened To Me

Fuck YA! I think I owned this week!!! I do not think ANYONE can catch me now. FUCK YA BABY! Wonder how well I did in Josie's pool... hmm.. probably should check..

Saturday, September 22, 2012


I think I got everyone but CEM and VinNay. I think VinNay sent his but I can not find them... can you send again man? Thanks.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Nice Job Giants

Giants killed the skitzo Panthers. It was a massacre. At least it was not too devastating to the pool. Josie and I had the same pick. I am sure she copied me. Whore. Everyone picked low here so nobody got too far ahead or behind. Seb picks right again. Not a good sign.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hello Doctor

Hmm, I think I may not trade in my Asian cutie. She is looking better than I remembered. I was a little concerned that as she groped my balls my cock only got half hard.. I hope this is not signs of things to come. I used to get seriously erect when she fondled me. Perhaps it is over after all.

The blood pressure is still riding the high side at 150/100 or so.. My doctor is bumping up my medication to 5mg from 2.5mg. I am on the good side of the obese line.. but not by much.. The doctor wants me to drop twenty pounds. Everything else worked out fine for now. She wants to run some blood tests for cholesterol and stuff. I avoided the stinky finger for another year too.. I am not sure if your main physician does that or if you have to request it all special like from another doctor.

I also got a referral to a head shrinker. Hopefully this one will call me back. I have not heard anything from any of the ones I have tried to call.

The doctor wants me to exercise and reduce my salt to 3g a day. So we will see.


Get your Thursday picks in. Giants vs Panthers. Lets see if we can get a better week in Foosball.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stupid Broncos

Fucking Manning. He actually came all the way back at the end and then fucks it up. So fucking close.. ok, not really.. but after 4 fucking turnovers and scoring shit the first 3 quarters.. then losing 21-27.. ug.

That lose gives me another fucking terrible week. FML.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Finally Doctors Appointment

Finally got that happening on Wednesday. I really kind of feel like I am going to die or something. I have been feeling tired and weak and just weird. I have been kind of foggy in the head too. I dunno. It does not feel good. Hopefully I will get a good checkup on Wednesday and some referrals so I can figure out how to move on.

It's so hard because it feels like if I leave I am walking on out my kids. I know that is not the case. Plus I know moving will be hard on the kids. Such a mess.

SGirl in Play

Another dismal week for me. Wheee. I actually did better than last week but I have a lot riding on the Broncos tonight. I still will have a low score but I can gain a lot more points if they win. SGirl on the other hand can take the whole thing. Double check the results in case I made any mistakes. Seb continues to dominate except for a little 10 year old girl. So basically the two people who know the least about Football are playing the best.

Funny enough I nailed all my top picks except Patriots which actually helped me even though I am dying inside about them losing with a shanked kick in the last minute and the Ravens who had it locked up until Vick did some miracle victory at the end. Fucking Ravens. Even if I nailed all my top picks I still would have been behind which is kind of wacked.

Thank goodness for CEM! ;).

Sunday, September 16, 2012


The picks are posted. Let me know if there are any mistakes. Good luck everyone except Josie.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Josie Begins Her Fall From Glory

Josie begins her descent into failure as I gain a point on her. :).

Waiting for VinNay, JoSay, and JMans picks by Saturday. Everyone else has sent me theirs.

Glad it is the weekend.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Night Football already

Yippee! I want Football everyday all year long baby.

The picks are in for Thursday Night.

Waffles - 11
Josie - 10 (Even if you win baby you lose! I am in your mind... oooh!)
JMan - 3 (Smarter pick if you think the game is going to be close)
VinNay - 8
Bayne - 16
Seb - 11
CemFredMD - 2 (Yay, someone new entered so I am not in last place anymore)

SGirl - 4 (She is the champion!, Lightbulb will be happy.)

If I make mistakes on the spreadsheet here let me know. I will correct them. I am old an feeble. If anyone else wants to join it's still open. The late rules are that you get the score of the last place person to make things fair.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Make sure to get your picks in on Wednesday for Thursdays Bears vs Packers matchup. You can get the rest of your picks in to me by Saturday.

I shall be making some dangerous picks in order to recover from last weeks fiasco.

Champion of the World

The champion of the week is SGirl. Un-Fucking believable. She won by a HUGE margin too.

Waffles - 70
Josie - 95
JMan - 77
SGirl - 103
VinNay -93
Bayne - 86
Seb - 98

I got my work cut out for me to catch up.

Monday, September 10, 2012


LOL. I have nobody to blame but myself. I made my picks hastily and did not leave myself time. I broke all the major rules in pool betting too. I have come to my senses though and even though I have a big battle to get back to my first place position I tell you this.. I am going to be kicking ass this week. I am putting in the time. I blame nobody but myself for this weeks failure and it was epic. I probably have 30 points to make up. I have not even looked at Josie's league. Although in her league I can win one week and still take some some cash.

I promise you this though -- I guarenfuckentee I beat Josie next week.


Holy fuck am I screwed. Wow. I put myself in a good hole this week. I am down 30 points on the leader. How the fuck does an English guy fucking win the week too? I mean it is not a lock yet... SGirl has a shot to be the winner this week if things work out tonight. Is this fucking rugby or something?

This goddamn hole is gonna be hard to work out of. I am going to need some really good weeks to catch up in both leagues. Serves me right for being lazy and leaving everything to the last minute. I am starting on my picks tomorrow night this week!!! I shall have my revenge!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Picks Week #1

The picks are up. I need to get JMan and SGirls before the games start. You can view the picks here. If I made any mistakes let me know.

All picks are up. I am not feeling good about this week... I did not put in the time. I felt like I would give Josie a week to feel good about herself before smashing her hopes in the rocks of my superior methods.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Josie Baby

Still waiting on picks from a few people. I do want to say Josie is not allowed to cop out. She is in the pool because she agreed to be. IF she wants to score zero points every week by not sending in her picks then I am ok with that. We will just ridicule her for sucking at picking football teams.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Sirii is My New Girlfriend

Hahaha! I love that bitch.

I ask her for strip clubs. She gets me a list.

I say "Bitch get me a sammich" and she lists all food places.

I ask her for a hooker and she brings up all the escort services!

Holy fuck she is smart! Only probably is she gets mad when I call her a stupid bitch.

Fargen Bloodpressure

I got a cuff at CVS so I could take my pressure at home. I figured it was still in the 90-range. Last night it was back up at like 150/110. Not good. This morning was 130/95... I dunno. I can feel when it's getting high now I think.. or maybe I am delusional more than usual... but I feel like my temples get achy and can feel the pressure rising. Not fun at all.

I think things are going to change soon. The universe is giving me a kick in the ass. I have been really worried about making my son switch schools... but my wife is going to take him out of his school anyway. At least if I force things to change I might be able to do something to keep him with his friends.. or maybe that is a lost cause... perhaps some adversity will be good for him? I dunno. It's all just a fucking mess and not doing anything is not helping.

I have my doctors appointment Sept 19th... so after that I will get some mental and legal advice and see how to proceed.

Fucking Eli

Oh my word. Giants lose. Poodles fall from the sky. Goddamn 16 point pick burned. At least SGirl is leading our league right now. Go SGirl!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Interesting night. I come home and find out the wife has been calling Josie a slut, and a whore in front of the kids. That is really classy. All this stems from Josie sending one of her cards last year to the kids. While inappropriate I hardly think it makes her a whore.

On to the picks. Everyone has sent me theirs for tomorrow except Josie.

Waffles - Giants - 16
Josie - Giants - 10
JMan - Giants - 8
SGirl - Dalas - 7 (Love my cutie)
Vinney - Giants - 8
Bayne - Giants - 10
Seb - Giants - 7

The kids have been forbidden from playing with the whore.. but I say it is not her decision. So fuck her. Stupid fuck pisses me off. She is one to talk when her boyfriend cheated on her with a prostitute. I definitely pick better friends then she ever will. Fucking lazy cunt.

Monday, September 03, 2012


Screw it. I think I waited too long for the Yahoo! thing plus I don't know how it works. Let's skip that and do it next year. I got too much going on anyways.

The free pick league is still open though. Send me an email at with your picks for this week before Wednesday. Vinny is in. Josie says she wants to play.. she has to send the picks. JMan and I will be in. Probably SGirl too. Anyone else who wants in just send me the email with your picks.

Confirmed Players:

... Still open to anyone who wants to join. Just get me your Wednesday pick today and send the rest by Friday ...  If you want to join next week that is also ok but you will start with a score equal to the lowest scoring person of the week.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Football Stuff

I setup a Yahoo! football league if anyone wants to play in that. Draft is Tuesday at 6:15. Latest slot I could get. If you want to join the league is at You might have to send me your email so I can add you.

I am also going to start the free challenge. If you want in just let me know. The Google doc is at You choose who you think is going to win each week without spreads and you assign a certainty score. The most certain is 16, the least certain 1. The person with the highest score wins the week and whoever has the highest score over the season wins the league. All picks need to be send to me before the first game of the week... which I believe is this Wednesday. Cowboys vs Giants. If you can not send all your picks you must at least get in the teams that are playing or that game gets automatically assigned the lowest point value. Send picks to the same address as above.

Good luck. I now have to go sign up for Josie's and send the cash.