Thursday, November 29, 2012

Too Funny


Everyone is being good and getting the picks in early this week.. Except Josie. Ah well. Get them in if you have not already and good luck to everyone.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Plan

I have a plan. I always need a plan. If I do not have a plan my OCD goes insane and cripples me. At least that is what it seems like to me.

The objective is to be out of my house by September at the latest, and more likely around the end of the school year. Possibly June or July is more likely.

The plan so far is as follows. I have ordered two books from, actually I ordered like 10, but I ordered 2 copies of Divorce for Dummies. Key book points are:

  • Understand the divorce process — review the key issues and decisions, get your finances in order, and file the petition
  • Decide whether divorce is the best option — weigh the pros and cons of separation, consider marriage counseling, and learn about annulments
  • Put things in motion — initiate the proceedings, break the news to your spouse and children, and deal with your emotions
  • Make important and difficult decisions — divide your assets and debts, make a case for spousal support, and get the best custody arrangement for your children
  • Protect yourself — plan for life after divorce, safeguard your money, and take action if things turn unfriendly or dangerous
  • Avoid a divorce trial — negotiate your own divorce, seek help from an attorney, and work with a mediator
  • Handle postdivorce challenges — meet your financial obligations, deal with visitation and child support problems, and get your personal life back on track
I am going to present a copy to the wife. I am going to discuss with her how this is not working at all. She totally agrees with this. I am going to try and work through all the issues. I do not think that we are too far off.

Most of the decisions are easy. The kids want to live with her. I am not going to fight against that. I will make sure they get to make the decision themselves if they decide to change it later. Custody visits should probably be easy to figure out. Debt should be split equitably. House proceeds should be split 50/50 either in cash as a buffer or possibly to pay down the debts. I do not really want anything from the insides of the house except my clothes, books, computer, and couple of old bows my dad left me. So should work out fine.

We can plan on selling anything we are not keeping and splitting any of that money. There are not really any other assets. We each keep our own cars and call it a day.

Hopefully this will work out. We can finalize the contract details with our own lawyers but if we just bring them the terms we want and ask them to read them over and make it happen I think we should keep the costs down on the divorce while also utilizing a lawyer to make sure neither one of us gets screwed over.

I am probably going to be paying at least 30% of my salary. Well worth it. I figure that is 70% more than I see now. "Why is divorce so expensive?" "It's worth it!".

If Plan A does not work then Plan B is operation scorched earth. I am immediately going to see a lawyer and taking however much of a down payment she needs out. We will run up tons of bills. It will be horrible. I will fight her on everything. I will leave the house, get advice from the lawyer on how to do it right, and just use all missile silos on full nuclear attack mode.

Hopefully Plan A works because Plan B is not going to be nice for anyone. Plan A is going to be really painful, and I feel really guilty, but we both need to move on in order to be there for our kids. I have like 3-4 years with the boy and like 8 years with the girl. I need to be healthy mentally and physically to repair our relationships and I need to start now.

Hopefully this will work out quickly. I plan on documenting the recovery of my life on the Rambling blog. Including my first pictures of my empty new apartment which should lead into full rebuild mode and some awesome shit in the future.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Waffles and Waffles Jr FTW

Man we smoked it this week. Especially JMAN. He is kicking butt. He has missed one pick so far. I may have to take him to Vegas. Josie is a whole 20ish points behind so both JMAN and myself will make up a lot of space in the standings. Luckily VinNay did badly too so I do not have to worry about him breathing down my neck. The boy is REALLY happy he smoked the picks this week.

Tonights game does not really matter in the "Beat Josie" standings but should be fun anyways. I can gain a few more points on her if the Panthers win. Look pretty baby! ;).

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Fucking Thanksgiving

Actually not a horrible day. I was unsure what we were going to be doing for Thanksgiving. I thought the wife was going to be going to her friends house. Instead we all went to my mothers house. After that the wife was taking the kids to her friends house for a second meal.

We started Thanksgiving as usual. At around 10 I told the wife and kids we gotta get moving or we are going to be late. We needed to be there by noon. I was told to shut up. I do not know what I am talking about. Soooo... around 1:00 we leave. The wife has to go to her friends house to drop off the Turkey so we took separate cars.

Thanksgiving was normal. Briefly talked to Mom. Ate lots of food. Watched football. My sister was well behaved today. I guess her meds were working? So we had a nice meal. The wife and daughter showed up later and the kids immediately started fighting. The wife had to leave around 4:15 to get to her friends house. She left the boy with me with strict instructions to bring him over by 5:00.

The boy had expressed a desire NOT to go to the wife's friends house. My daughter is friends with her daughter so she wanted to go, but the boy would be bored. I figured also that the kids would fight all night and the wife would freak out. So I decided to screw the wife over and not bring the kid.

She called around 6:00 and asked where the boy was. I said I was not bringing him. He does not want to go. She says I am undermining her authoritah. Blah Blah Blah. Hope the kid appreciates the shit I am going to take for him.

The wife comes home around 10ish and gives us both the silent treatment. If I knew I could get her to shutup that easily I think I would have done it earlier. The boy and I enjoyed watching the football games so it was doubly good.

I keep asking the boy which parent he would like to live with every couple months. I want to get a feeling for what he wants. He has been noncommittal about it.  I asked him again yesterday while his mom was out and he chose her. It was kind of surprising to me. I am kind of sad about this. I can kind of understand it though. I got a lot of making up to do.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Best Buy

I was reading this today. Best Buy went from hundreds of millions in profits to millions in losses. It is totally possible this is just because of online competition... however I think it also might be because they are total assholes. I have had many bad experiences in the store and am personally glad they are losing money. Perhaps if they worked on better customer service instead of up-selling and pushing warranties they might actually find a customer base.

Nice Win

49ers kicked butt even without their QB. Poor Bears. I have Josie losing bad this week. So that's good. Unfortunately she beat me. :(. I think VinNay won the whole thing.  Get your picks in by Wednesday this week if you can. With the holidays and three games on Thursday it's going to be hectic.

I played really good this year except putting the Rams too high. I bet one on the Browns and ALMOST pulled it off. If I had won that one pick I would have won the whole week. It was so close for me. So I am pretty happy about how I played except for the Rams being so high. I got too caught up on how bad the Jets suck.

Life continues. I dunno what is going to happen. I saw my blood pressure doc today and its down to 122/88 but still high so she is upping the dose again. No more shrink visits until after the holidays.

** Sebs Update Sheet is here.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Darn Buffalo, Least Josie is Behind

Man I really thought people would go Miami. So I put my pick on Buffalo... and Everyone went with them. Like EVERYONE. Except a few. I am giving CEM and Chris 0 for their #1 pick because they did not get it in. VinNay got his pick last minute at 7:00... I was really surprised some people put 14 points on Buffalo in the "We hate Josie" pool. :). At least I am ahead of Josie for now.

Get your picks in on time people! Good games this weekend. Next week there are a lot of Thursday Games for Thanksgiving. Always good.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sick Or What..

Slept all day Monday. Not sure if it is because I am sick. My son came down with some kind of throat infection. Either strep or mono or something. Not sure. I could be fighting that off. Also been thinking that maybe my body is adjusted to my new medicine and it is not working as effectively. I am not sure exactly how the process works but I would guess you start at a certain dosage and adjust it every few months or so until you get the right amount. Not exactly sure how it is going to work.

Seb has his NFL scores up. Excellent job as always. Picks are due before Thursday nights game. Good luck everyone. Josie took top spot this week. Sucks. I am catching up to her though. I need to have a nice surge. I did well this week in picks but two of my higher certainty picks were totally off. I am still shocked at those loses.

Friday, November 09, 2012


Been boring around here lately. Anyways get your picks in by Saturday if you can. Good luck everyone.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Thursdays Picks

Are due by Thursday. Nothing much going on here right now. Love and kisses to all the ladies.

Seb as always has the scores up. He corrected me on last week where I shorted Cem a Falcons pick.

Monday, November 05, 2012


Wow. This Paxil type shit is good stuff. I was masturbating tonight and could not come. Which sucks for my alone time... but the next chick who I fuck is going to have a good time.


When you abuse yourself for years... then decide to fix stuff... it sucks. Had three teeth removed. Lucky they are all back teeth. Also snuck in a partial root canal.

Gonna been a painful night... but whatever. Least I had a nice hardon going for the drive home. Dreaming about a massage girl who finds me so attractive she has to seduce me. mmm good. BOOOOBS tooo!!!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Good Luck

Added Chris to the pool at last place minus 1. One of JMans friends wanted to play. Good luck everyone!