Tuesday, September 28, 2004

BB and Me

I LOVE playing with Bloggers! It is a lot of fun. I was playing with Kinda-Not-Nice Blood tonight. I was having a ball. I went on a card rush the likes you have never seen before. I mean I pulled down a $20+ pot with Ace High! Wow! I think this is why I always will see what the better has. I got like 4 trips in a row. It was these trip hands that put me up over $100 on both tables I was at. I gave about $11 back on each table and decided to call it a night. A 40BB night is nothing to sneeze at.

BB and I were having some friendly banter. The whole table started getting in on it. I was having a great time. I was telling everyone at the table that I was on a card rush and they should not play against me unless they wanted to lose! Still they kept coming. The only bad hand of the night when A8 cracked my AK with an 8 on the board. Whatcha gonna do. I love card rushes. They really give you a euphoric feeling! Like nothing can stop you! I think it is contagious.

The best hand of the night. I have 33 and by the river I have 1 card to the straight. I assume nobody has 3-6 because I have both 3’s, so my straight is going to be the nut straight. If I am wrong then so be it. So I have to decide is it worth it for a 18+ pot to call the last 2$ for the straight. I have 4 outs. I also have 1-2 outs if a 3 falls because I *might* win that. I am bad at calculating Pot odds but I have to assume that this is a –EV call. I type in the chat “Hmmm.. Do I feel lucky?”.. and I call the bet. BAM! A five falls on the river. I would have made a lot more if I did not make that comment but so be it. I still had one guy out of the four call me. I would have called me too.

Second best hand was when AQ bet me down to the river with nothing but AQ high. I went with him for the minimum bet because I felt the pot was large enough to do it and I had AK. It ended up being $25. I KNEW for a fact I was beat.. except.. Ace High King Kicker took the $25, I was freaking out!!! I was soooooo surprised! Bahahahah!

So I left the tables with a nice 40+BB win. I am happy with that. It has been the best night I have had in 4-5 days and I needed it. I am such a wimp. Oh well. I will get better.

BTW - Side Note: Can anyone reccomend a good Omaha book. I do not know what they play at Empire. I guess it would be Omaha High? No low stuff. Let me know.


Blogger BadBlood said...

I wanted to tell you that guy VTPhish was a total fish, had you stayed any longer, you'd probably have seen him lose all his $$$.

He called my raises w/J,6 and flopped a nice J,J,6 boat. Hated that hand.

Ended up only finishing down $5 for the night, not +40BB like you, but we can't all have those nights :)

5:54 AM

Blogger ToddCommish said...

Empire has Omaha and Omaha8, limit and pot-limit, ring and SnG. Don't know about Omaha specific books, I don't know how to read.

9:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Championship Omaha by Cloutier & McEvoy is okay. Check out cardplayer.com to order (although it may be at the major bookstore chains); also just do some googling and you'll find articles on Omaha High and Omaha High/Low.

Good luck

3:17 PM


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