Saturday, September 25, 2004

Slight Change of Strategy...

In SSHE the definition of a “Loose Game” is 6-8 players seeing the flop. I agree that is a loose game. However, I think you could say that any game where people are regularly calling to the river with Q3 would be considered a loose game also, right? So I am relaxing my calling standards a little at the 1/2 level and conforming to the loose game. Does anyone think that this thinking is faulty in some way? Let me know.

I will let you know if the experiment works at all. I think that I am not getting into enough pots. The few pots I get into if I loose one or two that kills my night. BTW – The definition of hands you can play in a loose game is not that much higher than a tight game in the book. It mostly lets you play more hands from early position. You also get a few more s000ted in there. It is still what most people would consider really tight.

I also am going to play a little less per session. If I get up 30-40 on a table, I am going to be disciplined and walk away once I lose 10 of it. I tend to get way up and then tend to think I need to give it all back before I leave. I think 1-2 hours per session, and then a break of at least ½ hour is probably good.

I have to share this hand. I played it soooooo wrong. The hand starts and is capped. Three people in. The flop is J-7-3. The guy before me is raising his ass off and I am merrily raising into him with my AA. The turn is a 3, and the river is something else not scary. So what do you think my AA was cracked by? JJ? Good guess. I am an idiot for not at least considering that. Nope. It was 77! Someone capped it off with 77!!!?!?!?!! Damn! I put him on AA, KK, or AK. Big mistake considering party players. Lost thirty bucks on the hand. Have since recovered it but this is an example I think of not realizing when I am beat and at least slowing down. Let me tell you $80 is a hell of a lot better place to be than $49 and almost break even! Oh No! I was just dealt KK! I am folding!!!! Ok. So I won that one.

One other neat thing tonight. I have a guy classified as a fish by the PT stats. He is up to $138 at this point. So either he bought in for $200. I do not have enough hands to really classify him, or every fish has there day! Actually all the “fish” at my table are way up. Wow! It must mean the table is not taking advantage of the passive nature of these players. The one rock is way down. Heh. I think I do not have enough hands to judge these people. I think most of them I have < 100 hands. Althought Mo’s (Rock) 8.50 has lasted for a long time!

Preliminary findings for my new strategy. Up $50 on one table and $30 on the other. So we will see. Way too few hands, but I think I am on to something since A-10 vs A-3 seems to be a very common occurrence.


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