Sunday, January 16, 2005

Some Interesting Poker Notes

I have a lot of ground to cover and most of it has to do with Poker and some observations I have made in the past few days. It might be interested stuff. However we need to get something out of the way first. Shelly asked if she or Poker Den looked better. Well.. I would really need some nude photo’s of you.. umm.. and Poker Den to really tell. You know how close can disguise a myriad of faults. So if you really want me to judge fairly I will send you my address. (Perv Score: Sir 1, Shelly 0).

On to the Poker. I have been having a really good run lately and it feels good. Really good. Poker has kind of been a lot of down sessions intermingled with a few winning ones lately. Hopefully the winning will continue. I was thinking about my play with my kings and it really bothered me. I think I came under the influence of something I would call Poker Fever. It is when the actions is hot and heavy, and you’re just betting without really thinking. It is like you put your brain on autopilot and just call or re-raise everything that comes your way. Finally coming to your senses when you have lost a lot more money than you should have. I am not sure what the cure is. I am going to try and watch myself and if I keep hitting bet/call as fast as the button pops up it is a good sign I should take a deep breath, think, and figure out if I really do have a good chance at the pot or if I am blinded by the size of the pot or the fact that I had pocket rockets and they never lose post flop to 23o!

I took a few posts to semi-joke about people bringing me luck. I am sure this is going to backfire as Crocodile showed up today from Poker Hack and I am sure others will be emboldened to come find me. Now any Poker Trolls can stop reading now because this is not conventional wisdom. I do believe there are instances where having someone help you with friendly banter and good conversation can help. I think it relaxes you. You’re not trying to push so much. You play a better game. I have seen this when Glyph sweats me in games, and the couple of times that other Bloggers have stopped by. Not sure what you might call this effect but I think something is there.

The Pats CRUSHED the colts. It was a fun game to watch. Hopefully we can repeat it against the Steelers next week. So until tomorrow may the Cards be with you!


Blogger djw said...

Poker Fever: interesting term. I use the term 'monkeyman'. I blame my questionable (or striaght out horrible) play on my inner monkey who plays like.... a monkey.

He pops out of the box evey once and a while when he REALLY needs to see someone's cards that so obviously beat your own. He also makes you play recklessly as if it wasn't his money he was betting off.

Sometimes, it's very difficult to tame my monkeyman. =)

9:29 AM

Blogger Shelly said...

Re: the perv score - Game on :)

I think having people around watching is a nice moral support boost, even if only subconsciously - knowing someone else cares enough to spend the time to be there with ya - it makes poker a little less solitary (since it really is a very individualized game). Personally, I think it helps keep me focused. (I know, sounds like it should be the exact opposite - a distraction). It keeps me from dwelling over hands, keeps me in the moment. That in itself can be priceless and bet-saving.

11:41 AM

Blogger BSN said...

I think having someone there that knows you improves your play. You're Accountable. You more apt to play "right".


12:37 PM


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