Monday, January 17, 2005

Follow the Blogs...

Just tooling around today at work. I have a weird job. Normally I take pure development jobs since I like to code. However I was looking for a job and my old place just happened to have one so I took it. It is more of an IT job. Not fun. In an IT job with a company of any size there is WAY too much paper pushing. I think your most needed skill is avoiding paper cuts some days. It has been good in one facet, as I have been exposed to more Java/Struts/BEA/Tomcat/Ant stuff, which really rounds out my already vast array of knowledge well.

So I hop on and take a look at Paulies site. He has a few new links. It is CRAZY how many Poker sites exist. Like Dirk said to me last night “Your site sucks”. Who cares? Poker people have such a voracious appetite for either avoiding work or reading about Poker or both, that I will never run out of readers. Have you every played the follow-the-blog game? It is really fun. Take a Blog, say one from the right hand side. Go to said Blog and read the comments. Click on a users name and find their Blog. Repeat as you rack up points for the high score of connections to new Blogs. It is really amazing how many links down you can go. I currently have 171 sites listed in my Blog roll and I even added 6-7 today from Paulies list. Hey man! I gave you credit!

I hope Pauly goes to Foxwoods again soon. I really want to hook up with him. I need someone to show me the ropes of the live experience. He needs a fish to give money to him. It is perfect. Unfortunately when he decides to go I am usually busy. Ahh, the single life, when you could do things at the spur of the moment.

When I started playing 5/10 I had a little goal. I figured I could pretty easily make 4K a month. Is this out of line? I know that variance is going to kick me in the balls a lot but I do not see this is being even a particularly aggressive goal playing 3 hours a night and some weekend time. I am not sure if goals like this are good to have. It is really more of a note. I am also not sure how reasonable this is. However I would assume it is not too far out of line. I think I have moved up the rings too fast to get a real sense of what an average month might be. I know how much I have made in 6 months playing 5 levels of poker. However I do not know lets say how much I would make playing 5/10 for three months. It will be interesting figuring this out. Hopefully I come close when Poker Payday comes at the end of the month.

I have to thank Poker Quest for the idea of Poker Paydays. I think it is a good idea once your Bankroll gets to the 5/10 level. Settle in for a while. Learn the ropes. Grow your Bankroll but take something out for yourself. You have earned it. I am currently taking 25% of all my earnings in a month out. I started this month at 2K. So no big payday yet. I have a good amount of time to go though. Last month was my first payday and it felt good. All the money is going into my savings account for now. I chose a monthly payday because Poker variance is way too much during any given week. A month gives you a chance to accumulate something before get paid.


Blogger trumpjosh said...

Hey, man. I think the monthly goal thing is a mistake. I started out this way and the first bad month I had made me want to quit playing. Focus on your game and your BB/100 hands. The whole bankroll management stuff (aside from deciding what limit to play) is for the birds. Many out there might disagree, but I would stay away from artificial goals like that. If you start to run bad, you'll just play more to get to your monthly goal... do you really want to play more during a downswing? Just something to think about.


(I have a new post up BTW)

5:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nail, as hit on the head!

"Who cares? Poker people have such a voracious appetite for either avoiding work or reading about Poker or both, that I will never run out of readers"

5:46 PM

Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Thanks SirF. You should hit Foxwoods for sure. The fish have invaded the 4/8 tables. I had to play 5/10 just to get away from them!

No plans on going again this month. Maybe early next month for sure.

12:50 PM


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