Sunday, January 16, 2005

Different Rail Bird

Shelly might have some competition! Poker Den came by my table this afternoon and I went on a crazy rush. I got all bunches of playable hands and won them all. I was up to $680 at one time and seriously thought I might cap 1K for the first time ever! I ended up giving back $200 instead and called it a day. A lot of my profits came from Josh from Just a Fish. Nice guy. I hope I was not screwing with him too much while I was on my rush! Sometimes the blood starts flowing and you lose your mind! Shelly’s run was more consistent but Poker Den’s was higher. Although I started in a deficit with Shelly. Hmm. I wonder what would happen if both of them watched me from the rail… hmm..


Blogger Denis said...

Well if we both watched you'd obviously go on an anti-rush and lose hundreds in one sitting. Want to try? :)

12:45 PM

Blogger Shelly said...

LOL :) Yeah, but who's cuter? =D

2:12 PM

Blogger trumpjosh said...

Yeah, I KNEW you'd post about this. Well, have no fear. I wound up ahead for my session, even if I had to take your table scraps when you left. Good game even if you WERE getting the kind of cards that I dream about.

See you again soon... maybe this time you'll get the flip side of that great luck!

5:24 PM


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