Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I am insane

I keep finding new Blogs. I wonder if they are continually expanding like the Universe, or is that shrinking, astrophysics go figure!. Anyway a nice link to an article about RFID technology in chips a As I Please. A lot of interesting content there.

The Latest Google search to find me: Why did the Jets Lose! Lol. Sorry Guys! I was rooting for you! The site is pretty healthy. I get peaks of 350 hits with unique visitors hovering around 150 per day. Not too shabby! Total hits for the past six months is just over 21K. Poker is out of control! Of course I am unable to parlay this into any kind of profit. Bonus Code Iggy is just too powerful! I have no affiliate signups, no book sales, nothing, nada! Oh well I mostly write the Blog because I like to hear myself talk. It is soothing.

I am getting obsessive compulsive about collecting every Poker blog in the world. I used to collect comic books. I think I should stop. I guess I might get bored in a day or so and go back to surfing for sleek, thin, sexy, laptops! It is also amazing how many sites do not have a link to me! The nerve!

Ok. This is just strange. I was checking out all the poker Blogs when I came to a link to NY Escorts, so it was kind of weird, but the Voyeur in me decides to read more. I guess that when you are an escort you get asked to have sex with dogs every once in a while. Interesting stuff. Very well written and actually not any sex in the few posts I have read. Thanks to Found in Translation for that link. Actually Pauly has informed me that he is a friend with NY Escort Lady and he originally posted the link on his site. So give Pauly at Tao of Poker or Tao of Pauly the street cred and screw Found in Translation!

Ah while I am wasting your time get this Gem from The Poker Chronicles

I made it through all my links! Yes all 176 of them! No I am not crazy. Perhaps a little bored. I even got some work done today. Well. Hope this gets the Blog link collecting out of my system for a while. I do not think I could read another blog.. for oh say ten minutes!


Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

I love a good RFID story. Especially one that relates to gambling. Thanks for the link to the link!

8:41 PM

Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Actually, Alexa from NY Escorts is a friend of mine. I orginally linked her up on my main blog and often mentioned her in my poker blog to help get her some hits. I noticed that a few poker bloggers added her to their blog rolls. You can thank me for introducing her to everyone. And yes, she plays poker.

8:06 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Is she a Friend or a "Frrrrrriiiieeeennndd".. heh. Just kidding. She has a great way with words! I am glad she decided to decline the invite with Rover and thanks for letting me know the link came from you. I will amend the post. I thought the Blog sounded familiar.

8:50 AM


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