Saturday, January 15, 2005

I am Beat!

I am soo tired. Had a nice night though. Lost the 5K tourney on two bad beats. AQ vs Q6 and he hits a 6 on the river, and then A-10 vs A-5 and he hits his five to knock me out! Same guy. Back to back hands. Bastaaaad.

I placed 6th in an SNG too. Another dominating hand that lost. Sounds like the start of a bad night. However I got on the most juicy 5/10 I have every seen. I easily could have made 600-700 bucks. However I made two stupid plays:

A. Played KK when there was massive raising on the flop. Lost my shirt on that one. Down from 380 to 280 or so. Ouch! I knew I was beat but refused to fold.
B. 9-10 calls me pre-flop when I have A-K. Flop has a K and 9, but turn is a ten. People again raising like crazy and I lose. That brought me down to $214 from my initial buyin of $250.

However I did say this was a juicy table and so within 10 minutes of my bad plays I was back up to 400, and ended at like $450. Not a bad night winning over $200. I loved this table and could have stayed all night. Around 3AM I folded and decided to lose a few more bucks to CJ and Josh from Just a Fish. It was fun. I only lost one buyin there. So basically the bankroll is on a climb and it feels good. Going to sleep now.

BTW - I got to Nerd around with Shelly from Hella Holdem. I will have to throw her blog up on the right side. And figure out how to put an outstanding warrent for Randy on the DMV in Illinois! Bahhhahahha Evil Hacker Laugh!


Blogger Shelly said...

ROFL thanks for the linkage :) C'mon now, geek poker chicks are like every man's nightmare - 1. they're too smart to lie to, 2. you can't go play poker with the guys to get away from the ball and chain, 3. they take your money AND win your money!

hehehehehe. I linked ya up on my blog :) Good times last night - though I only won 1.00 off of you. That will have to be rectified at a future date!

1:29 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

hehhh hehhh heh she said 'rect.. heh hehhh heh heh

1:53 PM


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