Saturday, January 15, 2005

Shelly my Lucky Horseshoe!

OMG! Not only is Shelly a geek. A Poker player. She says she can out perv me! (I have my doubts). She also is the best good luck charm I have every had! Unbelievers! Well I do not care what you say. The two times she came to my tables I went on massive runs and made over $400 today!!!! Still do not believe. I was doing ok at one table. Not up, maybe down a little. I suddenly see in the chat window: Hey Sir! How is it going! Hope your having a better night than me. As soon as she says that BAM! AA! Huge pot against an unbeliever! So we chant our secret word to bring more good cards. I type in the chat: "I bet you I am up $100 in the next ten minutes"! More secret words. BAM! The next cards are A6 s000ted, Diamonds for the lady. So the flop Axx with two diamonds! So not only do I have Aces with a weak kicker, but I also have the nut flush draw. So ya know Shelly is better luck than that. BAM! A six on the turn and I am getting bet into. Ok. So ya know, Shelly is even better than that! BAMAMARAMAMABAM! A six on the river and I am up over $150 in the five minutes she has been there. I decided to call it a night shortly after because she was leaving and I was getting sleepy.

So go visit her Blog and maybe she will make me some more money! Hella Holdem is a great site! I need my lucky charm too! Thanks to her my bankroll is back over 2K now. I am hoping things will keep going well and I will soon be flirting with 3K again. We shall see. Until then if you ever see me chanting secret words at your table and talking to someone you better run for the hills!


Blogger Shelly said...

ROFL that second run was pretty hysterical :) When you showed down those aces after I sat down, I laughed out loud and said, "well would ya look at that!" (to my cats). Then that boat - haaaaa!!!! Nuts. Glad to be of service ;-) I think it is a Geek thing.

11:58 AM


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