Thursday, September 15, 2005


Going to try to install the Network card tonight. I am a software engineer.. we do not do stinking hardware. I think I will be ok though. So HOPEFULLY I will be back up and running tonight.

Excellent reading lately on ALL the blogs. Go to Iggy – Guiness and Poker, and read about the guy who was addicted to gambling. Good reading. You may see some of yourself in there possibly.

I actually liked a few of his ideas. I mean, if you have the skill, why not take twenty five bucks. Play 25/NL. Build it to 50. Play 50/NL. Build it to 100. Play lets say a 50/5 SNG. Build it to 250. Play 5/10 limit. Build it to 1K. Call it a day. I mean all your risking from your bankroll is $25. You can stop whenever you think you have made sufficient amounts of money, or if you feel you are out of your league. If your on a rush, or having a fun night, go as high as you can. All you really can lose is $25. One mistake at the 25/NL tables. On the good side you could take your initial stake, have a lucky night, and build it up to something decent. I think I will try this experiment tonight.

Yo Soy Veneno is KICKING ass! No, not playing poker, although she is doing well. Her blog is off and running. She is getting daily comments and making some good posts. I think she has a knack for this. Either that or there are a lot of addicts with too much time on there hands. So go hit her site up at

And people.. be careful out there..


Blogger Veneno said...

Thanks are too sweet!

You have been a great example. It is good to see you post again regularly. I always enjoy your reading your postings.


1:51 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

It looks like somebody missed the point of Iggy's point entirely...

But you're right, it does sound like fun.

5:15 AM


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