Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tilt Types

i know ur kinda kiddin around - but once u discipline urself to fix this u'll be amazed at the $ u saved, and once u realize it it should be pretty easy to quit tilting - unless u like losing $ while being mad and out of control.
- JD,

I actually do not think it is that easy to fix. I have one form of tilt and it sucks bad. Basically I hate losing. I used to hate losing over short periods of time. So if I was down alot for one night because of variance I would try and win it all back.

Now I am better with that. However I have short-term-swing Tilt. I basically try and win things back faster than I should when lets say I lose for 3-4 days due to some bad beats and see my bankroll drop below a certain level. It also can be brought on by Yo-Yo Tilt which is winning a few hundred, losing it, winning it, losing it, winning it, and finally getting fed up.

I also do not think I play badly on my form of tilt. I play well. I just play above levels my bankroll can aford which NEVER works out. Ok, maybe you can pull it off once, twice, ten times even, but eventually it will come and bite your ass.

So that is my story. Obviously I do not want to suffer these afflictions, and someday I *think* I will have the "Its just poker mentality" but I think that takes a lot of practice to develop.


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