Thursday, October 05, 2006

Foxwoods MTT

I went to umm.. ya Foxwoods last night.. and err.. wow what a surprise.. err, Mookie was there! ya, thats it.. ya Mookie and Smokkee and Ick.. it was pretty cool. Except that bra and panties Ick was wearing kinda freaked me out. Of course my Frog costume could not have made him feel too safe.. although I swear Flyers Fan was eying my large tongue.. Anyway.. it was weird seeing all these people at Foxwoods.. yeah thats it..

I started out really well. Every hand hit the flop MAD HARD! I easily chipped up to 7K really early. Sometimes this is not a good thing. BoneDaddy AKA Eric the used-to-be-blogger had J9 vs my AJ on a JJ board. The river made a 4 flush which gave me the nut flush. Eric still called off his remaining chips which he probably had to do as most of the chips went in before the river. I actually though he caught a flush on the turn on me. He basically played the hand the only way he could though. Tough one. I think he is getting a little tired of busting out to me. Sound familiar Kitty?

I barely remember my hands.. I do remember Statik calling me down with AK when I had Jacks.. I guess he was tired or just did not beleive me because I KNOW he plays better than that. I rivered a house just to rub it in.

It was also fun to take out the ever difficult DuggleBoggey. He has been on a HUGE run and it was nice to outchip him when we finally met up. He decided to push his 44 as a small stack into my big slick. It was a no-brainer play for both of us as I had him massively outchipped and he had a small M with a pocket pair. I won the race and sent him packing.

I beleive the only mistake I made the entire night was calling above mentioned Flyers Fan down with A9. It only cost me about 2K in chips.. she had limped in EP with AK and we both hit our Aces. She boated up to rub it in. I know. A9 sucks.. the limp tricked me good and I was amazed when she turned over her hand.. however AT beats me just as easily there so bad play on my part.

The rest of the night was full of blinds eating me and flops missing until I found myself at critical M<5 stack size. I really was not involved in any other big hands after Shelly put me in my place. I just stopped getting anything playable and was chipped down as the blinds hit 4K.

I finally went out when someone limped Queens in EP and I pushed my eights.. I was hoping for more of a race situation and as Duggles had to push his 4's earlier I think my move was correct. I will say I do not think it is EVER a good idea to limp Queens.. The bitches are fickle enough and I could easily have played 53o in my BB and outflopped the ladies. I guess it just goes against my ingrained nature to not protect strong but vulnerable starting hands. However in this instance it worked out for him. I probably would have pushed my eights even if he had raised. Only because of my short-stackedness.

So thanks to everyone for coming down to.. err.. umm.. Foxwoods to play.. See you all next time! Actually speaking of Foxwoods everyone has been talking about a get together in November. I guess there is some kind of WPT or some other poker tourney or qualifiers around then? Someone who is less clueless can probably fill you in.. if anyone is interested in going lets all meet up. We can all wear Blogs are Ghey T-Shirts so we can find each other.. yeah thats it.. Like a Micky Mouse club for retards. I bet that would get us alot of action! So let me know if your interested in Waffles-Vegas(tm) in November.


Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

here is the link with the WPT schedule.

There are also qualifying events, we could start our own table of 10 with $60 buy ins, 3 winners move to act 2, i think 1 winner of act 2 moves to act 3 for a ticket to the main event. could be fun for laughts and giggles, hard to get all the way through 3 qualifiers.

as for last night, at um, foxwoods, I think i led with my chin there. Regardless, I'm not getting out of there alive with close to half my chips in before the turn. Cold calling the flop was a waste, got me pot committed, and no new info. I would of prefered to re-raise, and I would of ended up with the same result.

I must of been in a blind, jaxia is typically a hand that I don't play, and thanks for reminding me of that.

10:01 AM

Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...


10:02 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

It was fun playing at Foxwoods last night. Having position on you didn't do me much good, although it might have gotten me away from the fatal hand.

I was very relieved to have a coin toss vs. you in that hand as I was afraid of 88 or 99 in that situation.

I was quite suprised you didn't take that stack a bit deeper into the tourney.

10:24 AM

Blogger Shelly said...

love the tongue! great tourney - i'll have to head east more often. or not...

11:03 AM

Anonymous mookie99 said...

Whew, just got home from the long drive back from Foxwoods...had a blast, looking forward to the next one.

Thanks for the invite.

11:57 AM

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

What's the deal with the November trip? Can you point me to the person/people who are setting it up? While you are at it, if any other info becomes available, post it, damnit! Use your vast readership for good.

1:20 PM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Sounds like fun baby! How come I wasn't invited???

7:01 PM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Keep posting about the Foxwoods trip, man. I could definitely try to make it up there as long as it's on a weekend / at night.

6:14 AM


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