Friday, March 16, 2007

Break Even

I have been sticking with the heads up play. I broke even last night.. possibly made a few bucks. The problem with last night is I was playing Fluxer. He is a good deal better than the average retard. I think I went 3-2 against the short bus people and 4-4 against Fluxer.. so if you minus the rake I basically broke even.

One of the loses was very tilt inducing. I was in the second round of one of those 4-peep HU SNGs and I flop TPTK.. and a dude calls me with just a queen overcard. He hits his queen which gives me the redraw to the nut flush. So I bet out. I am not convinced he has the queen so I call off more chips on the river. He invested 450 chips into his hand with Q7 bullshit. I then push with JJ and he calls with T5o. Flop. Ten. Turn. Ten. Motherfucking cuntbag luckbox idiot wins. I actually lost both of my 4-person HU SNGs tonight which sucks. One was my bad play the other was the douche bag luckbox.

I received another influx of cash on Full Tilt so I will be using that money to try and win a token to this weeks Big Game. Wish me luck! Of course some retard like Raveen with probably call my all in with A2o and win. Jackasses all of you.



Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

You gotta get in to the big game man. Seriously, save $14 for the Token Frenzy at 9:45pm on full tilt one of these nights. It's very winnable and easily the cheapest and easiest way to win a $75 token.

9:25 AM

Blogger Raveen said...

ahhh waffles unfortuenly I'm back in the states visiting the gf this weekend so I wont be playing sunday night. So your safe this sunday night man

12:33 PM

Blogger smokkee said...

i just played one of the token frenzys Hoy mentioned. it's not that tuff. just play ABC poker and you're there. also, i like the 13.75 straight HU for the $26 token. you can win a token in like 5-10 min then run off to a tier 2 single table turbo and you've got your $75 token in less than an hour.

4:32 PM


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