Wednesday, March 14, 2007

You are the luckiest bitch

So I finally hit a frustrating spot in the SNGs and gave back my past few days profit. I was getting a little frustrated as there were many games I really should have won. Like the one where I get this one Suckbox to push all in with second pair. Not by clever play or my intellect just by raising huge on the flop when he bet out. Of course he turns trips. The same guy then calls all in with a HUGE underdog hand and runners a flush.. I then have to call an all in by this fucktard. Why? Because he pushed pocket 3's and I had Queens. I knew I did not want to call but I have to play the way you should.. and that is all she wrote.

Feeling a little discouraged I decided to hit up some easy money and play some HU matches to try and get a feeling of accomplishment. So I played four and won three of them. I donked myself out on another bluffing my hand against the all mighty monster of A8 TPTK. Sort of how I donked myself out of the Mookie tonight. So I decide to try as a final game a 4-WAY HU sex toy extravaganza! First hand of this fucker I have 77. I raise. She bets out to 240.. I re-raise all in and we are off to the races.. with 77 vs T4o. *cough* yes. I did say that. T fucking 4 off. I finished her off one hand later.

So then I get into my second round with Retardo Montobon. This guy was so full of himself it was crazy. He played an alright game but was EXTREMELY readable.. I even made one pseudo-bad call just to make sure I was right. Anyway.. this guy starts going off on me in the chat.

Guy: You are the luckiest person ever!
Me: I do not think I have ever heard that before
Guy: I can not believe your fucking luck!!!?!?!
Fluxer: Yeah, she is such a lucky bitch!

So anyhooo... After he insults me like this I flop an OESD. The turn gives a flush on the board, so I bet out. He cold calls. I river my straight. Can not put him on a flush. Why? Because he ALWAYS bet big with BIG hands. So I value bet the river and he calls and pays me off.

I then proceed to get two pair with 96o. I THEN flop two pair with T7o against his QTo. The turn gives me the boat and the victory. A nice payout. Same payday as a full ring game except it takes a lot less time. I may hit a few more of these up.

** EDIT:I just sucked out on Fluxer twice. He did start it by runner-runner a flush against me however it was pretty funny.



Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Retardo Montobon. That is rich man. Do I have permission to use that in my blog one of these days?

1:40 PM


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