Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rebuys are good

I made it to 27th place for a small profit. Not happy though. I had an 80K stack with 8K blinds and jammed my AK s000ted.. Called by TT.. which is somewhat reasonable.. and just could not win that coin flip. I win that one hand and I am top 5 in chips and heading towards the final table. That came on the heels of losing when I jammed a small stack in on the turn with bottom pair and a flush draw.. he had AQ (2 overs) and the board double paired on the river.. not on my bottom card.. and no flush.. to give him a 60K pot.. I would have survived my AKc hand if I had won that.. albeit with like 80K in chips.. which actually is what I went out with. Really pissed. First place paid 4K.. 600 runners.


Blogger smokkee said...

if my uncle had a vagina, he'd be my aunt.

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