Thursday, May 24, 2007

So far not bad..

The "Save the Waffles:Eat some Bacon" campaign has kicked off slowly. I am mildly impressed so far but not overwhelmingly. My man Fastpitch had a nice post.. very touching.. *sniffle*.. Fuel gave me a fawking kiss! I got a nice award from Don Morris. I should reciprocate by giving him the IG:I Cant fold To Waffles weekly award for worst call with two cards. You know though.. Ace-Nine is the Shizz Nutzz! Fucking donkeys.

I want to try something totally different. Someone in the Mookie played EXTREMELY well last night. I know? Can you believe it? Normally I am used to pushmonkeys and donkey fuckers but this guy put one on me. He raised in MP to 3xBB and I had him covered. So I re-raise to 1K because I had the stack.. I had a middle pair of TT. This was my first mistake. As I told Jordon before.. you can not make the pot THAT big with hands like this. It is just a recipe for disaster. He cold calls me.

Now in these donkeyments NORMALLY someone with a good pocket pair jams and someone with crappy hand cold-calls. It is just how you no folding fonkeys play. One exception have I seen in the entire history of the Mookie: Otis. That is it. So the flop comes mostly unders.. I have made the pot 1500 already.. He has 2K behind so now I either JAM my tens or fold.. No other choice. I have put myself in a bad situation. by re-raising pre-flop. So I jam and he calls with his Kings and I lose a big pot.. and go out the next hand with AT vs QQ with a Q and A.. Was not too sad about that hand. So now I have TWO or THREE players among the Fonkeeys and Monkey Fuckers that I really need to think through hands with. Jesus.

I remember the good old days when it was like 14 people.. and they all sucked.. and Mrs. Mookie played just to get harassed by me. *sigh*. Anyway.. good play man. I pulled a Jordon and got outplayed.

I think we all have nights when we do not bring our "A" game. If you always have those nights Mr. Morris then maybe you do not have an "A" game.. oops. That was not nice. Back in your box Waffles!!!

So since there are no more Blogger Games this week that count as points I am going to try and hit up the A&B again tonight as well as some token fun. See if I can make money instead of points unlike our boy Jeciimd.. who is the ONLY person in the top 47 points with no money. That is a fucking miracle. Hoy was right! AMAZING!

Oh and if you sick of reading my shit today go tag Pauly. He has an excellent writeup about poker. Listen to the man. He is a smartie. Much better than that so called Blogfather.

Peace out till later peeps.


Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

I like that you have created this boxed character called "waffles". Marshall can now write anything he wants about anybody, and blame it on a factitious character. Oh wait, how is that different from before?

I would love to hear Love Elf's psychological evaluation of this split personality.

11:20 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Rare condition indicated by the absence of a clear and comprehensive identity. In most cases two or more independent and distinct personality systems develop in the same individual. Each personality may alternately inhabit the person's conscious awareness to the exclusion of the others, but one is usually dominant. The various personalities typically differ from one another in outlook, temperament, and body language and might assume different first names. The condition is generally viewed as resulting from dissociative mental processes — that is, the splitting off from conscious awareness and control of thoughts, feelings, memories, and other mental components in response to situations that are painful, disturbing, or somehow unacceptable to the person experiencing them. Treatment is aimed at integrating the disparate personalities back into a single and unified personality.

11:40 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Holy shit! An Iggy link!

I knew it would happen eventually.

11:42 AM

Blogger Mike Maloney said...

Otis is near the top of my list of people I would rather not get involved with in a hand.

11:50 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

See I enjoy playing Otis... Now this may make me stupid.. but I like the challenge of playing good players..

12:15 PM

Blogger Buddy Dank said...

Simmer down now

1:03 PM

Blogger mookie99 said...

I agree with BD...You should spend a session or three on Love Elf's couch.

1:11 PM

Blogger Blinders said...

You are at 22-1 now and slipping.

4:34 PM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

I'm gonna play tonight - come find me and we'll hit a sit and go or cash game together :)

5:07 PM


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