Friday, March 02, 2012


The kid is doing his homework last night and the subject is the origins of your family. So when he asked about my parents I told him my dad's side came over on the Mayflower.. a guy named John da Pilgrim, and my mothers side is of Russian descent.

The wife immediately tells him to erase what I told him, that EVERYONE says they came over on the Mayflower and it is just not true and his classmates would laugh at him. Now I realize I have believed some stupid shit from my lying mother. She said I was born deaf -- which turned out to mean I was born fine but she would not take me to the hospital to treat my ear infection. I may also have been told that my dog "Charlie" was sent to "The Farm". I pictured a nice doggy farm with beautiful fields and cats to eat or something. Of course this really meant the vet and a needle. I may have believed all these lies until very recently. My parents may have totally lied about the Mayflower thing. Who the hell knows. I do know that is how I understand it and no kids are going to laugh when he tells that story. Kids are gullible. Derp.

The conversation then takes a turn and she says some that I take as "What, do you want to be a failure like your Aunt Michele and your father". It was not exactly those words but she is always trying to use my degenerate sister as an example of why I am a failure.

I got angry and I say "By any measurable standard I am the most successful person in this goddamn house by a longshot". When I make like 6x what you do you should not open your fucking fat whore mouth. She then mumbles something about her Ivy League college she graduated from.. and I am like "yeah, you had every advantage given to you on a silver platter and you failed and I had nothing and made a success of myself".. which finally shut her up.

Seriously I do not like fighting with her like that but I have no idea why she has to keep trying to put me down. Why she was so adamant at changing the damn kids homework. The teacher is going to accept it. Why she does a job a McDonalds worked could handle and thinks I am a failure for working over 20 years without more than a week off of work and making more than most of the people I know. It's just illogical and borders on retarded. Peace.


Blogger KenP said...

I can see based on the history why you'd unload on her? Kids should get some pride about both parents. Next time you might mount your defense as just that. But, making a strong self-defense is a good step on your part. Thumbs up.

7:12 AM

Blogger grrouchie said...

You two need to sit down and have a grown up conversation about how you are not going to talk down to each other in front of the fucking kid before you fuck him up so bad that he comes out being like you two are.

just imo

8:26 PM


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