Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sick and Sick

Not feeling well today. Been on the extremely depressed side lately. Just thought I would share all the moronic posts I have read today though.

First off we have Hoyazo siding with that dickhead Finnegan. Obviously it is not surprising that one dickhead sides with another. Those dickheads are like that. Always want to swordfight. Seriously though Finnegan was the provocation for the entire fight. Andre put up with his shit for the entire day and then finally got one jab in the face too many and decided to do something about it. Fuck Finnegan. His pussy ass got whipped. He deserved it. The NFL rules on fighting declare the fee structure. So STFU Hoyao.

Next we have that bald fuck Bayne. He is a proponent of letting a team with a better record into the playoffs just because the West sucks so bad. Too fucking bad bald motherfucker. You can not have it both ways. I have seen some great 11-5 Patriots teams not make the playoffs and was I whining and saying they should change the rules? No fucking way. Either you have a section based playoffs where the best in the group get in or you flatten it all out. You can not just decide over half way through the season that because one team sucks so bad they should be denied entry. I mean cmon. What kinda stupid fuck idea is that?

Last but not least we have the Craaakkkerr. First rant against the guy. I doubt he reads this blog but we can try. First off I get his point. Everyone is basically calling Michael Vick this major hero and he should get awards and everything. Comeback player of the year. I am not totally against this line of thinking. However I think the guy has paid his due to society and we should forgive him. Give him some hero worship for his great play lately. Forgiving someone really does mean forgetting what they did in the past. I mean how ridiculous would it be for me to say "I forgive you for this.." and then every time I see you mention how badly you fucked that thing up. I may be naive but I believe that he has changed. He figured out that what he was doing was evil. So I forgive and forget and think he is having a pretty incredible year. Hope that he makes it into the playoffs. Oh yeah and I guess I better call Crakker a fucktard or else it is not a rant.

Peace out.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Only time of the year I can go out and get told by a welfare slut with a bastard child that I should "work more". Life is good.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sooooooooooo... Who?

I have been thinking today.. Who has the hottest wife of a blogger.

Could it be Jordon with Wifey Kimmy?

Perhaps TripJax hot woman?

TheWife? JJOK? Bam's ole lady?

RayRay's awesome LoveElf?

Dunno. Just thinking. Am I missing anyone?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Falling down the rabbit hole. Peace.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Annoying People

People with blue tooth annoy me. I mean weird fucking shit in your ears used to be all us deaf peoples domain. What? You did not know I was deaf? Fuck. You must not be a long time reader. Born and bred. Deaf foreva. That is why in Vegas if you say some dumb shit that I probably do not want to hear anyways and I kinda just nod and smile then I most likely did not hear you. Same thing if you shout out my name and I just keep walking. I really am not ignoring your pathetic ass I probably just did not hear you.

The thing I hate about blue tooth the most is that you used to be able to tell who the crazies were. If you saw some fucker walking down the street talking to himself then you KNEW you needed to get the fuck out of there. Now it could just be some dumbass with blue tooth. You can never tell... until it is too late and some drunk fucking bum is spitting in your face.

I almost got hit by some fucktard in a scooter today too. I gotta tell you something. Someday you might find me with my cock in my hand and a plastic bag over my head but I AM NOT going to be taken out by some forty something cocksucker in a moped who thinks he is cool enough to lick the shit off Kat's boots but is not.

Hate it does a body good. Peace.


I was crossing the street today and these guys meet in the middle of the street. Hey George, How's is going , hey not bad. Blah blah blah. What the fuck? Why are you having a fucking conference call in the middle of the fucking street? Also and more importantly what has Darwin failed me!!!! You should be so fucking dead by now you moron.

See this is more proof that society has built in buffers against Darwin that save all but the worse of us. It dumbs down the gene pool badly. I mean half the shit we get away with. I mean do you know why the North African Serval went extinct? Do you? Huh? Well.. neither do I.. but I bet it was something stupid like his fur grew too long and it slowed him down and predators ate him up. See little shit. Nothing he could do. We get away with far worse and yet we survive. sick.

Booked my flight to Vegas today. Heading in around 10:37PM Vegas Time. See you all at the MGM. Bunking up with Skiddoo at the IP. Hopefully will not be in the room much. No offence to Skiddoo. Flying out on the Red Eye Sunday night.

Been feeling down lately. Looking at the enormity of all my issues. Not fun. It's much better to break everything down into manageable parts. Still have not found a good Gym solution either. So that is not helping. Even little things discourage me like my bank decided to start charging fees. Is this some sort of government thing? The letter seemed to say that the government was forcing them to charge 5 bucks a month for an account but that seems odd.... So now do I find another bank? Make sure I do multiple transactions a month to avoid fees? I could like take out $20 3x at lunch and be basically done for the month. I dunno. See. Blah.

Went out with my buddy and his wife for dinner Saturday. Had a fun time. Drank a bit. I think I should really consider becoming an alcoholic. I mean it seems like a good idea. Perhaps I can get some lessons from my degen buddies in Vegas. Peace.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Finally Losed

Yup. Amazing. I lost a game. Know what though. I should never have played it. I knew I was too tired and yet I started it anyways... and while I never hit a flop in any meaningful way and did not get any good cards... I also did not play well and had to fight to stay awake.. So no more of that. Playing when I am not feeling it is bad news.

Josie showed up just in time to taunt me for getting all in with KTh against 3 other players (none of which had a pair bigger than a 5). The board played out and a pair of fives won the whole thing. Amazing.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winter is Meh

I hate that I am becoming an "I hate winter" person. All the dark and shit is really bothering me this year. It is especially hard to keep on a running schedule too.. since it is not a lot of fun to run in pitch blackness with sub zero weather. I got a decent run in last night but stopped at like 1.5 miles. I did crush the last quarter. I dunno what is going on. I am just losing motivation. Need to come up with a winter hibernation plan.

Perhaps shall play some poker tonight. ScottMc said he would be proud of me if I won 30 more bucks this week. *sniff*.

Today my boss gave me a Domo doll. I am not sure if it is weirder that he gave it to me or that I like it. DOMMMMMOOOOOO!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Winning.. What the hell is this?

So I like have won the last three MTTs I have played. Last night was a min cash. It started out good. I had a 4-way all in with AA. Basically I raised, I was re-raised, I then re-re-raised a big chunk and all three other people called. The flop was QJx. Not the best flop in the world but I jammed all in and ALL OF THE OTHERS CALLED. The hands I was against were AK, AJ, 89. So not all that bad. Really just had to fade a Ten and a Jack. With those KO bounties I was able to win a few more and was free rolling the game with like 40 people left.

I played a little tight as it went down. I stole enough to keep my stack pretty high. I eventually lost the chip lead with like 30 left. Some guy totally donked into an 80K stack vs next biggest 30K stack. I had around 12K still at this time.

I got a little reamed with like 18 left. I re-raised pretty large with AQ and got called by AJ. I c-bet the Jxx flop. Turn was a K. River was a blank. I was debating firing out on the turn but I wimped out. I have some doubts that my opponent would have folded second pair because I saw several instances when she called big bets with second or third pair. So perhaps I saved myself a pre-mature meltdown. I was left with 6K at this point.

I got pretty aggressive because the blinds were high. I worked it back up to 10K. I then won on a nice steal and got up to 17K. Everyone had even stacks of 10-17K because the 80K goon had a ton of the chips in play. He then tried to donk out early.. losing half his stack on bad plays. He then shoved the rest of his stack in with top pair vs an overpair and spiked his trips on the turn to return to his former glorious 80K stack.

I made it to the final table with a decent stack. The short stack was the SB and I had AK. I knew he was going to make a move and when he shoved I instantly called his bet. He turned over J3o and rivered a jack of course. I had 1BB left and there were several limpers so I decided to just throw it in with my T5o. Even though I spiked a pair I would end up in 9th place for a min cash.

I think I kind of like only playing every few days. It seems to be working. I think I focus a little more because I am playing less. Now I need to take first in one of these things.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Cry Babies and Morons

Read AlCantHangs recap of the final table. Poker on the Rails on FullTilt is full of goodness.

My opinion of this years WSOP. Cry Babies and Morons. Warning spoilers ahead. Cheong is a freaking moron. Wow. I guess that is how he got that far. I am just baffled by that play. Also is there any reason to play the HU portion? I mean I know you have to but the chip leader can basically jam all in every hand and probably win. If I was the short stack I would send Cheong a steak and a blowjob. He basically handed the shortie millions of dollars.

Still think Affleck is a cry baby too. Good thing he has a fat little baby face. So when he cries everyone is all like "Oh it's just the fat kid blubbering again".

As for me. I have cashed in my last two MTTs.

*** ADDENDUM: OMFG. John Racener is so fucking ugly. How can Wicked Chops say he would be good for poker. I can't look at him for more than ten seconds without wanting to puke. I thought I was ugly. I am fucking Hugh Jackman compared to him.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Right Tool For Right Job

I had a really good run on Wednesday.

It gave me time to think about a lot of things. I admit I have been struggling the past few weeks. I got sick like four weeks ago or so and when I hit the track again I was a lot weaker. It was discouraging. I barely could eek out a mile that first day back. Not sure why. It brought a lot of doubts and self hate back. Negative thoughts like "Oh you were never in that good of shape anyways" or "Just quit now you know your going to anyways".

The past few weeks I have really only gotten two runs in a week. Working back up to my level before my cold. I got out of the good habits that are necessary to win. Like having fixed days and not missing them. Stopping at home quickly to change and grab an apple then heading straight out. I started making excuses like the cold. I then got a little flare of gout and was like "OMG the world hates me". The grind is hard.

I really want to work hard on my negativity. It just is ridiculous. Obstacles come into my life a lot. Perhaps more than others. Mayhap not. I sign up for a bank account. The bank screws up. Has not sent my bank card or anything. I get a card. A few weeks later the loan people send me a letter that they have not verified my insurance. Of course I sent everything about the 100% replacement coverage before I would be allowed to drive off the lot.

Instead of just tackling all these challenges I have gotten in the habit of just getting overwhelmed and not tackling things. I suppose this has always been an issue. Give me a subject I like such as computers and I will work my ass off learning everything about them and do amazing things. Give me something that is slightly boring and I will do the minimum.

I need to work to my strengths. Get the schedule back on track for running. Kick in my pushups again. I need to take all my problems and deal with them like I do a program at work. Break everything down into component steps. Write it all down. Prioritize. Kick it's ass.

I have the ability to not be negative and to tackle all my problems and destroy them. I just need to use my strengths to accomplish this and not get lost in the big picture. Not get bored with the grind. Work it all out.

Negativity is such a part of my life. I constantly doubt everything around me. Are these people really my friends? Why would anyone like me. Why would some chick want to go out with me? Nobody really likes me. Around and around it goes. I suck. I suck. I suck.

I read a lot of Alex Fitzgerald and can relate to a bunch of the things he says. I think he is a really excellent writer. Posts like this one really hit home. Not sure if I think the magic pill route is anything besides legalized drugging yourself or not. I really relate to a bunch of shit he says though.

Anyhow enough rambling for one morning. Getting a notebook. Putting down all my problems. Crossing them off one by one. After I go for my run that is. Peace.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Very Josie My Personal Bar Wench

Last night was the tie breaker. The first battle was on the Football field. Each of us picking teams and I squeaked out a little win. I then agreed to let her play double or nothing the next week. I mean it is only fair. She crushed me in week two of football picks. It was really bad. I then lulled her into a false sense of security by challenging her on her home field the Very Josie.

I started the night with the best run I have had in 3 weeks. It was awesome. I will talk more about that later. However I did my 3 miles and had enough energy for a huge kick at the end. It really felt good to get back to my pre-sickness running shape.

I got home. Helped the kid out on his Warcraft character a bit then stole his computer and prepared for the VeryJosie. I was looking forward to this and was not disappointed.

I had not played poker in two or three weeks so I might be a bit rusty. It started out as most of my games do surrounded by Hatahs. It was pretty sick. I mean Josie had all her little old men trying to take me down. Acornman was pissed off at a bad beat I gave him like fifty years ago and played JUST TO TAKE ME OUT. It was me against the world as usual. Wolfie was sorta on my side I think.. but he did not commit.

It started out really bad. JewBoy flops second pair with 62o. He calls when Josie leads the flop and the turn gives him trip sixes. He decides to go all in and is up against a 33 set turned boat that Josie turned. No pairing the board on the river and the lady is at a double stack early on.

I teased JewBoy about chip dumping to Josie. Obviously I did not think they would collude or chip dump. I trust both of their integrity and was just ribbing them. So hopefully no offense was taken.

Josie then predicted that I would be next out. I decided to change up my game a little bit for the night. I played mostly tight folding a lot of hands. I decided to bring some old school flavor back into my game though. I played a lot of Negreanu type hands that were small, connected and suited. Hoping to get lucky.

On one hand I looked down and saw 42o. I raised Josie and she called. The flop came some ridiculous 78T flop or something. I did not think Josie hit the flop hard so I fired out. She called. I decided that she needed a spankin so I fired the turn really hard. She thought about it a bit. Called me a cocksucker or something and folded her hand. I then turned over the 42o and she was piiiissseed.

I made a couple of call downs with weakish 3rd pairs. Got rivered a few times. Made some decent pots a few times. Folded to that nit Wolfshead everytime he raised. I had to laugh at Josie because she paid off his Kings when he rejammed her flop bet. Never pay off the nits!!!

We eventually hit the final table and it became donkalishish. We had all in battles with AK vs AJ twice early with the JackAce winning both times. I underestimated Frankies strength of hand when he flopped a set vs my bottom pair nut flush redraw. I decided to put him all in on the turn. He eagerly called and I rivered him with the Queen of Crubs! yeah Baby! (I would link to CK's site but apparently it is private now and I am not invited??!?!? Hello?!).

See you have to have one retarded move pay off to win a tourney. I am totally convinced.

Heffmike was doing pretty well and jamming over Josies blinds like crazy. She decided to take a stand with 66 and was against his 99. I was amused as he crippled her and left her with like 1K worth of chips.

She played really good and got back into it. She was the beneficiary of PushMonkey not being there. I swear I am going to punch him out. She did play really well and was able to get her stack back to even with mine.

We got down to four players. I had noticed Acornman raising my blinds A LOT. Wayyy too much. So I played back at him a few times and made a few bucks. I was trying to be a little cautious though.

There was a four way limp at this time. I had A6 s00ted and the flop came out 662. I lead out and Josie raised me all in. I instantly called and had her 46 dominated. She was so sure she was going to win. It was pretty sweet. I was in pretty good shape now and she was down to 2-3K or so.

I told Josie she was going to be the bubble girl. I also added to our bet. We initially agreed to two drinks in Vegas. Shots of Patron for anyone interested. She was so confident she was going to win I start talking and saying.. "So Josie, your going to server the Patron in a short skirt and a little apron right?".. and she agreed! BINGO!

Finally with four left she decided to jam the Acorn mans raise and again found her small pair dominated with a bigger pair. He took her out and the three of use made the money. I also made a nice couple of shots of Patron served by my own personal serving wench! AHHH YEAHH!

After the bubble broke I decided to be more aggressive. I re-raised all in a bunch of Heffs raises. He noticed this obviously. I finally did it with a pair of eights. He decided to gamble on a race with a AQ. I had like 7K vs his 13K. So not a bad gamble in general although I really hate AQ as a hand. Too easy to get in dominated. The flop was clean but a dirty bitch showed up on the turn and I was out in third.

Not a bad nights work anyways. I had a really good time. The shit talking was good and the level of play was excellent. I enjoyed changing up my game a bit and really thinking about my next moves. It was also nice to win. Josie gave it a valiant effort and it came down to the wire. The better man won though. I know you all hate the perfection that is Waffles but you just gotta live with it. Peace.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Keeping With The Movie Theme

I saw the movie The Princess and the Frog. Very sweet movie. I gotta know though. Is that how black people in New Orleans really live? I mean that was fucking awesome. All the singing and dancing and sharing gumbo with each other. I mean we white people got nothing on that. I am fucking impressed. I was all guilty feeling and shit with all the slavery and bad stuff like that my ancestors did.. but fuck, if that is how black people live then they are much better off than me. #stephaneisgonnapunchme

I know you can't tweet tag stuff in blogger but fuck you I roll my own way. I am not very good at twitter anyways. I am sure I would like it if I could like follow it as well as say an RSS feed or something.

I gotta see what my schedule is like but I am thinking that Josie and I should finish off our little bet with a winner take all tie breaker. So I officially challenged her in her own house. The VeryJosie this Wednesday will decide who the champion of our bet is. Whoever lasts longer wins the whole deal.

Monday, November 01, 2010


The running gods hath smited me. First I get sick. Get back up to 3 miles. Still not feeling as good as I was before I got sick. However I am doing solid 3 mile runs. Avg was 10.6, then 10.15, then the last lap sucked and brought my average down to 11. See a sign I am not back. Anyways wake up today and Gout toe is back I think. Can barely walk. Pulled something in my back too. Arrrrrggg!

Josie beat me in the last Football contest. Ug. On the good side I shaved my beard for MoVember and now Josie is inviting me in for some hot coco!

Also No to lightbulbs question on what had me so pissed off.