Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Get the picks in for Thursday. So far have Bayne's.

Beating Josie is fun but I would like to beat her entire pool. It is going to be hard because I had some REALLY bad weeks this year. However I think I have a shot at it.

I have not even looked at the picks this week yet. See if it is a gimme week or not.

Medicine is still going in my body. I have not really noticed any changes... sometimes I seem to stare off into the heavens.. which is weird... I also think I am less angry all the time which is probably good. I dunno.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Get em in. I think Bayne and VinNay missed out. Everyone else got them in. Vikings choked. So the kids take the early lead by not using big picks. Get your Sunday picks in soon if you have not already.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Druggie 4 Life: Day 2

I keep checking myself and trying to figure out what these drugs are doing to my head. Obviously it takes time to have the full effect. So far besides being kind of nauseous.. I guess I can kind of see it taking the edge off. I barely got mad at anyone yesterday. This could be the end of ranting forever.

I think it was wearing off at night though. The other day I had to leave work a little early and pick up the kid from football, then drive him to basketball, then pick him up again. I forgot the listing the wife sent by accident. I got him to everything fine since I had put the address I did not know into my phone. However I forgot what time the pickup from Basketball was. I asked the brain dead child and he said 9:30. In hindsight this was a mistake. Soooo.. I was a half hour late picking him up. The coach called the wife and dropped him off.

So I was a little annoyed about the situation but not too bad. I apologized on the phone for forgetting. So I get home and she has her cell phone and wants to show me the email she sent. I said don't bother I know you sent the right time. Then she is like grabbing my shoulder and trying to force me to look at it. So I got pretty angry and yelled a bit about "Do not touch me!" blah blah blah. Only real angry time all day though.

I think I can focus a little more too... maybe have a little more energy. Not sure yet. Seems like it though. Anyway we will see. Have not heard from any therapists yet. If I do not hear by tomorrow I will call the psychiatrist back and ask her if she had a chance to find anyone yet.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Druggie 4 Life: Day 1

Started my new pill this morning. Doctor wanted me to cut it in half. I am incapable of this. So I took the whole pill. She basically wanted to ease me onto it to avoid side effects like nausea. I am a tough guy though. I won't get any side effects.

So as I sit here typing to you with nauseous feelings at random points in time I think I need to reconsider my decision to not cut the pill.

One of the side effects of this pill also is supposed to be either ED or not being able to cum for a long time. When the doctor said the second one I was like "Hey, that's a good thing right!" yeahhh baby! Least for the chick.

I kind of feel fuzzy today. Not sure how to describe it. I think I am more focused maybe... also when I yelled at this driver who flashed his lights at me this morning my heart was not really in it. I was too mellow. Not enough rant.

We will see how this works out and if I like it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quick Update

Josie lost to me. Yay! I love when she loses. She gets a little pouty look on her face and talks dirty to me. I need to keep beating her. I figure in 3-weeks I can catch up to her in both pools. Would help if I could have a monster week. I had a decent week this time around but nothing great.

Went to the shrink today. This was actually a psychiatrist shrink who does not do the therapy part. I agreed to try medication for a while. She made a few good points. First off that it is not forever and whenever I decide to get off it is alright. Second that even though I maybe should be depressed because my life sucks the medication can help with energy levels and motivation to make life not suck.

She also said that one effect is the shielding of your emotions. Some people do not like this side effect. I felt like telling her "That's my life. Shoving emotions deep down". However I kind of thought about it and I do get angry and snippy with people and yell sometimes. So perhaps I am not shoving things enough or the garbage can is full. Perhaps this can be a good benefit.

I am also going to see a therapist for the actual issues. She is going to think about a good person to refer me to. I went through my case study list of issues so she has a good idea of what would be helpful. I guess we will see if this works out. I am giving it an honest try even if I do not have a lot of confidence is shrinks.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fucking Football

I do not think I can watch football anymore. I took my blood pressure after the games because my head was hurting and I was feeling tired... it was 145/112. Jesus fuck. Even on the 10mg medicine! FML.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Boom Baby

I love nice warm spring days in the middle of winter. Hot college chicks coming out in short shorts and skirts that are obscene. Bring it on baby. Head shot. Best thing about having to work this weekend. Tuesday is the shrink. Medications for blood pressure are fucking with me. My head has been so foggy. Lots of tired spells.

I went and gave some more blood today for some tests my doctor wanted to make including Vitamin D levels and maybe cholesterol or something else... not sure... Catching up on 10 years of no doctors is kind of tiring but hopefully will pay off. At least my phlebotomist had huge tits. Yay baby. I am shooting a hundred today.

Get your football picks in. Fuck your significant other. I was told that the BP medicine could make my dick limp like lightnings. Have not seen it yet. Will take more than a lack of blood to keep my guy down! YA MOTHERFUCKERS. Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


mmmm. Blood pressure is still high. Thursday pick is due for the pool. My blood pressure medicine is being increased to 10mg. I forget to take it sometimes. I think I need Ken's MTWTFSS box. Nipples are so sexy. Nothing else to report. Same ole same ole. Shrink appointment is in a few days.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Morning Fun

Another fun morning. We sort of have a schedule. Boy gets up between 6:30-6:50 and gets his ten minutes in the bathroom to get ready and head for school. Wife is supposed to get in and out before 6:30. I get my shower in the other bathroom around then too..

Except she decides today to get up at 6:45 and take the bathroom until 7:10... making the boy late for the 18th time this year. Fucking sucks.

SGirl Wins Again!

I think this might be the second time this year. She schooled everyone this week. She was the ONLY one with a respectable score.. Normally like 70 is the low end of average... but everyone this week had like half of that. I had the worst week of everyone. Jesus. I am going to start using the random pattern like SGirl.

It seems like every favorite lost this week. Hard. The super bowl contending teams of last year finally put out good games against good teams.. Giants and Packers. Well, not the Patriots, who just gave the game away. Seahawks seem like a decent team though. Good offense and defense.

Perhaps I can win this week.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Sorry if I am sorta neglecting the league and blog a bit. It's been a really rough week-weekend.

The boy is totally out of control. Takes so much energy just to deal with him every day. Love the hell out of him but this is getting ridiculous. Ever since the start of school he is staying up too late, not listening to anyone, getting combative if you tell him to do things. It just drains the hell out of everyone.

Wife got so upset this weekend at his behavior and him and his sister fighting that she yelled at them both and told them she was sending them away to boarding school. My daughter freaked out over that big time. Since she still sleeps in the Wife's bed.. she is really attached to her. So much so she can not even stand being away from her for a few hours. Whenever the Wife tries to go out with friends my daughter texts her "when you coming home". So obviously the threat of not seeing mom for a week at a time really flipped her out.

Sunday night the boy pissed her the wife off again so bad she went crying into her room.

The stress is killing me. I am done with this. I took Friday off work and did not want to go in today either. Just played video games for like 24 hours a day all weekend with the exception of watching one of the boys football games.

On the good side the wife said this is the boys last year at his high school. She is going to find him a school for people with dyslexia and ADHD and other learning disabilities. Actually this weekend she threatened to have him committed to a residential housing facility. You know the places they send retarded kids so they can learn to take care of themselves. At least I can feel a little less guilt about making the kids switch schools. If it is going to happen anyways... still hurts though.

Appointment with shrink is next week. I am kind of looking forward to it. Clock is racing as to whether I have a heart attack, mental breakdown, or meet with the shrink first. Judging by my past luck I am assuming that Gary and I will be sharing a room soon.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting a few things Done

Been getting a few things done. Finally got an appointment with a shrink for an evaluation. I think I may become someones doctoral thesis. I was amazingly surprised to actually get a call back the next day from this place. As a quick recap. I called one shrink and said I was possibly suicidal. No call back. Called another couple a month ago. *Crickets chirping*. So with my now lowered standards if you actually call me back I assume you are the best shrink in the entire world. Appointment is set for the 23rd.

Football picks are due.

I have been playing far too much Warcraft far too late into the night. I finally made level 90 which is the final level in the new expansion. However there are like a zillion reputation grinds you have to do in order to get all the patterns and plans you want. I also have 9 alternate characters. I need to at least level up some of my professions like leatherworking and skinning, herbalism, and mining. I have a ton of cooking quests and fishing ones. I think I need to be exalted with the bug people. I got honored last night and that gave me some good gold making patterns. I want to take all my alts and park them in the farming district so I can collect a bunch of valuable good every night.Not to mention flying dragon reputations!!! Oh and Wrathion wants to have a word with me! ARRRGGGHH!

It is therefore not surprising my last picks were less than stellar. It could have been so much worse too. I am right in the thick of things in my pools though. I just need to have a couple more kick ass weeks. So today I shall study and plan and scheme and figure out every permutation and pick a perfect-perfect this week!

Actually that reminds me of a funny story I have told before. One time when I was in Vegas I opened up a 12 team parlay ticket for twenty dollars. The payout on a win was like 2-3 grand. So I picked all my teams. I watched the early games in the sports book. I was losing! NO!!! My teams rallied! OMG! Got them all in the morning games! Afternoon games started. More blood, sweat and tears. My teams ALL come through! It comes down to the Sunday Night Football game.

The game is back and forth. Both teams really want this game. The game ends up tied and goes into overtime. All I need is this one win to cash huge! The Titans have the ball. They are my team. Vince Young is driving! He is jukin' in the pocket. Finally a hole opens up right in front of him! All he has to do is run! He has a clear line to the goal!! Holy fuck I am going to win thousands on a twenty dollar bet!!! YES YES YES! Wait.. why is he not running into the hole? Why is he sitting there? What the fuck! WATCH OUT BEHIND YOU! FUCKING RUN! GO TOWARDS THE GODDAMN LIGHT! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SACKED! Holy fucking shit. The opposing team scores on their possession and it is game over for me.

Monday, October 08, 2012


The Chargers and the Bungles fucked me this week. I was doing well until then. The Chargers were looking good for a while but they always find a way to lose. Fuckers. If they had won I would have been in great shape. Instead I am going to lose like 7 points on Josie. Blah.

Sunday, October 07, 2012



I only have Josie's. I thought CEM sent his early.. but I can't find them.. So Send them again! Seb has his in early as usual too. Kids are sleeping so I will get theirs soon.

Jesus I am losing my mind. Ok. I found CEM and Baynes. Waiting on VinNay I think.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Usual Slackers

AKA The productive busy people maybe? Josie and CEM still need to send me the pick for tonights game. Everyone else is set until I nag you on Sunday.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Dentist Cleaning

Went to the dentist today. Been taking care of my big dental issues. Shit happens when you avoid the dentist for like 10 years. Yeah I suck so what. I am trying to change my ways though. Sometimes I feel like what the fuck is the point. Other times I think just do it.

I had a coke last night. I had to have it. It was sitting in my house staring at me for days. I suppose I could have thrown it out. That is no way to treat old friends though! I have actually lost like 3-4 pounds from getting rid of coke for two weeks. It is also good for my teeth. I do not foresee going back to drinking it.

I absolutely hate flossing. It sucks. I am going to try and do it though. I am good with brushing and the special mouth rinse de jour  afterwards. With advanced plaque fighting tarter fucking forces of goodness.

So after an hour of getting my teeth sandblasted with a water pick and scraped and buffed I was feeling bad for the hygienist. It's like when your a barber and some chick comes in and wants all kind of fancy shit done to her hair versus the dude who comes in with short hair and says "buzz #2".

On the good side the hygienist is SMOKIN hot. Not in that bleach blonde kind of way but the type I like. Short. Dark hair. Vixens.

I have an appointment for another cleaning in like 3 months to make sure things are under control. I then have one set for every 6 months. I also have another tooth or two to get extracted. Luckily they are all in the back. A bunch of cavities to fix too. As well as more blood pressure appointments with my doctor. Need to get some stuff done this weekend. Been vegging out lately.

This year my son has been so bad at getting up in the morning. He is 14 now and he just will never get up. He swears at people trying to get him up, never gets his bags ready, so he yells at people to do it for them then calls them retards if they ask him any questions. It is really fucking pissing me off. Not good for the blood pressure.

I have really had it with him lately. He thinks its ok to try and take swings at me and being annoying. I feel like I should punch him back on the arm and sometimes I do that. However I am not sure that is the best solution. Also I never know if the cops are going to get called on me if I do that. Happened that last time around a month ago.

All this shit is totally stressing me out. I gave him an ultimatum today about school. Either he does things my way the night before or he takes the bus for a week. If he misses school too bad I am not taking him. If he gets kicked off the football team for missing school then that is his problem. He will do the following things or the bus is his only option.

1. He will pack all bags the night before.
2. He will get all homework done at a reasonable time
3. He will be in bed no later than 9:00

I will remind him of this tonight but if he does not follow my rules he is going to be taking the bus or missing school tomorrow. I can not put up with this shit anymore. Not sure what to do about the other things.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Football Pool Standings

Holy crap! Seb is like good at scoreboards. He made a REALLY fucking nice one for our pool. SO if you want to follow the standings week to week you should go there. The picks are still at my site. Remember to get your Thursday pick in by Wednesday and your Sunday picks in by Saturday.

I really like how Seb's scoreboard says I won the last two weeks. It is very pretty. :).

Bear Down, Chicago Bears

Bear down, Chicago Bears, make every play clear the way to victory.
Bear down, Chicago Bears, put up a fight with a might so fearlessly.
We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation with your T formation.
Bear down, Chicago Bears, and let them know why you're wearing the crown.
You're the pride and joy of Illinois, Chicago Bears, Bear down.

Fuck YA! Bears official fight song baby! GO BEARS! Fucking Tony Homo throws 900000 interceptions to give the Bears a crushing win but more importantly to give me VICTORY! I take the week in Josie's pool. I beat Josie for a second week! Catch up to Seb a bit. In our pool it was only good enough to tie with CEM but that is fine! FUCK YA! SO excited to win!!!!

I am 12th in Josie's pool now. I really need to do well in all my picks. I do not know who that Ed guy is but he is fucking good at picking. Of course I could just win a few weeks and still make some good money. FUCK YA!

Thanks to Josie. *kiss* *kiss*. Waiting for my extra reward!!! BWAHAHA! Love you!

Monday, October 01, 2012

Today I Learned

That Gigolo in Spanish is Sexoservidor.

I did good in our pool this week. Very good. CEM kicked my butt though. Good job man. Actually I can tie him if the Bears win tonight.

Tonight's game decides a lot in Josie's pool assuming I have not been kicked out. I keep forgetting to send my check. I keep meaning to send it but I need to get a check from the wife to send. Plus things are a little crazy right now. Trying to deal with my blood pressure and my son not listening to anything we tell him. Teenage years. Real fun. I am not sure what to do with him.

His attitude is really bad for my blood pressure. I can feel it skyrocketing when dealing with him and my head starts pounding. Not good. Oh well maybe I will die.