Friday, April 27, 2018


Brutal run of 10 losses in a row finally kicked in my destructive streak. Blah. Anyways building it back up.. Going to play out the $30 I have remaining. Still cashed out $50 earlier so am only down a few bucks..

Going to become a $4 Omaha cash specialist. OMG. It totally hit my gambooler streak today.. lost 4 buyins then came roaring back and won 7. 6-Max Omaha is fun as fuck at the $4 level.. but probably not gonna live long on my $30... Anyways the side effect of this is I get to play a lot of .11 cent tourneys. I donked out of one last night which didn't help.. Raised 1200 pre.. got called by J8.. I had J7 but that is still a horrible call.. flop gave me TP Gutshot Flush draw.. no way I am folding there. However it gave my opponent 2 pairs with his J8.. sooooooooooo.... I was doing ok till then.

Kinda glad I hate poker.

Pushup failure happened this morning. Oh well. I still did 88.. Gonna try and enjoy the weekend. Fishing derby with the kids. Peace.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Meltdown Smeltdown

So I failed to make my goal this week. Not the most horrible thing in the world but still disappointing in week 2. I did have a nice meltdown on Saturday that did not help. Basically ate up my profits for the week then fought back and got my losses back. I kept getting so fucked so far up my ass with stupid people calling with bullshit hands and going runner runner on me.

Anyway that is poker. I am implementing a 2 game stop loss. If I lose two in a row I take a short break and peek at cute anime girls buttocks. Just finished the disastrous life of saiki k, and watching the second season of WakFu.. as well as some other Anime on Netflicks. They have really gone all out with this stuff. I think it would be cool if they bought crunchy roll and like for 1-2$ a month extra you got all that content.

So this is a new week and I am starting up $42. Took third in my first game of the week. I made one mistake calling a short stack with 55.. this guy was pretty tight all game and he had QQ.. I convinced myself he could have AK and I should race. I should never race.

That one ended when a guy who was min raising my blind all day long min raised my blind. I was already ITM so I shoved over the top of him. He calls with QJ s0000ted and flops the flush draw, turns the flush, and rivers a second flush just to rub it in.

These things are always such a coin flip at the end which is why I think my strategy of trying to always just cash... then switching gears and getting super aggressive to win is a good one. I can usually outplay my opponents on the flop. I am slightly concerned that my most outcomes come in 3rd and 4th... but.. still...

Almost to my first 50 hands tracked. My results so far 19/24 with a profit. Over 43 hands. Lets see what this week brings. Goal for the week is to crack 300. Lets see how we do.

1st 4
2nd 6
3rd 9
4th 10
5th 3
6th 3
7th 4
8th 3
9th 1

Friday, April 20, 2018

Hahahaha I am so fucked

Still winning. Slightly less than 50% cash rate. Still up $67 this week playing 6.60s on a $150 bankroll (now $117).. Still feels like I am a loser bwahahahaha.. oh my. I am gonna like get two 1st places in a row and then be like "I be killin it bitches immma ballah your moms!!!!"

1st 2
2nd 5
3rd 2
4th 6
5th 3
7th 2

Until then.. peace out..

Thursday, April 19, 2018

SNG Continued Fun

Still mentally a fuckup. Still kinda losing more than I would like.. However now up like $62 for the week... and still 4 more days to hit the target of $100 for the week. I have been winning at about 50% right now.. some good and some bad ones. Won two in a row today thought. Got some quickies in this morning. Finally got my first 3rd place too! Was a cooler HU A9 vs AT I decided to shove.. he decided to call.. it is what it is..


1st 2
2nd 4
3rd 1
4th 5
5th 2
7th 1

Hate that I always need to win. Not likely to change though. As long as I keep a cap on it might not go insane..

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Losing Streak

A lot of you know me already but here is another look into the bad mentality that makes it hard for me to succeed in poker: I am on a losing streak.

What do I mean by a losing streak? I am only up 44$ this week. I have lost like 2-3 SNGs in a row. My stats are 4-5 since I started taking notes. Big fucking losing streak right? Hell I even cashed in 88th place in a 780 person MTT. It was a eleven center for 1.10 but still..

Fuck me if I have not gotten lucky too.. I mean first hand of my last first place win I get all in on the first hand with no reads with AK vs AA and KK and I spike my straight on the river. I then cruised to first place win.

Yet in my mind the last results are: you lost 3 times! WTF! Will you ever win again? What is wrong with you!! You will never be good in poker.

I mean look at my stats over my first recorded games:

1st 1
2nd 3
4 4
5 1

I have 4 1st and 2nd place finishes... and almost ALL my loses are coming from having to shove the bubble and race for a win. I mean if I get a tiny bit more lucky then a lot of those 4th places start becoming first and seconds...

So I am doing fucking fantastic but can only dwell on my last results. Not a good sign. I did have some fun at a $4 table today though trippled up on the first cash hand with KK vs 44/55/KQ all in pre-flop. I know I know donkey gets lucky sometime. Left the table with my $15+ and then spent that on the losing SNG..

Ah well.. Not sure if I will succeed or fail but its always fun to play.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Good Things In Life

The nice thing about playing poker online besides not having to drive 45 minutes to a casino... You can just sit there, doing an Al Bundy with your hand down your pants.. maybe picking your nose a few times.. and it's all good.. Nobody even looks twice at ya.

The Global Poker cashout went perfectly. I applied on Friday night I think.. so I did not expect a response until Monday, on Monday they said they wanted a photo of my license not a scan.. so I sent that.. and by Tuesday the funds were sitting in my PayPal account.

I am heading for the next goal - $300 - and the next cashout of $50. Want to build the roll a little so I can throw in some bigger tourneys but also want to do some regular cashouts and not keep too much online. Right now I am sitting at a $38 profit since the cashout. My goal right now is about $100 per week. I also decided to track my SNGs just for the hell of it.

First 5 since tracking: 3 2nd places, and twice out of the money.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Well that is a Weight off the Shoulders

Bought in and pending my first cash out at Global Poker. Bought in for $100 and in my first week doubled up to $200 and cashing out $50. So far the cash out process is somewhat easy. It is kind of hard to find as you have to click buy coins.. then there is a cashout tab. Once you are verified via license and a bill from your address you get your cash back in PayPal. A fee is attached to payout apparently so will have to watch that. Will keep you informed as to how well this works.

We all know that pushing towards a goal can sometimes drive us mad so I am a little relieved I have reached phase 1- da first cashout. Phase 2 - da second cashout is going to be at $300.

I have no idea if $100 a week is sustainable at this site... but hey an extra $400 in the paycheck a month would not hurt anything. Also as I grow the bankroll and cashout along the way I will be rolled for bigger tourneys and SNGs which may or may not be a good thing. I think I could easily enjoy 10/20$ SNGs and tourneys on the site.

I will probably not leave large amounts on the site.. Will keep the poker money on PayPal and watch it grow a bit.. and then cash it out and use it for something at some point. I also probably need a "poker" bank account.. cause I don't really want my main account linked to PayPal.. although it is probably fairly safe..

Other than that I have been playin well since my first meltdown.. Had 2 4th place finishes and 2 2nd place finishes today before taking a nap.. and then waking up and taking down a first to pass the threshold I set. Will keep you informed if the checkout goes well.. and how the game progresses.. I will either keep on track or meltdown which is why you all read right? Not feeling too crazy right now but give it a day..

Going Well

The upswing continues. I am hoping to be up a hundred by the end of the week and then cash out 50, and do it again to $300. I think making $100 a week would be pretty cool. I am not sure it's not possible at $6.60 SNGs. I am also not sure it is.. and I am usually hesitant to make these goals because if I start moving the other direction I get chasey.

One other thing I am noticing. I had great success at the non-turbo games playing hard and just trying to make 3rd every game. I go on the site this morning and no games are running so I blow $8 on a 5.50 super turbo guarenteed $100.. and a $3.30 turbo SNG.. where I spewed out when I did not have to..

The point is stick to my game selection. Do the really cheap/free tourneys and know that it is ok to not play if the right game is not there.

On other notes it is sorta spring today.. Been working out doing 50 pushups 3x a week and jumping jacks.. Add some gym in for today... Not saying it is going to be in the routine forever but we will see.. Did curls with barbells, leg lifty thingies, and shoulder lifty thingies.. and then 10 mins on the bike and like a quarter mile walk to and from the gym. Not to self - Leg thingies may cause walking to be a problem.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Going well so far

Now that I have calmed down a bit and am playing to a strategy things are coming along. I have won +80 in the past couple days just sticking to my basic strategy. Also the summer is coming so back into pushups and other exercises.. the pool will probably open soon too.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Two Waffles

Last night I was all over the place. Losing every SNG. Getting out drawn but really getting into too many hands and situations when I did not have to. Poker was making me so sick to death I was really ready to quit already.

Tonight I refocused and had one rule: make 3rd place. I decided not to play the turbo format either. So how were my results? I finished 4-1 with 2 firsts and a third. The one I lost I think I was just getting tired of winning. heh. I went out with AK vs KK vs AQ.. which is not horrible but I had a stack where I did not need to gamble. Tonight I loved poker.

Going to stick with what I did tonight if possible and see how it goes. The swing between last night and tonight was -40 to +60. Crazy. Not sure if I will be able to keep the insanity under control but it's free money and for now I am having fun.

First cash out will come if I reach 200. It is a big IF.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Online Welcome Home Again

Playing online again... there is a site called Global Poker and it works like a sweepstakes. Not sure how long it will be around so I just dumped a hundred in and am playing for fun. Poker is the same as I remember. Gonna be interesting.