Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Know What Bothers Me...

Know what bothers me about people? They never listen to me. I am not sure if it is my presentation of the material or if people are just stupid. I am ALWAYS right. Never wrong. I told Josie not to make the pick in her survivor league she did and what does she do? She makes the pick. She loses. Do I get a "Waffles, you are a god, forevermore shall I ask your opinion before I take any action. All bow down to the great and powerful Waffles.". No. Not even close. Do you even think she has consulted me in her Football Survivor League Part Deux? Nope.

If people would just LISTEN to me they would be so happy. It would be the start of a new utopian society. Our society would reach whole new heights.

The wife is the most annoying creature with this flaw. Even more annoying than Josie. I know this is hard to believe. For the past year or more she has bitched every day. I mean the bitching never stopped on this one subject. Every day. Day in. Day out. Sickening.

What did she bitch about? The commute to Boston and how her job was fulfilling and her boss sucked. Her work was boring and the commute was killing her. Did I realize that people sneezed on the train? Oh those motherfucking sneezeer's should be shot dead! Oh and the loud talking people. Can they just shut up? What is it with the train being seven seconds late too? Motherfucking train! Blah blah blah blah blah! For an entire year!

So she gets offered a position in the same company but back in Weston which is a short commute. The only snafu is they want to cut her pay grade. Does this mean she gets a pay cut? Nope. It just means that since she is at the top of that bracket she will not get any raises until they up the bracket range.

So she jumps on it right? WRONG! She is deciding. OMG. I told her. Go in today. Wave your ass at your boss and say "Nah nah nah nah! CYA Sucker!". Sing the Nah nah nah nah HEY HEY goodbye song! Rejoice and be happy? Take the damn job. What is there to decide? You have been complaining for over a year! If you need a raise and more fulfillment in your job then be awesome like me... or figure something else out.. but short term this is full of so much fucking WIN for you.

Anyhow I think she might take it. Remember. Waffles is always right. If you have some major life decisions you need to make just leave me a comment and I will steer you to victory, satisfaction, and a Wafflestopia! Peace.

P.S. Get your football picks in for Thursday!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The current leaderboard is.

Waffles 557
Jman 507
Josie 540
Sarah 403
Bayne 510
Seb 525
Mom 388

Josie has regained a lot of the points I put between us. I need to do good this week. Josie smoked everyone with a final score of 126. Seb was second with 119 and I had third with a weak 108. Ug. Least I beat that bald bitch Bayne. Sgirl had a good week beating JMan and Mom kept her bottom standing. Lucky for me Seb started late or else he might be the big dog. He is from England, wtf?!?! Cmon American's and people not named Joe C. We need to dominate this thing! heh. Peace.

Monday, November 28, 2011


I really like having a beard or goatee but I have decided that people react differently to me with it. I have an intensity to my self that comes over quickly. If I have the beard going then it becomes creepy, psychotic, killer is staring at me. If I shave it down to the baby face then it is only "aww that poor retard". So I think I am going to stick with the baby face. Peace.


Josie smoked EVERYONE this week. Holy shit. What a great score. She is still behind me in the standings but wow. If the Saints win tonight I will gain a little back.. but I barely will have cracked 100 while Josie is up at 127. Ug. Seb had another great week too. To be fair it was a kind of sick week.

The early Thursday games have been killing my picks. I whip them in on Wednesday and do not think about it. I need to refocus this week and do some awesome picking.

One thing I forgot to mention about Thanksgiving. My sister says "I can not wait until your 18 (so I can get rid of you)", right in front of her kid. WOW! Peace.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nice Thanksgiving for a Change

Normally my Thanksgiving sucks. I mean it consists of going to my mom's house, eating ham because my sisters retarded kid does not like turkey, watching football, and getting into a fight with my dead beat sister. No fun at all.

She really is a dead beat. She steals from her family all the time and spends her kids SSI money on bags and clothes and shit like that. Her son has issues from cancer as a young kid and having his mother makes it a thousand times worse. She never enforces any rules with him so whenever he wants to go he just screams and makes a scene. I think he wants to have sex with her too. It's wacked. The kid is a giant too.. so her not getting control of him is going to have some serious consequences.

This time around we got invited to dinner with our cousin. I have not seen my cousin's in a long time. I remember as a kid they used to hang me over the second story balcony. I swear they were like six foot nine and three hundred pounds of muscle. Except for Douggy. He was kinda like me. He would slink down to the living room in his T-Shirt and sweats, having just woken up, grab some turkey, and head back upstairs for some more sleep.

It has been about 13 years since I saw the cousins. Jeff, Wayne and Doug. Wayne was married to this hot chick. He had two small kids. Jeff was not married and had the same number of kids. He was always the wild one. Doug was married but had no kids.

It is amazing how the passage of time hits you when you have not seen people in a while. The towering cousin's are actually not too much bigger than I am. They are also only a little older than me in their fifties. Doug actually might be close to my age. All three of them have turned really white haired and old.

The really funny thing though is seeing all the kids grown up. The little girl that Wayne had is a smoking hot chick just out of college. She actually live close to where I work. Holy shit though. All the kids grew up and are adults with their own personalities. It was really freaky.

My kids had a good time playing with the barnyard of animals at the house. They had two dogs and three cats including a little kitten. The poodle was the first one I have ever seen that did not yap at everyone around him. The Shepard was HUUUGE but extremely friendly.

We had beer, football, tons of food, and some good conversations. My sisters kid was acting up again. Calling his mom a asshole and banging the floor and making strange noises so he could leave. I am not sure how much is his disability and how much is the disability of having the mother he does.

All in all it was a pretty fun time. I enjoyed it and avoided the yearly fight with my sister. Hopefully we get invited over again. Peace.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stupid November

November is a depressing time of the year. Not sure if it is because it gets all dark out or if it has to do with my dad passing away...possibly both... I seem to get self destructive in November.. ah well... Perhaps I can turn it around this year a little. Peace and Happy Turkey Day.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Picks

Are up on Google Docs. Will get the kiddos tonight. Still waiting on Seb and Josie for the Thursday picks at least. Peace.

Poker, A Good Lesson

I went back to Foxwoods last weekend. Was a good time. I really was not feeling it though. I almost bailed out early. I was tired because the boy kept me up half the night. Little things like that can make a big difference.

Last time I went I was focused on the right things. Getting the little things right on every play. I am beginning to think that cash games are all about making the tiny little moves correctly so that you either minimize your loses when you should not be playing or cut down on the bleeding when you are just not getting cards.

The day started out alright. It was a really bad table and I noticed this immediately. It was full of old guys and regulars which is a horrible combination. Semi-solid players that had been up all night playing also which was not as bad.

I started out up a little. I was not feeling it though. I can not remember how I lost my first buyin. I think I ended up overcalling a few bets, getting nibbled down, calling off 20 to 40 buck bets trying to hit sets. It really felt like I was trying to force things to happen.

I spewed off my second buyin with a horrible play. I went all in on a low flop with TT when I knew my opponent had an overpair. I initially was going to just try for my set but then I went insane. It just felt like I was trying too hard to force things. Never a good idea in a cash game.

I then settled down a little. Ran my stack back up to two buyins. I put on a nice bluff against one regular and then showed. He was SOOOO pissed off. He was a decent guy though. I then widdled it down somehow until I had around 150 left. I then ended the day with two plays I have no real problem with although neither was idea.

The first play I have T8d and figure what the hell might as well call the LP raise. He had been on slight tilt and I gave him no credit for a big hand. I figured I could flop good with my suited gapper. Possibly still trying to push things here.

The flop came a pretty decent 979 with two diamonds. So here I have flopped an open ended straight flush draw on an ugly board. If I am to give credit to the initial raiser for having a hand then I am in terrific shape here.. if not then who knows.

The initial raiser checks and I bite for $15... the two guys past me both call making it like $100 in the pot or more... and then the initial raiser jams his entire stack in. I have him covered by about $20. I think about it for a short time and then decide I can not fold here. I am not positive this is a total no fold situation but if your going to gamble this is a small one.

The two past me fold and the original raiser proves me right turning over J9 for the trips. In this case I am a dog at around 42% but with the extra money in the pot I have made the right move. I do not get excited at this point. It is the hand that will make or break the day. If I win this then I am back way past my original investment and kind of have flipped the REDO button on the game..

The turn looks pretty sweet with the 3d. I would have preferred the six of diamonds though. At this point I am sitting as a comfortable 80% favorite in the hand.. It seems inevitable for the day as the 7 peels off on the turn to kill my hand and pay off the original raiser. Ug.

I am alright with this play. Would have been much happier if I had won obviously.

I wait a few hands somehow then throw my last chips in on a pair of sevens. I realize that I am going to have to flop the set to win as I am sure to get called but I figure what the hell.

I get the expected 8 callers. I am not shitting you. All eight people just cold called my bet putting over $160 in the pot. If I win this hand I am at least back in the game. The flop comes a nice Q7x with two diamonds. I have hit my set. I show the guy next to me and wait. A guy two down jams all in and flips over his QJ s0000ted. I really need the board to pair. The board runs out and does not pair. The river is a diamond and that ends my day down 3 buyins. Still up for the month though. :).

I think the loss was a good one. It gave me some things to focus on. I really could not get the right attitude going all day long and so I inevitably lost. I think for the most part I played badly with a few periods of good play and a few flips that I needed to get lucky with.

I left a little discouraged with the result but still determined to do well. Next time I will make sure I have enough sleep and the right attitude or else I will not go.

A funny side note. I walked in the door after like being gone nine hours and the Wife is like "So you lost huh?" with a big smile on her face. Stupid bitch. Do you not understand that my winning is good for you? Nah, you do not, stupid bitch.

Next up - Blahhhh.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Demons Return

Not having a good week. The black dog is back. Need to do something. Will writeup the poker weekend and the fact that I can not beat Josie this week in football. It must be rigged. I need to take care of a leaky main toilet pipe right now though. Peace.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Who picket the Broncos? Only two people in the pool. Who were they? Last weeks number one and number two winners.. you guessed it, JMan and Waffles continue their domination of the football pool. Waffles has become the anti-cooler baby! You see my boy Jesus run for like 30 yards to end that game? Have you ever seen anything like that? BOOYAH! Peace.

Looks like Josie did not make the final table at the Borgatta which is sad but maybe she fleeced some fishies of monies at something else... Of course maybe she was incognito.. Johannsy Joseph... Joe C.. hmm.. hope good things happened for her anyways.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Borgata Fall Open

Cheer Josie on. She is playing. Here is a live update site. I believe by "Live Update" they mean some old lady comes by every 3 hours and puts a couple of the leaders names up.. I am not sure though. Hopefully we will see Josie's name up there at some point. Peace.

Cards are in the air with blinds at 25/50!
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thursday Pick

Make sure you get your Thursday Night Game pick in for the pool. Remember we have Thursday games for the rest of the season. It is Jets -> Broncos this week. Which loser team is going to win this? You decide.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Winners Are..

Waffles and JMan lead the pack this week with 79 and 77 points followed up with a guy who probably thinks of a round ball when we say football Seb the English wonder with 73. Mom had an impressive (for her) fourth place showing and then Bayne, Josie and SGirl finished out the pack.

I am currently at 366 points for the season and have widened the gap with Josie to fourty one points.. the biggest it has been all season long. I think Josie should use my picks in her football pool going forward. :). Bayne might have done better if he could spell. Bears is not spelled Dallas or Cowboys. Derp.

Here is the total leaderboard as it stands. We shall see how it goes next week. It is kind of an interesting week. Texans have lost their QB. Seahawks can actually win a game? What the hell is up with the Ravens? Are the Patriots going to win out with the easy schedule? Good times my friends.. good times..

Waffles 366
Jman 342
Josie 325
Bayne 322
Seb 317
Sarah 265
Mom 265

Oh and least I forget, Josie kick some ass in AC this week!! She is down there now and is going to play in one of the biggest tourneys of her career. If anyone can win a tourney it is her. Good luck Josie and I hope you come back with a ton of cash.. then maybe I can get out of taking you to dinner! Unless Wolfie eats it all! Peace!

Monday, November 14, 2011

LJayyyyyyyyyyyyyy The Lucksack

Holy crap. Did you see what LJ did this weekend? First she crushes event #3 at the Borgata and then not satisfied with second play she goes on and WINS the ladies event!! I think she really has a midget underneath her dress handing her cards. Oh no, wait, she has a little one on the way!

This line kinda confused me for a second "Maier spent the day in Atlantic City, despite not knowing a thing about poker" of course LJ knows nothing about poker, der. No that's her mom! Nice mom drives her down to AC and helps her out all day.

I know another poker player who is going to the AC and I expect her to do well too! Our group is very talented and full of winners. Great Job LJ! Best of luck to VeryJosie this coming week!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Rock

I think I may have won again. Please check the stats. Bayne picked Dallas twice I think. We can all vote if we should forfeit his highest pick of the two. If he picked the 13th right he would have a shot against me. JMan had another good week. No pictures from him! Everyone picked GB and they were my highest pick so I think I have locked it up. Fun times! Mom had one of her closest weeks too. SGirl has come back to earth and is falling fast but she is damn cute! Peace.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Eyyee Eye eyeee

I am trying to be a nicer, gentler Waffles. I am not exactly sure what this means yet. Like is it better to fight with someone about something you disagree on or just let it go... My Mom came over this morning and I actually started a conversation with her. Normally I just grunt or possibly try and piss her off. It was nothing special but I tried.

One funny thing she said this morning really shows a little bit of how clueless she is. My son was asleep in his room and my daughter needed to be at a party around 8:30AM. So my mom leaves and takes her. I stayed later around the house because I knew she would leave him. I mean can you imagine being a 13yr old kid, slightly afraid of the house and ghosts.. and to wake up and find NOBODY home. Perhaps I am being a little over protective but I do not think so.

She comes back and I mentioned I could not leave until she got back. She is all like "Why not, he is 13.. He can be alone. It is not a problem". I think this is sort of ridiculous. I mean she left us alone all hours of the day when we were young but I would not do that to my son.

What do you think? Too protective? She is a moron?

I am going back to Foxwoods next weekend. I am going to try and score another grand and use it to go to Vegas Baby!! Time is running out so this weekend will probably decide if I go. Peace.


Wow. What a pathetic football pool we are. Nobody got Oakland. I gained a few points on a few people, lost a few to others. I broke my golden rule: No High Points When Suck Plays Suck. Doh!

Should be an interesting weekend.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


All the picks are up for Josie, Seb and I. Bayne and the Family have Thursdays picks up. Double check I did things right because I am a numbskull. Peace.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Picks - Don't Peek Josie!!

Not sure how much I like these picks but what the hell. I think I got the right teams down and stuff. Sixteen points up for grabs from here on out? Is that right? NIIICE!

Ravens 16
Packers 15
Jags 14
Chargers 13
Steelers 12
49ers 11
Chiefs 10
Rams 9
Falcons 8
Dolphins 7
Eagles 6
Texans 5
Patriots 4
Bills 3
Titans 2
Lions 1

Not sure how much I like some of my picks but I have been doing well going with my gut. So we will see how it works out. Peace.

As a side note, the High Road is really not very fulfilling for me.. but I think if I keep at it I might like some of the results.


I am actually starting to see some weird changes in my attitude as I purge my mind of the dark clouds and negativity. I said things to people today. Stranger type people. Nice things. It was weird. Totally unlike me. hmm.

Remember.. Especially you Birtish Chaps!

To get your picks in early. There is a Thursday night game this week. You need to get your pool picks to me by Thursday Afternoon or so otherwise your pick will be forfeit for that game.

I will get my picks in later today and grab the kids picks tonight. If Bayne logs in he can throw down some picks too. It's hard managing a big pool in which the winners get nothing.

Also if Josie wants her picture she needs to tell me what she wants drawn. JMan has yet to be defeated but SGirl owes you one.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Again, and Again, and Again..

I have been working on my mental attitude lately and I think it is turning around. One thing I notice I do a lot is run every situation around in my head making it more and more negitive and focusing on it more and more as the day goes on until all I can think of is the negativity or the bad things that are going to happen.

All that internal turmoil just churns around and creates negitive thinking and effects everything during your day. So I tried to catch myself a lot today. Tried not to sink down into the normal patterns and let my day be ruined. I think I had some success. Not perfect but I kept noticing when I was doing this and telling myself to stop it. Who knows maybe I can turn from a dark storm cloud to a shining beacon of light and peace. Other options are the world ending next year. Peace.

** I fixed the football scores. Thanks to Seb for pointing out the scoring issues. As he said in his email "SHUT THE FUCK UP WAFFLES YOU CHEATING SCUMBAG!!!".. No wait, he said "It is difficult keeping everything straight, I know, I run pools and make mistakes all the time". Not sure where that other comment came from.

Football Stuff

This could be our last pool week. Not that it matters. Josie is soooo far behind she will never catch up. The best players rose to the top AGAIN as JMAN eeked out a win with 81 points followed closely by Bayne and I tied at 79. Being the ONLY one to pick lightnings loser Bears! Mike Ditka and I were the only ones in the country that did not believe that the Eagles were coming back.

Seb the English Chap had a respectable 71 points.. then the ladies lead the bottom of the pack once again with Josie, SGirl and Mom at 62, 47, and 43. Leave the real sports to the men ladies. Ahh yeah. ;).

With this weeks standings JMan and Bayne BOTH pass Josie on the leader board. Not bad boys! Seb still has a little ways to go. Oh well. SGirl needs another big win and Mom.. well she is just Mom. Even though Josie is probably going to quit the pool and take her ball home I will give her this offer.. If you need JMan to give you picks he is available for a nominal fee.

Waffles 287
Jman 266
Bayne 263
Josie 258
Seb 255
Sarah 234
Mom 206

Monday, November 07, 2011

I Feel Good, The Way That I should Now

I had a great time at Foxwoods. Not just because I took about a grand off the 1/2 NLHE tables. That was fun. I feel good about how I treated the whole game in general. So without further hesitation I will treat you to some of the highlights.

I went to Foxwoods with my WSOP chip from 2005 in my pocket. Sort of as a lucky symbol but also to remind me of what a great guy Dr. Pauly is. The first time I ever played live, and the first time I played at Foxwoods was with him. It actually is the first time I ever won live too. Perhaps that chip is lucky!

The ride up to Foxwoods was thoroughly enjoyable. I always get bored riding alone. I need someone in the car with me. Luckily I had the wonderful VeryJosie with me. She made the ride fly by even if we got a little lost.

I did not have the usual excited anticipation to play. You know that nervous energy you get. Where you have to basically run to the table and get in immediately even if the blind is only 2 hands away. I shut all that down.

Instead I focused on my inner mental state. I told myself that I am lucky as anyone else and that I play a damn good game of poker. I tried to not think about past sessions or how I was "Bad luck Waffles". Instead I wanted to start fresh and positive.

I brought three buyins of $100 each. I did not want to just slap a full $300 on the table. I have no bankroll going. I just wanted to give myself a few shots to succeed. I think this worked out well. Once I get a bankroll built up I will bump it to three full buyins.

We got a fresh, new table to start with. It was towards the back of the room and had sun pouring in later in the afternoon. I took the 4 seat. I liked the position. Josie was in the one, some young kid started in the two, a really solid player who was getting total lucksack cards was in the 3.

A heavy blonde cutie comes and sits down in the five. She immediately starts talking to me. "Did you go to school with me? Is your name Eddie?". We were having a nice conversation. Later in the game she made a really rude comment to Josie after it became apparent we knew each other. Josie said she was hitting on me but I am clueless.

Our side of the table was awesome. Everyone was talkative and having a good time. The lucksack had like 3 boats and quads all in like a fifteen minute period and amassed a huge stack.

The first big hand I was in ironically was against Josie. She raised pre-flop and I called with KT spades. I might have been tired of her raising. Her and the guy in the two seat kept randomly raising or something. It got me off my game a little at times and I made some looser calls which is NOT how to win.

The flop came down QJ spades. I had a SF draw and an over card. I think I counted my outs as 21x2. I know. I know. I overestimate sometimes. So when Josie bet out and I had a little less than a hundred behind I jammed in on her. She insta-called and flipped up her Aces. We were racing for a stack. I think I would make this place all day long. Anyone disagree? She obviously had some of my outs which was bad. She also won this hand so I had to rebuy!!

I was nursing my second hundred as it went up and down. At one point it was down to like fourty bucks. I worked it back up. I then flopped two pair and got all in 3-ways. I was basically trying to isolate the early position player. The guy who called behind me had TP queen kicker. He rivered a Jack to make a better two pair. I was back down to nursing my hundred. Luckily he did not have more.

I worked my stack BACK up and then got creamed when someone before me jammed a Jxx flop. I had KJ and did not put him on a hand. I called and it was heads up. He turned over A2, no draws, and then promptly turned me into a liar with an Ace on the turn. Ug. Back to nursing a hundred.

I started feeling the old attitude creep in. I grumbled at the Ace guy a little. I made some loose calls. I played pretty shitty for a couple hands. I then mentally focused myself. I told myself I AM NOT bad luck. I have the same luck as anyone. I am a normal person. I am NOT Waffles. I am lucky and good and I can do this. I can be a winner. No more negative mind fuck games. So I settled down a little.

A few hands later I tangle with the kid next to Josie. I forget the exact hands. I think I had TPTK and he had TP weak kicker. He paid off my value bets which were smallish in the 10-20 chip range. We may have both even made trips. I can not exactly remember. This got me back over two hundred though.

I then got into the BIG hand of the day. I had just won the hand with the kid and Josie raised my blind. I look down and see a small pair of 3's and decide to set mine. The flop comes an awesome AJ3. Josie raises and since it is just the two of us I jam all in. She can not call fast enough. It is an INSTANT call. She flips up her AQ TPTK and I turn over my set. She has no redraws. She then asks "how much does he have like 50?" and the dealer says, "No, he has like 250!".. She is like "WTF?!!?!". She has to cut out a huge part of her stack and then she puts her head in her hands like OMG! What was I thinking! It was kind of sad.

I tried to cheer her up and tell her she could work her stack back up. She was kind of playing a little reckless because she was mad. A little while later she calmed down and started building her stack again.

For me that hand was THE last tough moment of the day. I now had around a $500 stack and I played it well. I never looked back. At first I started playing a little too loose. The adrenaline started RUSHING through my body. I caught myself and stopped making bad limp/calls from EP with ace rags and things like that.

People came and went from the right side of the table. We had an Asian kid come in. I was licking my lips saying "Damn, AWESOME, a Crasian!". Crazy Asian Players! WOO HOO! This kid was totally opposite. His game was so ABC that I could read his every move. He played well for a while then got busted on a slightly bad beat.

I lost a few chips when I jammed in over an EP guy with my two pair. A guy further down the line had flopped a set of two's. Ouch. I think it was the right move but it hurt a bit.

I started opening my game up a little. I played solid but when I saw hands where people were drawing or where I knew they hated their hand I 3-bet and then showed stellar hands like 8 high nothing to try and get some action.

I also raised a lot of hands in late position especially on the button. Josie, the kid in the two's, and the lucksack were the ONLY part of the table that would EVER raise. I mean guys limped Queens and Aces at times. It was pretty sick. So I started raising to 15-20 when 3-4 people limped before me and none of the better players raised. I would sweep in some small pots and show my 53o or 84o.

I bluffed Josie off one hand. It was not a large hand. I knew she hated her cards but she also had me beat. So I put the river bet in and made her fold. I think she played it well.

I also played a nasty, fishy hand with her. I had a 9 on a TJQ type board.. maybe not even that good.. she put out two good sized bets of like 20-30 and I called like a fish. I rivered my straight and value towned her which was not very nice. It was actually a horrible play on my part and the type of thing that ends up making you a losing player.

The left side of the table kept spewing out people while our side was pretty stable all day long. An old guy name Angelino came and he was a loud mouth. A couple comments he made were pretty funny.

I had A4 and the flop came down A4x. He bets out and Josie calls and I call behind. The turn is an 8, he checks, Josie puts out a big bet and I KNOW I am now beat. I put her on EXACTLY A8. So I make the disciplined fold of my two pair. I fold it face up (causing an uproar because there were people left to act, ooops)... Angelino then starts YELLING at me. HOW YOU FOLD THAT!!! YOU SUCK! YOU NEVA WIN NOTHING! WHAT YOU MARRIED TO JOSEPHINA!!!! I showed him my hand was ring-less. He goes on and on and on. Oh my god. He would not shut up.

I started letting him get to me but then I just decided to cool down. He was exactly like I usually am though. Complaining about bad beats and peoples plays. Josie went all in with nothing but a flush draw on the turn and sucked out on him. I think she was feeling frustrated because she never plays that way. He goes off on her. OH MAY GOD! WHY YOU PLAY SO BAD! YOU SUCK! IMMA GET YOU!". It was so stupid.

In order to relieve my frustration I start in on my side of the table in a slightly quiet voice "Hey you kids! Getta off my grass!" "No let your dog shit on my lawn!". It was hilarious. My whole side of the table started making fun of him, just not too loud because we did not want to set him off. He got a little quiet when he got stacked but then he won a few post and starts ramping it up again.

Eventually he came by and gave Josie a massage when he learned she was Italian too. He said "Imma not get you anymore Josephina! You ok with me!". It was pretty funny. I hear he has good hands too.

As Josie mentioned she got to have pictures with James Freakin Woods. He blew off some dude who wanted a picture too but Josie charmed him.

After that everything I said was "James Fucking Woods would not fold that.." or "James Fucking Woods would.." because Josie was all like "That's James Freakin Woods and I have a Picture with Him!".

I was ready to leave when my stack hit $800 but Josie kept wanting to play. She actually suggested we leave after "this blind".. then she would play for another hour.. then she was like "I have to pee so bad".. then play another hour. It was kinda funny and I thought I would never leave. Eventually she got tired and felt like leaving.

I took her out for dinner to pay off our bet. Whoever wins the most pays for dinner. I had cashed out almost $900 and still had another hundred in my pocket. So I was cool with it.

Josie took a picture of my two racks full of redbirds but apparently I am never going to see that picture otherwise I would post the proof. Dinner was pretty good. We went to the Cedars Steak House. I was hoping she would not pull a Wolfie. I wanted to keep some profit. She was reasonable with a glass of wine, a $18 plate of Shrimp Cocktail and $10 Beefsteak Tomato Salad. Of course this was not dinner to her so I still apparently owe her one.

The ride home was pleasant. I would have rather won some more money and stayed the night but Josie helped keep me awake on the ride home. I dropped her off and finally got in around 3AM. Ug.

It was a long day and I was exhausted. I woke up really early the next day too. I was a winner though. I fought through some bad beats and bad mentality and came home with a pocket full of cash. I gave the kids each a twenty (Josie's suggestion, and a good one!) and still stuck $800 in my new savings account, and have enough cash for lunch all week. I am considering this my bankroll for the moment and intend to go back soon.

I woke up this morning. I was tired. So I decided to send my boss an email and go in a tiny bit late. I worked out the football pool and played a little Warcraft. I went to my bank and deposited money. I went to my old bank and got some printouts of the finances and changed the mailing address to my PO Box. I enjoyed the sunshine and getting things done.

I feel really good this morning. I think things are looking up. No more negativity. I am going to take the world and make it my bitch. Peace.

What What In The Football Butt

Interesting week, go check out the scores. Unfortunatly I screwed up one of Baynes picks and can not figure out if he put 10 on Buffalo or Broncos which makes a HUGGGE difference. If he picked Buffalo then JMan is the winner again. I will need to verify the picks in work later. Nobody can even touch this kid unless Bayne put 10 on the Broncos... Josie can not catch up to me but she can lose less if she does good tonight. I am the only one who took the bears tonight... I am still half asleep from this weekend. Taking it slow today. Peace.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Live Poker So Much Better

I was going to post a full writeup but I do not want to ruin Josie's big surprise. So I will wait till after she posts. Plus she needs to send me the picture she took. Just as a teaser lets just say I needed two racks in order to chip up yesterday. BOOOM!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Fucking Retard

The wife goes out the other night doesn't tell me she is going to so the kid is like "I got bball tonight" so I am like "ok cool fine I will take ya" then this morning the bitch is like "Why did you take him to bball?" "um cause he asked?" Did your fucking whore ass tell me not to? So stop bitching at me you fucking retard!!


If bayne or Seb want to get in then get your picks in. Seb can give Josie his picks. Here are my picks.. Do not peek!

Packers AT Chargers Packers 14
Browns AT Texans Texans 13
49ers AT Redskins 49ers 12
Falcons AT Colts Falcons 11
Buccaneers AT Saints Saints 10
Giants AT Patriots Patriots 9
Rams AT Cardinals Cardinals 8
Bengals AT Titans Titans 7
Bears AT Eagles Bears 6
Dolphins AT Chiefs Chiefs 5
Jets AT Bills Jets 4
Ravens AT Steelers Steelers 3
Broncos AT Raiders Raiders 2
Cowboys AT Seahawks Cowboys 1

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Lately I have been having dreams. It is odd since it has been YEARS since I could remember a dream. Last nights dream was very funny. It starred VeryJosie, sort of.

I dreamed that I was at Foxwoods. Playing 1/2NLHE at the tables. It is nice and warm and cozy. I am doing well and having a GREAT time. Suddenly I remember something. I was supposed to pickup Josie and bring her with me. Ooops. Oh well.

I could even picture Josie standing out by a light post in the freezing cold, wearing her little Umpa Lumpa ear muffs, and yelling "WAFFFFLESSSSS!". Bwahahaahaha!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Final Score Is In

JMan the 13yr old has won the entire league this week. The scores were very close and if Rivers was not such a tool it could have all been different. At least Smokey is probably ripping his hair out.

The final scores were:

JMan - 67
Bayne - 66
Seb - 66
Waffles - 65
Josie - 59
SGirl - 53
Mom - 45

The totally unfair standings are as follows.

Waffles 208
Jman 185
Josie 196
Sarah 187
Bayne 184
Seb 184
Mom 163

Why are they unfair? Only Josie and I have played every week. So when JMan wanted to join I gave him the same points as Josie. Later when Sarah wanted to join I did the same.. and now that Bayne, Seb and Mom are in I gave them the lowest points. So they basically started with a 30 point deficit at least. However since this is just for fun and the only really "pool" part of this is me spanking umpa lumpa ass every week it should be fine.

We should rename this pool: Adults Suck. Last week SGirl put in a masterful win. This week it is JMan as the champion. He was very excited. So a 9yr old and a 13yr old have won the past two weeks. The highly analytic, number crunching, ways of the adults are losing to such great statements as "Man that Vikings dude was cool last week I am picking him". Doh! Peace!!