Friday, December 30, 2011

You Know I Used To Like You?

I used to be the biggest fan of Comcast. I thought the service was much better than Verizon and I would have never left them. Hell I even have my Email address with them which is a really stupid idea. You always should own a cheap domain name and use that so you can have the freedom to switch anytime you want.

The other day we had a major issue on our street. I am coming home and a HUGE pine tree fell down across the road and took out the power lines. The tree was at the house next door to me and the top of the tree was right in my driveway. I get into my driveway and then notice the tree has caught fire.

I hurry into the house. My son thinks it is cool that a tree fell and my daughter is flipping out. I grab the phone and call the cops and get the fire department down here. They are outside fixing things when you hear a metallic twang and everyone covers their heads. Luckily nobody was hurt. The fire went out and then the entire blocks electricity followed. It was up the next day.

At this point I would go into the conversation I had with my whore wife which went something like "Hey, the lights are out, the kids are freaking out a little", to which she replied "Ok, I will be home in the morning after I am done fucking my boyfriend". However this is a rant about Comcast.

The next morning the Verizon line my wife has is out and so I call up. The sales lady hard sells me into switching everything over to Verizon but I am hesitant. I love my Comcast and I hear that the service is better. Not sure if this is true but hey I heard it! She puts me on to support and I tell them I have wires hanging down low and someone is going to hit them from the street and it is a dangerous situation. You know what they do? They send someone out the same day to take care of the issue.

It turns out the low hanging wires are Comcasts but some 600ft wire is broken on the pole so they need to send someone else to fix that. I then call Comcast. I get some Mexican guy. I tell him the same story and how dangerous it is. You know what he has the nerve to say? He tells me they will send someone out in TWO DAYS! Two fucking days? Are you fucking kidding me? Are you a fucking moron?

So I tell him he is a fucking cocksucker and if anyone gets hurt on my property that I am going to sue the fuck out of Comcast. I tell him he is a scumbag motherfucker and that I am going to drop his lousy service. He then tells me that if I think it is dangerous I should get my town to fix it. Hello? It's your fucking wires coming into my house from your goddamn street pole! What the fuck are you talking about?!?!? So I tell him to shut the fuck up and I am switching to Verizon because those stupid motherfuckers at Comcast have no desire to service their customers. So fuck you Comcast. You just lost a customer! Fucking turds. Peace.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Inherently Evil

Scumbag Water Buffalo.

Dr. Chacko wrote a post recently where he talked about a philosophy which he agreed with which said that basically people are good but systems corrupt them and make them evil.

I disagree with this. Every animal is inherently evil and out for itself. The difference between us and a scumbag water buffalo is we attempt to go against our self-preservation instinct and try and live within a society in a good way.

Inherently we are evil but we try and fight against it because we feel this is a good thing to do. Which way do you fall on the argument? Do you think people are inherently good or evil?

Hardcore Pawn

The show Hardcore Pawn is dangerous to let your children watch. It is a show on TruTV. It is a show about a pawn shop in Detroit's 8-mile.

My son was watching it the other day and my wife is "WHAT! You're watching Hardcore Porn?!?!". He then says "No, Hardcore PAWN, what is Hardcore Porn". My son is a highly intelligent child and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

My wife takes the approach of not telling him a word. So what does he do? He Google's "Hardcore Porn". OMG! Know what I spent last night doing? Cleaning Virus's off his notebook. @&*^&*@. See kid's it is possible to get diseases from online skanks. So be careful out there. Peace.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I am trying to change the way I am. It is kind of scary because I am sort of used to being me. I like myself to some degree. I kind of reached a nice point in early November or Late October. I was actually feeling some kinda thing ... I think it was happiness or maybe just peace.

The technique I am using to change is to stop the negativity and project good thoughts and expect good outcomes. Instead of going to places and expecting the worst I try and project positive thoughts. For instance when I went and played Poker with Josie I would catch myself bemoaning my bad luck.. and just tell myself that I am not unlucky, this is how the game works, and I am an awesome poker player.

It is hard to keep positive though. I will be walking down the street thinking about how I should be nicer to people and some guy will ride his bike like 10 feet away from me and all of the sudden my brain will go "YOU FUCKING IDIOT RIDING ON THE SIDEWALK YOU BETTER NOT COME CLOSER TO ME OR I WILL FUCKING BUST YOUR SKULL INTO THE PAVEMENT YOU FUCKING MONKEY!". Of course I will then say "Doh, I am supposed to be nice right?".

So it is a constant struggle. Right now I am on the downside but feel a bit motivated and am trying to get out of the normal holiday funk. Peace.

She Shoots.. She Loses...

Joe C took a good shot but she goes down in flames. Waffles is the winner for the week with Seb close behind. Interestingly enough Mom was just one point behind Josie so she was spared the embaressment of losing to Moms... however JMan was one point ahead so pay the boy!! BOOOOM!

Waffles - 110
Seb - 106
JMan - 100
Bayne - 99
Josie - 99
Mom - 98
SGirl - 78

The standings remain close going into the final week. JMan and Seb have done brilliantly and are in shooting distance. Josie was catching up to me with several weeks of wins but the tide has changed this week. She still has a chance though.

Waffles - 936
Jman - 927
Seb - 915
Josie - 910
Bayne - 896
Sarah - 711
Mom - 721

Seeing as Bayne and Seb were given penalties to begin the season they are doing exceptionally well. Seb is keeping track of the scores starting with the week he started. So he is even closer to me in that system. All that matters though is me beating Josie. That has been what this has been about for the entire season so bring it on girl!! Oh and send JMan that thousand bucks you owe him! HHAHAHA! Actually he needs to pay his side of the bet first so do not send it yet. Peace!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Go Cowboys!

Thanks to Josie relying on the Cowboys for 12 I have a comfortable lead this week. Jman is tied with Josie but he has a few good picks left.. Seb the Englishman has the lead though... by one fricken point. I can live with that. I have more points open.. so if both of his picks win then I will beat him. Josie will lose by 1 point to JMan if this happens. I do not believe there is any possability for Josie to do anything good in the next two days. XD. Peace.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


The wife recently switched positions in her company. She was doing all this tech support and systems type stuff. I had thought she would be doing more of the same. It turns out she got a position doing insurance underwriting. I have no idea how this happened. The people she interviewed with liked her and are training her to do it. Hopefully she will be less unhappy with the better commute and more challenging job. Peace.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sayyy Whaaaa Bitch?

My wife constantly surprises me with her ignorance and snobbery. We were having an argument last night because I had the audacity to listen to my child as he told me how he planned to do his homework. I had no idea that other plans had been made by the babysitter. So I stepped in and made compromises and told him to do his math and he could wait to do some drawings he needed to make for school. I tend to try and listen to the kid and have him make his own decisions so he can learn. She likes to boss him around.

The babysitter never mentioned a word that she had planned things out. She just got mad and sulky. Never said a word to me. She then told my wife she would not watch the kids while she was away on training. The wife spazzed out and threw out her normal threats and told me that I had to handle homework from now on. Fine with me. I do a better job on everything I put my mind to than she does.

Last night she starts yelling at me for interfering and she says "Do you want your son to turn out like you, uneducated, dropout failure in the world?". Sayyyy Whaaaaa Bitch?

Let's review the facts here. I did drop out of high school. It had nothing to do with academics. I would go to school half the year and get straight A's and skip the other half of the year. I obviously had no problems with the material. My whole issue was with the other kids. I did not fit in. I moved in from out of town. It was really tough.

Now you might say "Well shit ya, your a stupid moron". However I have a drive and thirst for knowledge. I spent years honing my skills, reading books, learning things that interested me. Sure I am self-educated. I did not go to some person grinding out their pension and have them teach me. I taught myself. I had the mental fortitude to study and learn without someone else prodding me on.

My chosen tract of study was Computer-Sci. If I was to go to a university or college right now I bet I would have the equivalent of at the very least a BS in Computer Science if not a Masters. So how you can sit there and say I am uneducated is beyond me.

The other problem I have with this whole conversation is that I think the kid would be better off following my career footsteps than his mothers. She went to an Ivy League school and got a degree in History and English. Now I am not going to put down anyone who spends the time to get a degree. It is a worthwhile pursuit. If you want to put your Ivy League education up against my high school dropout status then lets do it.

If you take any metric available my career is a thousand percent better than yours. You complain every day how your job sucks. Your bosses give you shit work doing QA instead of good BA work that you desire. You whine about it all the time. The place you work at will not let you work in Weston even though your job consists of a bunch of phone support. A blonde 23yr old came on board as you peer and was promoted over you. How successful is your career?

I wander in around 8,9, 10ish sometimes. I screw around on the internet a little. I take days off whenever and make up the time. I have been working at my position for the past 5 years. My bosses find me invaluable. Even with all my eccentric behavior. So much so that they are concerned with changes to the team making me upset and they run them by me beforehand. I have worked for 24 years straight. Through recessions and massive job layoff all without ever being out of work for more than a week. I just got a huge raise where you got a pay grade removed. I make 2-3x more than you and your Ivy League fucking education.

So bitch pleeeeaaaseee. Do not even go down that road. If you think your Ivy League shit don't stink you got another thing coming. Who would I want him to take after? Not you for sure. Peace.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Welcome Tony!

I have been reading Tony's blog lately and I can sympathize with the guy. I think we have a lot in common. Not sure what he is going to do but I hope he gets things straightened out.

In talking to him in a few comments I kinda of got to feeling that my blog has gone downhill a bit. I used to write a lot more quality posts and I guess I have been a little bored or something because my writing lately has kind of sucked. Perhaps nothing much is going on. I am not sure. So in honor of my (hopefully) new reader Tony I am going to post some links to some of the better posts on my blog. These are the ones that really kind of tell you who I am.

Days of My Life. I have done this kind of post a few times but it really says who I am and how I grew up. It talks about insecurity with women and not getting too many to go out with me. It also talks about some of the good things.

The whole of November 2004 is really good reading. You can see the super up's and down's. You can tell every single post that I am one bad night away from throwing it all away. Unlike Tony I do not live on my poker winnings but it shows the whole chasing mentality. The worst thing a poker player can do is focus on the money. If I had a losing night you would see my down post about how much bad luck I have and inevitably it would eventually get to me and I would throw a big bet on a higher stakes table or something like that. Most of the time I would get lucky and win and everything would be fine for a little while. All of this focus on winning every day is entirely destructive behavior for a good poker player.

Oops, I did it Again. This is my first REALLY big bustout. I had busted down 1k and had some money to work with left. This time I took the entire 3k I had spent like 6-8 months working for and lost it all in one 30 hour binge session. I remember just the utter feelings of despair the next morning when I woke up and realized what I did. I was hoping it was just a bad dream. If you read it though it is the same pattern I always did, lose a little, try and win it back, go higher stakes, keep losing. I know for Tony it is more with the machine and stuff like that but it's the same chasing the loses thing. I can totally relate to the guy.

Anyway, I hope people enjoy some of the old reads. I am going to try and do more quality posts in the future. I just need to refocus a bit and get a little motivated. Peace.


I feel old today. I go from a pain in my tooth for a few weeks straight into a gout flair up. Ug. I could use a day without pain. Perhaps a blowjob too but that's probably asking too much. Peace.

New Champion

We have a new champion in the pool. JMan is kicking ass. With three first place finishes in the past three weeks he has vaulted past me and taken the lead. I am second for the first time all year.

Jman 827
Waffles 826
Josie 811
Seb 809
Bayne 797
Sarah 633
Mom 623

There are still two weeks left. Josie got lucky to not lose any points. She however did not gain any. So she is still chasing me like a little pup. It should be interesting this week. I was fortunate that the Dolphins came through for me. The "sure bets" were all off this week. I need to have a good week to retake the lead and make sure Josie has no shot. Peace.

Monday, December 19, 2011

This is Getting OOOLDDD

Know who is in the lead right now? JMAN. Hey but SGirl with her crazy ass picks is in second.. what the hell? Do any of us adults know how to pick a game? I mean seriously we are being crushed by 8yr olds and 13yr olds.

We do have a chance IF the Steelers win. It is damn close. Here are the current standings:

JMan 77
SGirl 76
Waffles 75
Seb 74
Josie 71
Bayne 68
Mom 48

See how TIIIIGHT it is? Wow. Here are the remaining points:

JMan 49ers 14 (See he is killing us WITHOUT his 14th pick in!)
SGirl 49ers 8
Waffles Steelers 1
Seb Steelers 5
Josie SF 4
Bayne Steelers 9
Mom Steelers 12

So. In order to even have a shot at beating the kiddies the Steelers HAVE to win. If that happens then Josie loses to me this week. Loses a few points in the standings. However Seb will vault into the lead by two points. Bayne will tie Jman. It will be interesting.

If the 49ers win then BOTH kids kick the fuck out of us, and Josie ties with me.. she still will be wayyy back in the overall standings. Sick game tonight. JMan will also become the number one overall points leader in the ENTIRE contest. He is already challenging all the scrubs to a Fantasy Football league next year! This kid is LAUGHING at you all! BWAHAHAHA. I love my kid.

As a side note I believe I told Josie that GB should be taken LAST WEEK because you never know when they are just going to shutdown and scrub out a game because "oooh we are 15-0 and we can not be defeated". Well.. I think she ignored my advice, skipped them last week, and took them this week... and ... they lost. I am not positive this is the case and maybe Josie can confirm but I think by ignoring me twice she was knocked out of Lucki Ducks pool twice. Two few baby! Listen to the Waffles. BOOOM! PEACE!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Full Tilt Deal Done

Looks like everything has been finalized and just needs some assets transferred then you can get your cash back. Good news indeed.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The picks are up here. Waiting on Josie and the Family. Everyone else is set through Saturday. Yes Josie, there is a game on Saturday, your welcome for telling you. :).

I feel like shit. I am such a moron for never taking care of myself. Pain is my mistress. Perhaps why I like Josie so much. hmm. Anyhow hope everyone else is well. Peace.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Final Scores Are Up

Seahawks win! Ok. It did not matter much for me. Bayne and Seb were able to lose slightly less humiliatingly to a 13yr old though gaining 4-5 points on the kid with the victory. He had Seattle but for a lower score.

We are winding down with only 3-weeks left. The standings are as follows:

Waffles 751
Jman 736
Josie 736
Seb 735
Sarah 549
Bayne 729
Mom 575

I am really impressed by Jman continuing to crush the first place scores. He had one bad week which is why I am still the leader. If not he would be crushing Josie and I sooo bad. As it is he is tied with Josie!

I am also pretty impressed that the Sebman is doing so well. I mean it is Football and he is English. If he started a soccer pool I am pretty sure I would not be doing as well. He has a real shot to take the whole thing down. I am a lot more scared of Seb and JMan than Josie at this point.

I have enjoyed being the leader the whole duration of the contest. It has been fun. I have put in solid picks to keep the lead. At the beginning I was picking really well and Josie not so much. She had a couple good weeks and the past two weeks we have been close to dead even. I think it is time for me to crush it again!

I think Josie is getting scared. She is all like "oh yeah, I did the wrong picks, if I did the right ones blah blah blah"... excuses excuses baby. You better get it into gear!!!! Only three weeks left. Peace.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Football, Best Sport Ever

Seriously I enjoyed watching the games a ton this weekend. First I watched the Patriots game. Kind of exciting but could not really get into it because IT IS MY TEAM. I would much prefer a blowout with my team.

The next game I watch is Denver though. As Tebow starts kicking it in at the end.. my son and I are like TEBOW TIME!! TEBOW! TIME!!. He then brings it down. OT. You know he is going to win! The stadium erupts. Holy shit. This guy totally has someone looking out for him.

It was just an amazing set of flubs that made the whole thing happen. Barber first looks towards the line and while trying to make that first down gets pushed out of bounds. Not entirely his fault but he should have just gone down. He then turns it over. TEBOW TIME! TEBOW TIME!. Aewsome! The look on Elways face was priceless too, I could see him saying "How the hell am I going to get rid of this kid now?". Wow. What a game.

Best game of the day and yet the night game was fantastic too. Dallas and the Giants kept trading off plays and then it comes down to the end. The Dallas kicker gets ICED AGAIN! OMG! What are the odds on that? It was freaking awesome. Dallas just has to chip it in to win and ICEEEE ICEEEE BABY!

What a great set of games. Down to the wire. My team won all three times. Just amazing. Even though I was nursing a seriously bad toothache all weekend I had the best time. I woke up this morning and the ache was gone too! YES! Peace.

Who Invited this Kid?

JMan won again... WTF?!??! Did I add things wrong? What the hell is this kid doing? Picks were in by Sunday before start of the game so Josie can not even accuse me of cheating!!! She is going to be paying for his college education! Thanks Auntie Josie! heh.

The bad side... JOSIE BEAT ME BY ONE AGAIN! OMG! One fricken point. Goddamit. I thought I had her this week.... Seb is coming up fast. He needs Seattle to win. I have not seen Bayne's pics. He may be too busy fucking Anime chicks! BOOOM! If I find he posted picks I will get those up. Peace.

*** OOOPS Found Bayne's picks on his blog. He did good. He has 12 points riding on tonight. Nobody can beat the kid though. Jesus I am going to take this kid to Vegas and do a parlay!!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Which of these cards do you think I should get for Josie?

JMan King of The World

JMan wins again. Somehow. Unbelievable. The kid is a monster. If he did not have one bad week he probably owns this whole thing. Hell maybe he owns it anyways. I lost to Josie AGAIN!!! Thank goodness it was only by one point.

JMAN 110
Bayne 107
Seb 95
Josie 93
Waffles 92
Mom 87
SGirl 75

Sorry for the late updates but somehow I slept all day yesterday. Standings stayed pretty much the same.. with moi hanging in at the top, JMan moving up a little, and frustrated little Josie trying to catch me. Peace.