Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Events for the Week

I have found an interesting balance in my obsessions lately.. I have been playing less poker and more WoW.. about 50/50 of each.. and I think it has improved my poker game incredibly. I think after the BPT I was a little burned out on the events so now I play the Hoyazo every other week or so.. play Mookie pretty regularly.. take my shots on the weekend and just see how it goes. I think it gives me more focus on the game and removes a lot of the boredom of grinding.. of course grinding leather Thunder Stalker hides is getting a little annoying..

I also read some of the comments about the Freeroll.. my only thoughts.. I would be mad if I gave someone as talented as me a second chance too. You motherfuckers are doomed. I mean I would be crying so hard that I had to beat Waffles it would not beat funny. I state my personal guarantee I do better this time.

As far as the whining about having the chip lead.. you had fucking first place with five people out in a deep stack event.. that is like a hot chick saying "hi" to you and you thinking you already have her panties down around her ankles and are pounding it in hard and fast.. ohhh yeah... what was I saying.. oh yeah.. first at that point means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.. so shut the fuck up.

Anyway.. I am glad to see I am pleasant as usual. See you at the Mook tomorrow night... and at the final table of the freeroll on Thursday. Peace.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sometimes I run Hot

My instincts are god like at times.. I knew that playing more than one hand of the Blogger Freeroll was stupid. So I bust out quick like on the first hand and wait for me re-do.. and today I got the notice. I am officially back in this thing with an additional $650 tacked on for good measure. I am still chuckling over this.

I think I need to start a WoW blog. When I first started playing my lady druid I just picked her because she had a cute ass. She also can do a little pole dance number you would not believe. Little did I know I would get into conversations like this:

Guy: Hey your cute, can I help you kill that monster?
Me: um.. sure..

(level whatever monster destroyed)

Guy: Hey, why don't you take the 10,000 gold pieces an the staff of almighty damnation.
Me: um... are you sure? You do not want anything?
Guy: It's fine hun. I killed that monster for you.
Me: um.. ok..
Guy: Your are a girl right? God I hope you are a girl..

I knew I should not have named my character Meesahsoooohooornay So while I feel kind of skeevey I sort of like the bling... I think I am finally getting a taste of how the world is for the hot chicks! God I need counseling.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rockin' the Bloggahs

Well it has been a good week vs Bloggers with a first, fifth and second cash. Not so shabby. I keep seeing the same ole' faces too.. Cayne and I mixed it up again and this time I could not suckout on him. He started with a slight lead and we got it all in on a semi-cooler of a hand when I flopped TP king kicker vs his TPTK. Ah well. All night I had been owning him.. he folded when I bluffed and called when I value bet.. but he buckled down for the final table and took me down. Congrats man.

Katitudes donkeyment continues to be a great game. It really becomes a POKER GAME when you have those 10K stacks with 100 blinds.. you can really play hands and asses flops. It is a ton of fun. Thanks Babes!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Poker Bloggers are Fatty Bloggers too

My new fatty blogger friends are actually poker bloggers too! I was pretty surprised that Tim (if that is your real name, I know we fatty bloggers sometimes use aliases) knew me from my poker blog!! HA! Anyway thanks for the welcome Tim! Even though I am a bit tongue and cheek with the weight loss blog I am really hoping it motivates me to exercise and get into shape.. If I am as successful as in poker.. well here I come 400 pounds!!!! WOOT!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Buddy Donkey

How the fuck do you call an all in for all your chips with K4 s000ted? I mean I know Full Tilt rewarded your idiot calls by rivering you a fucking straight but that has got to be the worst call I have seen since 12yr old boy. Tard.

Hoy you fucking donkey, how the hell can I play your type of end game when people are willing to call with k4 s00ted? I mean what the fuck. I can not think of a worse play... even if I try to imagine it.. nope.. nothing.. K4 s00ted.. Man not even a n000b would make that call for all his chips.. bah!

Holy Fucking Bad Beat Batman

I just found out.. *gulp* I am OBESE!

Your BMI is 31.3
30.0 and Above --> Obese

A BMI of 30 or above is considered obese. Obesity is associated with an increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other life-threatening diseases.

I'm fucking one of those fat guys you see on hospital shows who they have to get 19 people to carry out and who have to be naked all the time because no clothes fit them.
I'm like Jaba the Hutt! I lost at poker last night and I did what obese people do! I hit the ice cream!!!!

So maybe I should start a new blog: I am fucking Obese! It could chronicle my losing battle against fattiness. I figured I would look and see how to get fit.. but it is too confusing.. See I went to this page and looked up some exercises.

The Stair Shuttle I get. I mean it is kind of stupid running up and down one step but seems easy.. But what the fuck does this mean?

Crab-Walk Pushup

Assume the classic pushup position. Perform a pushup, then squeeze your abs forcefully and slide your left leg and left arm out to the side as far as possible. Do another pushup, then bring your right arm and leg over so you're back in the starting position. That's one repetition. Do two or three reps in each direction.

Where the fuck is my Abs? How the hell do I squeeze it? What kind of fucking monkey gymnast do I have to be to pull that move off? I mean if I was a fucking coordinated type of person then do you think I would be OBESE! Jesus!!!!

I could probable handle the agility run if I had a ruler to measure 5 yards.. I am really bad at spatial things.. wait.. even better.. a YARD STICK.. yeah, I gotta get me one of those..

Interrupted Pullups.. Hello fuckers! Have you heard a word I said???!?!?! I AM FUCKING OBESE AND YOU WANT ME TO PULL MYSELF UP! JESUS! You think I would be OBESE if I could fucking pull myself up???!?!? And where the fuck am I going to find a pole? I mean I do not exactly live next to a strip club. What are you people retarded? I mean who fucking writes these things 80 pound gymnasts? No wonder they can do contorted pushups and pull their fucking scrawny bodies up on a pole..

Exercise fucking tilts me.

Where is the damn redo button?

I got knocked out early from the BPT freeroll.. in fact first. I looked down at my first hand and saw QQ.. and said to myself "FTP Setup Hand".. and it was since combined with some bad play I ended up gifting my stack to AlCantHang who had the all mighty AK.

In hindsite it was just a horrible play on my part.. Any possible hand I could put Al on except the hammer would beat me. If he has Ax I am beat.. AA, doomed, KK.. dead.. QQ ties!!! JJ.. Beat.. So with his re-raise there was really nothing he could have had that I beat. Oh well.

My luck was so bad last night in general that I had no chance to win anyways.. I just could not catch a break and lost every event I entered.. I do hear though that I may have just possibly lucked out.. in that the tourney was canceled.. and I could possibly if extremely lucky get a redo!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Tonight I will be at the Riverchasers. It is fast becoming one of my favorite games because if you play tight.. do not bluff.. and bet your hands big.. you will get paid off and have a great chance at the final table.. It is the Short Bus of all Blogger tourneys. I am lovin' it since I stopped trying to ever bluff even a little.

HAHA! Oh yeah, the deluded but lovable slave master of Texas says I have to tell you HE was the reason I won the Hoy Monday night.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sick to death of playing "Good"

What has playing good ever gotten anyone? Its fucking overrated. It is much better to make mistakes and bad calls (pre-flop and flop) that pay you off in the end. I give up on playing correctly. It is wrong. I am going to play however the fuck I feel at the moment from now on..

Worked good at cash tonight as I stacked a few people.. and a couple you do not know. On the last hand of the night I play J8o to a raise.. call a small c-bet, a small turn bet, and river a gutshot, and then bet bigger and get paid off.. a whole buyin for me.. See playing stupid pays off.. as long as what you can potentially make from a bad call by your opponent out weighs what you have to give up..

The best stack was a revenge stacking on LJ.. I think she is a sweet kid.. she raises 56 s000ted on me.. then bets her flush DRAW on a paired board.. when I have raised her on the flop (probably not enough of a raise).. I am not sure if I like this move or not.. but it paid off as she doubled through me..

So for revenge.. She calls a raise out of position with Kx s000ted.. and flops the flush.. I flop 2 pair and lead out small because with four people i KNOW someone hit the flush... especially since I flopped two pair.. Anyway.. the turn was the nut boat.. I bet a few bucks and she chooses this time to raise me.. I think for a minute and cold call knowing I will get the rest of her stack.. and I do.. To be fair I go broke there too.. but it was fun to get a little revenge and stack her.. This is the reason in NLHE that I do not like drawing to flushes on paired boards.. but anyhooo....

I left the table to the few guys left after ending the session up four buyins. Woot! Of course I was still down for the day. Still feels good.

I am so evil when I play poker. BWAHAHAHAHAH! I should work on that.. or not..

Monday, July 23, 2007

Pain Ju Ju is Good

So the pain from my root canal transferred to luck Ju Ju on Full Tilt yesterday and MANNNNN did I get lucky. Do not get me wrong I think I played pretty strong. Especially after a major beat on the final table.. Ok.. I really was only 5% favorite.. but Hoops calls my all in jam with 2nd pair vs my 16 or more out twice over. I was floored. I was ANNNGRYYY. I channeled it and fought back and took the whole damn Hoy down!!!!!

I can not remember a lot of the hands.. and since I had not turned on hand histories for FT on my new machine I think they are gone.. however here are a few..

Katitude raised from EP, I cold call with 44 thinking she might have AK/AQ.. and my cash game is going on covering the rest of the table so I do not notice Bayne is in the hand. So the betting comes back around to me on a 678 flop.. and I bet exactly what Kat has... I want her to fold any weak hands she might have right here.. then I notice Bayne call.. oops.. Kat folds with a growl. If she is mad that I bet exactly her stack it was not on purpose.. I did not notice Bayne or I would have potted or checked it.. So Bayne cold calls.. and I believe i lead out on the turn.. and then the river is a 4.. I maybe checked and Bayne checked behind.. anyhooo.. I figure my set is probably good so I go ahead and value bet it and Bayne turns over two pair.. If he raised at any point I would have folded but I won anyways.. this is an example of how lucky I was getting..

So I am cruising along and getting some good cards.. I had a big all in with JJ vs AQ.. You know AQ is the nuts right? The flop comes down Axx.. and I just KNOW the jack is coming.. and I river it..

I also got all my chips in vs 3 players.. with 77... HAHA! I was short stacked at the time and decided to gamble.. So one player folds, one turns over KK and Columbo turns over AA.. and you KNOW the 7 falls on the flop! BOOOOM! That got me up to 4K in chips.. I swear I laughed for an hour!!!

Somewhere along the way I got the lead and never looked back until we were down to four players. My arch nemesis Hoops took that hand I told you about.. and IG had a little suckout on me.. but I kept changing the game up.. going passive then aggressive pre-flop.. and took down a ton of pots on bluffs.. I worked my 4th place 10K stack after the suckout back up to 80K vs 20K HU and then it ended like it had to..

I get all his chips in (20K worth) with T9 vs 89 on a 865 board.. on the turn.. with one card to come....... and hit my seven for a straight. BOOM! I was the champion for a night. Feels really good.

Still Running Good

On the bubble of a 18 peep SNG..


So my tooth has been hurting me for a few days.. went to the dentist. Got 6 shots of Novicane, a root canal, and some pain meds.. I never knew the dentist is Santa Claus! Whheee... I still can not drink with my fat lip syndrome. I sure feel good though..

Sunday, July 22, 2007

All In Pre-Flop Baby

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I so hate cock rags

fucking cunt bags i swear.. why the fuck do your 93o's go runner-runner to beat my flopped 2 pair? Is god reading my blog? Does he enjoy fucking with me so his morning read will be good? Fucking cock rags!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Poker Fuckers

I played poker last night.. AQ was my major nemesis as people were calling off huge pre-flop bets and 4-betting LHE with fucking AQ... and catching all kinds of shit. My favorite hand was when K6 s00000ted called 4 bets cold pre-flop and flops a flush draw, caps it again, and hits a king on the turn the beat my QQ. Fucker. I remember why I hate poker again.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Newest Advertiser

Please welcome the folks from ReviewPokerRooms.com. They are the latest supporters of Waffles, Inc.. with subsidiaries in Hot Wow Chick, LTD. I have checked out the sight a little bit but want to look around some more before I give it a review. So stay tuned for that post or just check it out for yourselves.

Back to the tables!

Being Hot is Hard

I read Carmens post a while ago about how hard it is to be a hot chick.. How you keep getting hit on and guys take you out to free dinners and stuff and I really could not relate. While I would not consider myself hideous I really have nothing in common with hot chicks. Until now.

So you remember I last left you with my WoW Hunter being maxed out for the free account.. so I decided to try another cool character:Female Dark Elf Druid. I figured I would have some fun with it so I named her something like Messasohornay. So here I am minding my own business walking around the forest killing off some spiders and this guy comes up and WHISTLES at me!!! I mean how rude? I know I have a nice ass but come on.

So he comes over and shows me his giant flaming sword.. I would be lying if I said I was not a little bit impressed.. but I am not about to go running off with the first big sword I see. All this is a bit new and uncomfortable for me. So this guy follows me around.. offering me gold.. and showing off.. killing like 5 piggy warriors with one swing of his sword.. But he will not leave me alone.. So finally since he is not getting the message I had to teleport out of there back to my home base. I swear some guys never get the hint. I am so with you Carmen. Men are Orcs.

I have always maintained my addiction has been to computers and not poker and my hiatus from poker to play WoW for a while seems to confirm this. I am going to play some tonight though I think. I actually want to do some grinding of LHE and SNGs for a little while and see where that goes..

I also have a new Advertiser coming on board. I will have more about that tonight.

Monday, July 16, 2007

WoW Tilt

So what causes WoW tilt? Is it like your aces getting cracked by 22 after a bet, a raise, a re-reraise, and a jam all in pre-flop? Is it like that runner runner flush by a 12yr old to get fucked out of a good Riverfuckers finish? Nope. Not even the lvl19 raptors eating my flesh when my dog brings them straight to me by accident can tilt me.. no the thing that is pissing me off is I have advanced to level 20.. and my skill points are all up at 100/100.. and the trial version only allows you to go that far!! What the fuck? How am I supposed to know if I want to buy this jackass game and go on an Epic quest with Poker Enthusiast, Duggles, JJ, and ScottMc???!?!?? Jesus.

I should try to get Al to play.. the catch phrase for the [T] rating will sell him.. Blood, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence

Should be some real poker content coming soon.. well.. as real as it gets for me at least..

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I removed some advertising this weekend.

Bonus Key never got back to me to renew. So their ad is gone.

The funniest removal is from Text Link Ad's. I will not link to them and give them the benefit of any linkage. After running ad's for them for a month they send me a letter saying I did not sit the ad correctly and they are not paying me. It is not much money so they can fuck off. It is not worth the aggravation. I could go into details but basically the only way I could get blogger to show the ad is through Javascript and it has been shown for the past month however that is not good enough for these tards.

I will say Launch Poker has been extremely good. They email me before the ad runs out and deposit the payments in a very timely manor. I hope that they are getting their monies worth because I respect the way they do business.

Full Tilt is another example of a great advertiser who sets up an easy billing process and is also a great place to play!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lvl12 with Wolffriend

I am now a Lvl12 Hunter with a Wolf Friend. My name on the server is TauMorianus. I am doing so much better now that I have a pet. Make the hunter class a ton easier.. nothing can hurt me much now..

Well except that lvl60 asshole undead druid who came to the n00b town of Bloodwhatever and killed all the key people and fragged me like 6 times. Fucker. I think someone finally nuked him.

Lvl 9 Tauren Hunter

So.. I played a little WoW last night.. and leveled up to 9th. I found I am dieing a LOT in the forests around Bloodsomethingorother town.. There are these huge fields with major amounts of cats, birds, and wolves, and some giant dinosaurs that I have not tried to fight yet.. I get locked in with one and 2 other come by and my Hunter can not fight hand-to-hand very well and BOOOM dead. Am I doing something wrong? Am I donkey at WoW too?

I am this | | close to leveling up to 10th which is where Hunters become more powerful. I will be able to get a pet and have him be my blocker while I peg people off with bullets. I also did not level up a few skillz I should have and will fix that..

On the good side I have a profitable skinning-leather making business going. Coinage is not going to be a problem with me.. I also do some first aid on the side.. Selling the made armor is worth some good gold.

I forget my server and character name right now but will post them later.. along with my pets name I hope.. I was going to be a Druid but I got into those ethical questions like if I was a druid in bear form and had sex with another bear would that be bestiality? I am just too much of a n00b to figure this one out..

I am also exhausted as I finished up at around 6AM.. I am still not sure if I like the game or not.. I may start a second character on Duggles server if I can do that..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fun Night

Played a little LHE with Duggles and Poker Enthusiast. Was a lot of fun actually. Might have been more fun if this tard did not keep runner-runner catching on me.. the funniest hand was when I flopped bottom pair with 37o and the better straight draw against his 26o and he runner-runner hit 2-6. That is the one frustrating thing about LHE.. while it is good to play against players that suck.. they will at times get infuriatingly lucky. I think I may try the LHE game for a little while for a change. The plan is to play the LHE game and grind for the week.. then take 10% of the profits and invest those in some MTT play on the weekends. We shall see how long that works for.

I also downloaded WoW ten day trial. This might be the end of life as I know it. The download finished last night and I am going to signup tonight. Duggles says I should join his server.. I forget the name.. drop it in the comments again man.. If anyone else wants a piece of me tell me what server you are on. I would have to join the Hoard to be on Duggles team which would be cool.. I have no idea if I am going to like this game at all. I am usually not into the first person D&D type games but we will see.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Mike "The Donk" Matsou

Who the fuck pushes on the first day with pocket three's? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU A DONKEY MOUTH! What I can not hear you! Your big yap is shut? Jesus what a fucking dumb move.

Fuck it I am in Ranting Mood

First off I have to say as nice as Tony G was to give Pauly a job.. His fucking laugh is retarded. I mean I was watching the Bad Boys of Poker and besides dressing like a clown.. he fucking laughs like a retarded little girl.. I cant describe the sniveling laugh he makes but it was THE FUNNIEST thing I have ever seen. Fucking tard from the streets. Jeeez.

Then I start reading the stupid Newhouse Neverwin saga part infinity.. Mark Newhouse: YOU ARE A FUCKING RETARD! You lend money to degenerate gamblers and then whine when they do not pay you back. How fucking stupid can you be? I mean cmon. Are you a fucking first grader.. you let all these people punk you.. are you fat or something? Do you need people to like you? You little fucking tard. Grow the fuck up. Get some man balls. Stop lending these retards your money and you will find out IF you have any friends at all!!! Moron! I expect you to send me 10K into my Poker account for this great advice. I probably saved you a million bucks. You retard. Get some better friends. Mmmmkay?

Stupid people make me the maddest of them all.

Singer is a Big Pussy

I find myself disagreeing with Michael "The Guy who Taught the Pro's Everything they Know" Craig once again.. Big surprise huh? Guy gets a call. Guy puts his phone on hold. Big fucking deal. Singer made a bad play on a draw hand and wants a fucking do-over card? What the fuck is this th special Olympics? Retarded first grader baseball where we want the kids to "All feel good" about the game? Look your the fucktard who put all his chips in on a draw against an amature.. and you got called by said numbskull and you lost. Stop fucking crying. You dumb bitch. Go tell your mommy maybe she cares. Jesus.

How come there was no outrage last year when that big bitch what was her name? Tiffany Williams? Did she not jump off the table and almost call someone? Was I imagining that? That is a much bigger offense in my opinion and nobody made a peep. Just cause Singer is a pro we should all get on our knees like Michael and suck his cock? Fuck off dude. Your done. Grow up and deal with it.

How the fuck did I not get an NC-17 rating too? What the hell do I have to do?

Weekend at the Movies

The Kiddo's and I had a nice weekend.. we went to see the new Pixar movie Ratatouille. I give the movie a two paws up. Very good. Funny. My little one fell asleep towards the end because she is little and it was late.

My degenerate in the making decided to play a game that is about as +EV as roulette. The apple obviously does not fall far from the tree. So he gets his hard earned dollar out of his wallet and gets his tokens for the CLAW. So here he is with his bright eyed youthful exuberance and I am rambling on trying to squash his childhood dreams..

"Son.. those things are a ripoff.. nobody wins. It is set to payout one time in twenty or thirty and you will not be able to wiiinnnnn... hello? Anybody home?"..

So in the middle of one of my rants the damn claw grabs onto the stuffed animal and pulls it out and deposits it into the winner tray. Out comes a brand new stuffed animal for the bargain basement price of 1.50. I am stunned into silence.

Now most of you will think this is "Lucky". However you forget that I have a little one who did not win a stuffed animal. Instantly this translates into a full fledged on the floor rant of the kind I can only dream of. The hysterics of a four year old are something to behold. So I end up with a son who will NEVER believe these machines are rigged and a daughter who THANK GOD fell asleep before we left the theater and had to pass the evil machine again.

It is so easy being a parent.

Random Thoughts..

Mama looked at me like I had stood up, climbed atop the table, and urinated into the bread basket. My face flushed scarlet and I took a long sip of my Shiraz as I looked around for a hole to fall into.
-- Change100

Ha! That Change kid is funny.. It is really interesting when you start reading people's personal posts on blogs.. Change100 reminds me of the first time I met my wife's mother.. When she found out I was Jewish I swear she checked her wallet or something.. Even though I was by far the more financially viable and stable person in our relationship her mother never quite got over the fact I was Jewish. I think the best I got was "He is nice for a jewish boy"..

It was kind of weird.. I mean with my name nobody would ever guess I was Jewish. While I do have a prominent nose it is nothing compared to some of my brethren. I guess that Irish-Canadian-French-Indian-Mongral mix that my dad brought to my bloodline threw everything off.. I never really had to deal with any kind of religious persecution.. I actually grew up in a very diverse neighborhood and I attribute that to my naive attitude that everyone is an asshole regardless of sex, color, weight, or any other factor they can not control. We are all human scum. I guess I just ignored their racist side and looked at the good parts. I would like to think I won them over in the end. Who knows. Perhaps I led to them dieing soon after we were married.. the shock of it all you know..

I also heard Paulie's Brother rolled with some strippers! Some being multiple! You go Derek!!! Nothing like live blogging a threesome.

I also read some Instant Tragedy and am touched by his situation.. Specters of a future I may share with him? Who knows.. Very brief, to the point, touching, and yes.. Tragic.. I hope he is a little cheered by the fact that he has these wonderful kids and they seem to love him. I think he probably is.

Since we are being all personal and stuff.. Check this out.. I love these funny Anger skits on the intertubes.

Peace out. Some poker later.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Cloud: Diceman Experiment

I find this to be pretty amusing..

The Diceman Experiment
With a starting bank of $1000, every day I will choose six options as to which poker game I will play in that day.
I will then roll a dice to see which option I will take.
Most options will be within my bankroll, however some will not.
(To replicate a diceroll, and to make this experiment as transparent as possible, I will publish my six options daily before the first greyhound race of the day in the UK, which I will use as my "diceroll", the winning trap being the number I will choose).

I will update this blog daily with my efforts, but will also keep a "live event" log on the raisetheriver.com forum.

I am trying to help him out by giving him some advice on what the "scary" fifth choice should be.. I am helpful that way. I think I may try something like this at some point. I would change it up a little. First off the suggestions for all five options would come from the blog. Picks #1 and #2 and #3, the safest picks, would be chosen by me.. Picks #4 and #5 would be chosen by people who only hate me a little and/or comments.. and pick #6 would be by vote in blog comments or by a hater of the week possibly chosen by the readers. I have not figured out all of the details. Pick #6 could constitute at the most 30% of the entire bankroll. All picks would have to be on the site the bankroll exists. There are some interesting possibilities in pick six such as a HU match with the hater.......

Of course none of this will be any fun unless there is something on the line so it will have to wait until I get the roll back up to something reasonable.

Random Stats

Blog is still going strong with unique visitor count of over three hundred a day. Every single day! Wow! Thanks for the continued support! This also does not include RSS Readers which I am sure make up a large majority of readers. Nice to know we can keep up decent numbers for a blog over the past three years.

Some interesting search terms..

"Jennifer Still" and "porn" and "Blonde"
"Tuff fish"
"poker grubby"
"Is Pokerstars Rigged"

and the always odd ones..

"1000 in pennies won by black"
"in lue"
"dell e530 desktop review"


The came from results besides Google and now a bunch of Yahoo! searches tend to be all of the usual poker blogs out there that I appreciate linking to me.

My Search Engine find number have gone up. Normally I get found mostly by Google but this week we added in some Yahoo! thanks to a SEO tip I found on the interwebs.

My favorite part of looking at my stats is the international flair baby! Those are the fun stats.

I have UK, Canada eh, Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, Greece, Singapore, Belgium, Thailand, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand.. and many more. If you have not had a chance to sign my map.. please go to the sidebar under readers and click the link that says "Click here" to see who reads.. It is always nice to add some new people..

In the US I have a ton of different states.. I am however missing a few.. like New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, Mississippi, and others..

A new feature will be starting up in the next day or so.. hopefully I can get enough good material to make it fun. Until then if your kids ask you to sleep in a fort made out of pillows on the side and hard floor underneath.. decline.. your back will thank you even if your kids hate you.. ouch. my neck.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I relinquish my crown

No way I am even close to the most tilty bankroll blowing retard in the universe... weird thread.. although this gives me some insight on the appeal of the blog..


Apparently.. and mind you this is a terrible -EV game.. there is a local Norwood (five minutes from my house) LEGAL poker game. The game is said to be for "Charity". It is a $120 buyin game and HALF the proceeds go to the charity. So I am guessing five places would pay and first *might* be 1K? Not sure. Even though it is a bad game per se I may try it out just to have a little more live game experience.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Every hand is 50/50..

So I played the big game.. and big deal.. It is another MTT.. I play one or two a night.. a few more on the weekends.. that is all it is. So first hand of the Big Game I look down and find AA and know I am going to get slaughtered. Full Tilt does not give you Aces on the first hand so you can win a big pot. It is always a mad suckout hand. I raise it up and get called by Smokkee..

The flop is fairly harmless I think something like J92. I check to Smokkee hoping he will put in a little bet and try and take the pot down. I forgot we were talking about Pussy Smokkee here.. so of course he checks behind. The turn is a ten.. and well, his 78o was good.. My only mistake was calling his min raise on the turn and his very small value bet on the river. I lost around 800 chips on the hand.

Smokee says he folds to my c-bet in that hand and I think that is a mistake. Sure he only has a gutshot but he is going to get paid somewhat if he hits.. Small amount to call off if you can maximize what you can get if you hit. Of course I believe Pusseee when he says he would have folded.

So I keep alive and start climbing up the ladder a bit still stuck at 2100ish chips. I look down and see AQd. I limp in so as not to go too crazy and Goat raises it up.. ScottyMc calls. The flop come Jxx 2 diamonds. The goat leads out for a pot sized 700 bet and ScottyMc calls. So we have something like 2K in the pot. I have 2100 behind. I could possibly have upwards of 15 outs or so twice over. I have two choices:Fold or Push. No way am I calling. So I decide to gamble it up a little and see what happens. The goat turns over KK and I do not hit an Ace or diamond and go out.

Pusseee the table captain immediately berates the play. I tell him to chill. It is one fucking tourney. Who cares. Plenty of better MTTs out there that pay far more. I decided to gamble on a coin flip to triple up. I have no problem with that. Of course Pussee folds his way to the bubble and then finds some way to blow it. I really have no idea how he fucked up but hey we made the same amount of money.. he just took longer to do it. So if being slow is you goal you accomplished it.

Might play the Hoyazo tonight. I do have to give him props. He came on in a rush for the finals of the BPT and earned himself a spot in the top ten. Good job man! Very impressive. Until later.