Saturday, July 31, 2010

Owned Some HOSE

Poker Sucks, Running Rules

Last night was sick. Could not win a race. If I did hit with my race card the 2 outer would hit the river. I got all in with AK vs 66 and 92o and... 9... 2... x...x ... 6. Really? 92o is a great hand to call a 3 way all in also. No he did not jam. He called.
After that hand I quit.

Exercise is going good. I can see the benefits. Like today I wanted to beat the kid for swearing. He takes off around the kitchen. Normally I could chase him for like 1 lap. I was able to keep up with him until he could not go anymore and I was barely breathing hard. His sister then steps in to stop me from chasing him and I throw her over my shoulder and do a few more laps around the kitchen. The kid is doomed.

I also added the 100 Pushup challenge to my routine. Well at least I have done the "Initial Fitness Test". I scored 9 pushups. So I am in the sorta loser column instead of the total loser column. I am going to do those Sun/Tue/Thu and Run Mon/Wed/Fri or Sat. Should be a nice addition to muscle up a bit. Week four is going to end tonight. I am running my final 3 min - 5 min two sets. Next week becomes very challenging. I need to run 4 - 5 minutes, then 5 min - 8 min two sets.. then the crazy ass twenty minute straight run. Scary.

I decided to make the twenty minute run around Charles River. It is a nice big river area with big straight running areas. I figure the eye candy will make it an easier run. Running around the track for twenty minutes is going to get boring. Not really sure what to do about it. No great running spots around here. I think the road is kinda dangerous. I guess we will work it out.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week 4 Day 2

Another finished run. Tonight was HARD. Legs were hurting a lot. Hit a good pace where it all felt good a few times. Got a little dizzy at a few points. Not sure what that is. I have never felt dizzy before. Got bit my mosquitoes. Still finished it up, cool down walked, then stretched out my muscles. Breathing feels pretty good on these runs and my heart seems to be beating slowly.. I never notice it pounding out of my chest.

So one more day in week four on Saturday or Sunday. I then move up to week 5 which is going to be a total bitch as it ends in a 20 minute straight run. FML.

Final Game

We put our final game in the books tonight and it was a loss. We started out strong scoring some runs then gave up 6 in the second to take a 1 point deficit. We gave up another 3 in the third. We were never able to come back although we did add a few runs in the sixth to get closer. We ended up losing by four runs. So we end our season 4-4-2. The fat kid I benched last game had a mysterious "Ankle Injury".. so he did not play. He asked if he could play the last inning but I said it was too late. I am not sure if that is the rule or not but the team was a lot less disruptive without him.

No real poker last night. I think I am going to do a set of 10 136-man RUSH 4.40's and see if I can score some scratch. If I focus on these and do not play as risky at the end I think I can do well.

My second Week Four run is tonight too. Same thing as the first week so it should be easy. At least I know it is achievable now. The five minute runs I was dreading. So basically I think I am safe until next week. It then gets BRUTAL. It starts out with 3 five minute runs with walks in between. It then moves to 2 eight minute runs. The final achievement in week five is a TWENTY MINUTE RUN! TWENTY FUCKING MINUTES! Four times what I am doing right now and twice what I will have ever tried!!!! OMG! After that they just tack on minutes until you are cruising for 30 minutes or your 5K. I think Week five is the Heartbreak Hill of this program. I would LOVE to conquer it! We shall see what happens.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


No not in poker. I am still break even. After a good start in the SNGs I have gone back to even. blah. I think they can get mind numbingly boring sometimes... I need to find better ways to amuse myself.

My final game as Coach Waffles is tonight. Last game I was seriously pissed at the kids. We had spitting water, spitting, teasing, throwing rocks where a kid got his tooth hit (no damage), shoving, and all kinds of stuff. I told my son and the fat kid to sit on the bench on opposite sides. Neither one listened and next thing I know the fat kid is shoving my kid into the fence. So I benched the fat kid and sent my kid to right field. He did not think I was being fair. Nothing is ever his fault.

It actually caused us to tie the game instead of winning it. I would do it again though. I am not putting up with fricken 12yr olds acting like babies. I will be obeyed or you will not play. Period. I am going to talk to the kids before the game tonight and say "I was not happy with last weeks behavior. I do not want to see any spitting, name calling, throwing water, throwing rocks, pushing, shoving. While we are at bat you can either sit down and talk with someone or get some water or cheer on the other team. Anything else is totally unacceptable.".

Our current record is 5-4-2. So tonight being the last game gives us the chance to either end up break even or to actually have a winning record. I hope we can pull it off and have that winning record. When everyone is clicking we do really well. We just need some consistency.

On the running front I did week four day one last night. It alternates two 3-minute runs with two-five minute runs and gives you half that time in between as walking recovery. I was kind of worried about going from 3 minutes being my longest run to five minutes. I did pretty well I think. Forced my mind to keep going. I had some side cramping, some leg pain, some chest pain.. breathing was pretty good surprisingly.. although it did seem like I was gulping down air. Not sure if that is good or not.

So two more of those runs this week then next week the first two runs bump it to 8-minutes... and then... *gulp* 20 MINUTES! What the fuck? I mean that is 4x my best run. I was pretty scared I would fail last night's run.. I am terrified of the third run of week five. After that it seems like you are just ramping up a few minutes each run until you get to 30 minutes or a 5K.

I actually feel exceptionally good this morning. I was a little nauseous feeling this morning. I drink water before my runs and big bottle of Gatorade after but I think my body is possibly a little dehydrated. I fucking hate water though. I can not stand it. I mostly drink coke. After my runs Blue Gatorade is good. Ah well. Peace.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

El Gay

LJ has a tourney tonight. Well two of them because she is all high class and special or something. Here are the details. I probably will miss them both because this is my running night. I am Mr. Olympia now see. You can play if you want to though.

Tuesday Spewday
Full Tilt Poker

Tournament #174055893
Tuesday, July 27
21:00 ET -
NLHE Deepstacks
password: spewday

Tournament #174065188
Tuesday, July 27
21:00 ET
NLHE Super Turbo KO
password: spewday

Monday, July 26, 2010


Hey I got a post in Truckin'. Dr. Pauly ended up publishing my experience with Chloe. You remember her right? There are a lot of other great stories on Truckin' too so if you are not reading it you should!

Where's the Hate?

I need to rant or my ranting muscles may get worn out. It is difficult though. I mean last night was pretty brutal at the SNG tables. I basically lost three and won one. The amazing hands I lost with. KK goes down in flames to 57. All in with AA pre-flop only to be called by TJ and lose. Finally some tard calls my AK all in with some shit hand like Q9o for ALL HIS CHIPS. Sick. Sick. Sick. Three games. Three bad beats. I shut it down. Sunday night was rough. Tonight should be better.

In the general rant column. I read FML sometimes. These people do not know what FML really means. Like one post "My boyfriend is going down on me and I look down and notice he is listening to music. FML.".. or something like that. I mean what the fuck? Your boyfriend is going down on you. Be really happy! So what if he needs some "In the Danger Zone" music to get his groove on. Fucking spoiled retard.

You know one thing I do not understand: How people eat. I mean fuck me but Groceries are expensive! I think I spend like 200 a week to feed my rug rats, the ball and chain, and the fat Au Pair. Why do we always get fat ones? I mean Jesus Christ can you not tell that the fat one is going to cost more in food? How do people who make an average salary actually afford to eat? I saw this old lady and I was wondering about that.. and then 6 packs of Ramen noodles come out of her cart!!! I must be doing this food shopping thing wrong.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

That Waffles!

Every once in a while I pull a Waffles move and do something massively stupid. I had the pleasure of doing that this weekend. Luckily there is no permanent damage.

Finished Week 3 of the C25K challenge. It was a mixed run. I was huffing hard but made it through. My legs started week but in the middle I felt like.. like.. um.. a real runner! It was pretty cool.

Next week is going to be BRUTAL. I think. The plan expands from 1.5 and 3 min alternating runs to 3 min and FIVE MINUTE runs!!! UG! WTF! Fuckers! I hate you so bad!

Finished my first Poker Academy Challenge and my second:

Challenge: Don't finish in the bottom 3 in 4 9-handed S&Gs that pay 3 spots.
Why: You can't win a sit & go when there are still nine, eight, or seven players remaining. In the early stages, your goal should just be to make it to the middle stages in half-decent shape, and that means playing tight and avoiding unnecessary risks. If you can reach the final six with roughly an average stack, you've already gone from a 1-in-3 chance of cashing to a 1-in-2 chance.

Challenge: Fold A-J, A-T, A-9, K-Q, or K-J in early position 2 times while 7 or more players remain in a 9-handed S&G.
Why: Aaron described A-J and A-T as hands that look attractive, but are actually very vulnerable, particularly from early position. It's hard to call a three-bet because you might be dominated, and ultimately, you're much more likely to lose a huge pot than to win one out of position with hands like these. Folding these hands demonstrates that you have the discipline to play tight in the early going.

Challenge: Go all-in with A-Q, A-J, or A-T while 5 or 6 players remain in a 9-handed S&G.
Why: Once you've reached the middle stages of the sit & go, the blinds are becoming substantial and it's time to take some risks. That means being willing to race against a pocket pair in hopes of doubling up or eliminating an opponent.

Challenge: Play 5 S&Gs; your buy-in for each can be no greater than 2 percent of your Full Tilt bankroll. (I had to drop back down to 2.20's for this)
Why: Aaron spoke about variance and mentioned that he's sometimes gone as many as 20 sit & gos in a row without cashing. If you play for too high a percentage of your bankroll and go on a cold streak, you'll be broke in a hurry. The discipline to play for appropriate amounts of money is essential to your long-term success.

I totally agree with this yet I am sticking with the 5.50's for now.

Challenge: The Pro Play - Finish in first place in 2 9-handed non-satellite, non-Matrix, non-Step S&Gs.
Why: f you're playing a sit & go properly in the early stages and middle stages, you're putting yourself in a position not only to cash, but to finish in first place and win 50% of the prize pool. Victory should always be the goal when you enter any tournament.

Also Why: Fuck ya I love da Money!!! WOOT!

Next up: Middle-Stage SNGs

I kind of like these challenges just to give me something interesting to track. Also I am liking some of the tips and why. The first two challenges I did instinctively without even trying. This one seems to do things that are against my nature so I will have to work on it.

Final Score

Last set of four. Profited over the twenty another three buyins. I guess that is good.

17. 5.Jam 88 and 9T calls.
18. 7.
19. 2.
20. 9. Oops. Bad read

Next up... the Full Tilt Academy challenge #1.

Play 1 9-handed S&G that is not a turbo.
Play 1 9-handed turbo S&G.
The Pro Play - Play 1 S&G that serves as a satellite to a larger tournament.

Not sure why these things help anything or why Full Tilt started this Academy thing but it at least gives some goal type things to do which is always good.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Two More and Four to Go.

I did a science experiment btw. I weighted myself. I then crapped. I weighed myself again. 1.5 pounder! WOOOT!

15. 3rd. Jammed 44 into AA 3 ways.
16. 5th. 150/300 level and 5 left. Even stacks. Ug. 250/500. 55 vs AQ.

I will finish tomorrow. Now I have some kids to coach and then I am going to have some fun!

Two More

Two more this morning but now I need to take a crap.

11. 3. Boom. Fought my way back! Fucking didnt jam the flop with 2nd pair and let 3rd pair catch up
Finally had to go with A2 vs A8. Ug.
12. 1. Overplayed Tens vs Queens. Got short. BAck in it AQ>44.

I am VERY happy that I took two 500 chip stacks that I totally screwed up and took first and third.

After the crap...

13. 8. Overbluffed a hand and folded the river then jammed JackAce into AK. Bad game. May be getting bored. Time for a break.
14. 8. Back to average stack. Some tard limp jammed KK. I called with AQ because it wasnt soooo much. LOL.Ug. AK s00ted. Flopped J66 2 of my suit. Bet the flop. Jam the turn. 77 calls. Um. Ya?

Friday, July 23, 2010

First Set

So two tabling I got in 9 games for the night. Here are my finishes and some notes I took on the games.

1.5th. Little short (900@25/50). Dude jammed 3x in a row. So I called his 4th jam with KJ. He happened to have KQ. Was a little too loose to get down to 900.
2.4th. Jammed 88 120 blinds/1300 chips. JJ called. Then fought back. Bad call with 2nd pair. Went from 2 of 4 to 4 of 4 (100/200). AK raise. 58 calls. I lose. Still in it. 150/300. 4 left. Ug.Ug. Jammed J4 into QJ on the SB vs BB vs Shortest. 1BB left 79crubs! Hit a 7 and a 9. All in again AT. And Bubble vs K9.
3.4th. (25/50). Q3 clubs. Limped. Lost 500 on AKT 2 clubs. CKKKAYYY! Jam 88's into Jacks AGAIN and tie. All in short. 2 callers. Have the Josie. Flop a straight vs a set and tripple up. 6 left. 88 vs 44. Lost. AJ All in. Doubled. 120/240 blinds. 4 left. 1200 chips. J8 vs A5. All in. And Bubble again.
4.8th. Raised 150 >10% of his stack. He cold calls. Crippled with AJ vs 45. A 3 flush flop. I didnt think he had the flush. ug. Flopped top pair and got guttered on the river. Ug.
5. 2nd. Basically got Aces and won.
6. 2nd.
7. 1st.
8. 2nd. A6 vs K4. He flopped 2 pair.
9. 5th. 33 flops a set. 99 jams all in on A3 board. I call. River 9. Crippled. Worked it back up. Then called off down to 75 chips with 22. QQ trippled me to 300. I then went out with 22 when AK rivered a gutter straight.

Second Set

Ok. Plan #2. 20 SNG's. Two Tabling.

Testing how I like two tables and if I can keep a decent profit margin.

P.S. This may not be a good idea on the weekend.

Final Tally

Finished my SNG challenge. The final four games I added a first place victory and three loses including another bubble. Ug. Actually the one that I won had a pretty sick suckout then I cruised to first crushing everyone left.

1st - 3x
2nd - 1x
3rd - 0x
6th - 1x
7th - 1x
4th - 3x
9th - 1x

So. I made a profit. Not a huge one. Perhaps 3 buyins. I seemed to play fairly solid. I cashed four times. The good news is the majority of the cashes were for first place.

What I really should do but hate like crazy is multi-table these bastards. I should be able to get in like 16-20 a night and then the profits would flow. I really hate multi-tabling though. It fits for the retards that make every call based on math assumptions but I play by feel and actually read people fairly well online. So I give up an edge to possibly make more profit in volume of hands played. Possibly.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

C25K - Week 3

Did my week three workout. Surprisingly the running did not kill my lungs like I expected. I had a good solid pace. Each 3 minute run was exactly 2 minutes and 45 seconds. Breathing was a little hard but not as horribly bad as I thought it might be. What really got me tonight was my hammies and maybe calves. OMG they were SO sore. Probably because I did my jog after baseball. I have to stand for 2 hours for baseball and hit a bunch of balls for like 1/2hr. So sick amounts of exercise.

I felt it was important to do the run tonight since I missed Tuesday. I could have kicked it back to Thursday and only done two nights this week but I want to try and keep a schedule with 1-2 days off inbetween. Hopefully I will not get charlie horses tonight. ug.

After my run I took a quick shower and put in a few more SNGs. Here is my record through six games of 5.50 level:

1st - 2x +44$
2nd - 1x +13$
3rd - 0x
4th - 2x -10$
9th - 1x -5$
Roughly +42$.

So a winning record for sure. Focus is the key for me. Boredom is the enemy. SO I will reassess after ten.

Revolution Soccer

Soooooo C25K skipped last night. I was getting ready to leave work and do my run and my buddy Mark gave me a call. He had two free tickets to the Revolution Soccer game. Club seats. It was a decent game. I think. First soccer game I have gone to. The boy had a good time though so it was worth it.

Tonight is going to be a bitch though. I am going to be doing work. baseball. jog. ug. I am then stuck with Friday and Sunday as my run days since I missed Tuesday. Oh well.

Doing an experiment. Playing 10 5.50 9-Person SNGs instead of the STTs I have been playing. First two games I have a first and second place win. Always good to start off well. I ran really good last night in my win. Mostly I played really well. With four left I had a 6K stack. Dude jammed in and I called with Ace Queen. He had Queens. I spiked the Ace. With an 8K stack I called a 2K jam with the Jack Ace. I rivered a flush against AQ. Heads up with an 11K stack I called a 2K jam with K4. My opponent had A7. King on the flop and I was the champ. Peace.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Last night we crushed 12-5 or something. We were ahead 11-0 for most of the game. The last inning the kids had a bad news bears moment and let a few runs score. Overall a good game. I hated sitting kids but luckily one kid just did not show. So I had less to do. One of our lead pitchers is out for the rest of the year on vacation so hopefully we will not have to sit too many kids. Although I did add a younger kid to our roster. She wanted to play and she is really a nice kid with excellent baseball skills so I let her play with us for the last three games. We need her for the last game anyways since we only have 8 scheduled to play.

Tonight is the dreaded week three. Only part I have not done yet is a 3-minute jog. My lungs pretty much seem to explode at 90 minutes so I have some concerns. I am going to tough it out and hopefully achieve more than I think is possible. Worse thing that can happen is I fail which is not so bad.

I seem to be back up around 179 pounds now from my low of 177. I blame the kid. After the game he is like "Hey lets go to C&L Frosties".. So I get him a hot dog and fries and get myself a dog and onion rings. mmmm fried death. He then angle shoots me and says "Hey for that great hit I got you should get me an ice cream".. so of course I get a peppermint stick cup. We sat watching the heat lightning bolts crash across the sky. It was pretty wild.

Honestly I am running for the health aspect and not the weight aspect. Also 179 is a loss of weight so I am not sweating it. I just do not get how my body decides what to weigh. I mean it is different every single time I hop on the scale.

Lightning was AWESOME last night. Poker was break even. Life goes on.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Poker Strategy

One more thing. I am curious as to peoples opinions of the following. Playing rush tourneys there could be two schools of thought. One thing I constantly see is people waiting out their time banks in MTTs until the 15-seconds runs down and then moving on. So the first question is are they gaining any advantage. If say I click "Quick Fold" 5-8 times for every time they do then do they gain by not hitting the blinds as much. I know that algorithms in the rush software make it so the person who has seen the least amount of blinds gets hit next.

Very good MTT players would say no. It is in the MTT players advantage to see AS MANY hands as possible. It gives them the chance to make the double ups and chip accumulation and even steals necessary to win. Seeing less hands equates to less chance to win. Often times when someone stalls a ton good players will berate them.

So which side of the fence are you on here? Which gives the biggest advantage?

Let's throw in a little extra information now. If the ante is in effect does this change the equation massively? Does it make the quick table changer have a disadvantage? Since he is paying more antes? Should you slow down your quick folding at the end of these games when the antes kick in or keep playing the same?

I have been mulling these things over lately...

Bad Calls Bad Luck

Played a few 4.40's last night. Cashed in both. Made a ridiculous call against a retarded Canadian. Fricken AK vs A7 and he flops the nut flush when I flop top pair and I just do not buy his river jam. Oops. I had a healthy stack until that point. I need to buckle down at the end of these. I am either getting unlucky as in the K3 vs AK hand on a 399 board in which I get my opponent all in and he spikes a 3 outer... or making bad calls at the end when I am ITM or close. I think I am going to win one of these REALLY soon.

Running has been going good. I did go out and get the new pants. Only a drop from 34-30 to 32-30 (29 would be better! Fuck ya I am short). Got some socks without holes in them too. The last day of week two was Sunday and starting the run I felt like I could not make it and was sure I should do week two again.. and ending the run I was cruising pretty good and feeling like a slightly out of shape rocky. Was not easy but was not impossible.

Week three has me a little concerned. I bump all the way up from a chest killing 1.5 min run to a life ending 3 min run. The actual schedule is:

Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then do two repetitions of the following:

* Jog 200 yards (or 90 seconds)
* Walk 200 yards (or 90 seconds)
* Jog 400 yards (or 3 minutes)
* Walk 400 yards (or three minutes)

Instead of alternating 90 second jogs and two minute walks like I am doing now.

Ug. I think all in all the run amount ends up being the same it just has that one longer stretch. I was feeling like I could not do the minute and a half so hopefully this is just me being tarded.

Coaching my full 11-man roster tonight. Sort of hate having 11 people because a lot of kids sitting out an inning at least. It is no fun for anyone. Hopefully we can return to our winning ways as we have fallen to 3-2 with one rainout. Two weeks remain in the season if we do not make up the rained out game. It has been nice to have a weekly activity with the boy. I will have to figure out something else to do for a few nights a week.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mr. Exercise

OMG! Blah. Thursday I spent all day puking. So I could not jog. I swear puking 7 times over the daytime is NOT GOOD. I have a few possible reasons including some rare tuna I had and other things I will not mention.

As a good doobie I decided to run Friday night. Just before the HUGE thunderstorms came flying in. I mean I finished jogging and then huge drops started coming down and then the whole sky opened up in light and power. These bolts were so low. Right above the tree line. It was pretty awesome. When I was running my right chest was in serious pain. It feels like a muscle pain so I am not too worried. It did make my run very challenging but I made the required run for Week 2 Episode 2. It is still sore so I am kind of dreading Sunday.

Today was practice with the kids. About three showed up. No big deal. It is a summer league. I did a bunch of batting and then played pickle with the kids till I almost died. No you pervs not THAT pickle. It is basically a game where kids steal bases and other kids have to throw them out.

Two days of decent exercise. Puking. Little bit of poker. Been busy. The weight tally at the moment is....... 176 pounds. Down from like 184-188 or so. So a good start.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fuck Ya!

I write like
Lewis Carroll

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Apparently I write like David Foster Wallace, and Leo Tolstoy too.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Schaubs Really Likes Me!

Bitch basically said he LOVES my blog. My baseball team has lost the THIRD game in a row. Our team came close last night losing 9-7. My starter was inconsistent giving up 6 in the first and then 1 in the second. The assistant coaches son was good this time after a few shaky starts. A new kid wants to pitch. Nobody wants to catch. Ug. Still have no idea where to put the fat kid. He blew about four runs in one inning. Amazing he made two fantastic plays to save a few runs later. It is kind of cool holding your breath as he stumbles after a pop to right field and then feeling elation when he actually catches the ball before tripping over his own feet.

Anyhow I am way off subject for today's post. I have decided to talk politics today. I could talk poker but I am currently at a stagnant point. I have been stuck at two hundred this month. I go up and down. Not winning much. Not losing much. Normally this is where I would get bored and blow my roll but I have been enjoying playing with Josie a bit so for now it is safe.

Politics. Obama if he is lucky will go down as the "First Black President" in history. If he is unlucky he will be called a fucking tool and ridiculed for the rest of eternity making George Bush Jr's totally fucked up presidency look pretty good. Now why is this? How come he is not going to be reelected? Where is all the anger and furor coming from. It is because he broke the cardinal rule of life and not because he is such a horrible president. What might you say is this alleged rule that Waffles is talking about? I will tell you. He made people BELIEVE.

Here is a little story to show you how you never ever want to make people believe something can be true. I was married to my wife. I was miserable. I was ready to bite the bullet and stay married miserably until the kids graduated college. Seriously I was. In our misery we find a peaceful acceptance once we have been beaten down enough. However the Wife suggested we MUST get divorced. We should see other people. I should move out to my own apartment. Now what seemed like the existence I was stuck with suddenly had glorious possibilities. I could have my own place. The kids would come over without the bitch and we would swim and frollick in the pool. I would bang some slutty cheap college girls. Fuck the world was my oyster now! Suddenly I was angry at how things were. I want to change everything. It has been slow but I am taking power back and getting motivated to make more changes. All because my vision of what could never change had switched.

Obama is the same. He came in with his pretty boy looks and his flowery tongue. He promised change! He was not the same ole politician who we always had to accept. He would not keep us in the slavery and drudgery of the rapidly sinking middle class. He was our hero! Everything would be put right by Super Obama! I realized he was just a lifer politician and wrote about it during the elections. However a shit ton of people bought into it. These people thought everything would change. Life would get better. The economy would be golden. People would all be healed just by uttering his holy name. Now these people see that nothing is changing. No magic pill has saved them from their lives of excess spending and debt. No super Obama snake oil helped change things. It was just more of the same. In realizing that the dreams he sparked to life are dead the people have become ANGRY. Enraged! It's lucky we are so civilized or there could be burnings and hangings!

So the lesson learned from the Obama presidency is simple: Do not give people any hope. I am sure our next Republican president will do great with this.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Home Remidies

JMan: Mom never rubs in the Suntan lotion enough and I look like a ghost.
Me: Ya she uses too much
JMan: Yesterday the Camp Councilor got tired of it and rubbed it for two minutes until it dissapeared.
Me: Wait, your telling me you got a hot chick to rub you for two minutes?
JMan (giggling): Yeah
Me: That's my Boy!

Running last night at 8PM was a little cooler than previous nights. I forgot my stop watch so had to count the minutes out. Ug. Worked out alright though. Finished the full 30 minutes.

I tried a new remedy for toothache last night. I was told that and onion is a natural anti-bacterial killing machine. So I bought a couple onions and chewed on some raw onion for like 3 minutes. It actually did seem to help with the pain. Now I need a natural remedy for heart burn.

I did call the dentist yesterday. It was a little late so they were not there. Only the answering service was around. People really hate me. I call a dentist and tell him I am in pain and get no call back. Reminds me of calling a shrink and telling them I might be suicidal. No call then either. Nice to know that everyone cares so much.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Oh Ohhh

This post from his daughter can not make Wolfshowl happy. :P.

I won the Very Josie!

Ok. No I did not win it. However I took about 3 bounties. One was kind of sick. First a little background. Last night my tooth went nova pain. I mean I have been living in a lot of pain because I am a retarded idiot. I need to get a tooth yanked out I think. Something I did last night made it go past that level. So I fucking downed like 6 aspirin and then chugged some cough syrup. OD on childrens cough syrup. This would be a fitting end to Waffles.

Playing in pain is not much fun. I decided to just play pretty wild. I called a lot of raises with Ace-Rags not caring. I flopped top pair most of the time and they actually held. I called a HUGE turn bet from Mondo with an OESD on a two flush board. Normally this is bad. I think my drug cocktail gave me psychic powers though because I said "I am going to suck out on you dude", then the river gave me the nut straight. I pushed my entire stack in and Mondo went home.

Just before the final table breaks I get BamBam all in with JackAce vs Ace Ten and the slippery Canadian Trout wiggles out of my grasp on the turn. I could tell he felt he made a stupid call so I did not yell at him. See there is a method to my madness. I only punish the obliviously stupid.

I was in decent shape as a chip leader with eight left. I decided to race against PokerGrump. He raised from early position so I knew he had a decent hand. I jammed all in after him and had him covered. It shows what a good player he is that he thought instead of instantly calling. He turned up jacks. I lost that race and was down to my last fifteen hundred chips or so. I am on the fence about plays like this but I think in a tournament setting where three spots pay you need to be aggressive with races. I also had some fold equity which is important.

I then proceeded to tie with AA vs 99. Finally ending my night against the aforementioned Grumpish person when I again jammed his EP raise this time dominating him with my bitches vs his nines and the turn giving him the nine-full-tens boat. His call was automatic considering how many chips I had left. So all in all I have no problem with anyone's play last night.

You may be asking how I won the Josie then? With eight people left I bet Josie (Always link the Sexy Chick! Take that JJOK!) that her pick the PokerGrump would NOT win the tourney. This has nothing to do with my respect for the guys game. I think he is a decent player. Possibly a little stronger in cash games than MTTs but fundamentally strong. However if you can get even odds on a bet that is purely statistically a good deal then do it. Josie quickly agreed and I won an easy buyin. So including the KO's I got I must have made a few bucks last night.

My baseball team however has lost it's last two games. The technical win was kind of a win but screw that. I think we will stabilize next week when we get one of our better pitchers back along with my leading OBP guy. I am a big OBP guy for little league. I will then have the new challenge of who to sit every inning as we will have ten players. Fat kid I am looking at you! League rules state you can only sit a kid for one inning in a row.

Next night of running in 90+ weather is tonight. People say they are concerned I will die of heat stroke or something. I really felt good running the other day and it was hotter than today. I also run at 6-7 at night probably closer to 8:00 tonight so I at least get the sun being down. Immediately after my run I jump in the car, blast the AC and chug a giant bottle of Gator Aide. I think this will help me to not become dehydrated. I am keeping up with it anyways because I know if I stop now it will be very hard to start again. Also running removes the pain in my tooth. BONUS!
Ya ya fuck you. I know a dentist will also.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Bad News Bears

I am a pessimist. So when I notice that since I have started the Couch to 5K running plan it has been NINETY DEGREES OR HIGHER every fucking day I assume god hates me. It is a good assumption I think.

If I was an optimist I would look at this situation and say god loves me. He wants me to lose more weight and become even sexier than I am so he is giving me an instant sauna as I run to enable me to lose even MORE weight. Awesome dude! Thanks!

Our team had a technical win but an actual loss. The other team only fielded seven players to that is a forfeit. We decided to let the kids play anyway using one of our guys for the field.

On the good side my team kept fighting back and scoring runs. On the bad side we lost. Our fielding was pretty terrible with a lot of passed balls. I had no concerns about the fielding before. However this week my #1 OB guy and my best pitcher were out. I guess this kind of shook things up a little. On the good side we adopted a girl to fill out our roster while these guys are on vacation and she is awesome. Hits for power. Fields like a maniac. She is probably one of the best players on the team.

Bankroll is in stasis. Sitting around 180 right now. I win a MTT here and there, or go on a run in STTs or Stud8 and then give some back then grind it up again. Been a little busy to really care.

Sunday, July 04, 2010


Finally fixed my damn browser and switched to Chrome. Somehow the jscript.dll got wrecked and when I tried to re-register I did not realize I needed to be in administrator mode.

I did the stupid Couch to 2k thing today. Please note they have NEVER sat on a couch. They are retards. OMG! I have my new Avia jogging shoes. Still need a few things like a water bottle and some socks. I thought I was going to stop part way through. I did make the full twenty minutes though. Every time I ran I could not breath and my chest hurt. I then wanted to quit. At the end of the walk period I would feel like I could breath again and start running.. rinse. repeat. It was really hot out which did not help.

I think part of the reason I finished was the boy was with me. Cheering me on and telling me to go for it. I think he just wants the insurance money. We finished up both feeling kind of wasted. Next stop was the grocery store for a large water for him and a large Gator Aide for me! Woot!

Up next is a Baseball game on Monday and more 2K on Tuesday.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Coach Waffles Game 2

Game two went really well. We were the away team again. I have been good about leaving work early to get to the games on time. I get home and.. no kid. So I frantically try and find out where he is. Apparently his ride home took longer than expected and he was late. So twenty minutes later than I wanted to leave we were off. I get there and the entrance to the field is closed. So I had to scamper all around and part far away. Drag my bag to the field. Ug. I ended up getting there like five minutes after the game started. Thankfully the other coach warmed up my team for me. So we started just a little late. It was pretty frantic though.

It was good that I had prepared the batting order earlier. I studied the first game and put the two kids with the most on base percentage first, then two kids I thought hit it a lot and had some chance for power. I then put the next two best contact hitters and rounded out my order with the no-hitters. Sorry Son! I love you kid! We will get you batting lessons!

Obviously my superior intellect allowed the batting order to be fan-fucking-tastic. We crushed these guys 21-9. We were crushing so bad we had to stop stealing bases. It was fun.

I am finding coaching rewarding and yet challenging. Like there is one kid who is TERRIBLE. I mean he sucks so bad. All he wants to do is play first base and catcher. The first two times I let him catch he missed like 15 balls and let 5 runs score or something. It was nasty. It is hard when he is like "Hey Coach let me play first ok!" and I have to say "Stay in Right field please". I gave him shots this week at third and catcher. He let four runs score as catcher, he missed a toss to third that let another score, and he totally misplayed a pop to right field. Ug!

I asked one of our pitchers from last week if he wanted to pitch again. He was like "No thanks coach!". I like this kid. He is one of our better players. Fast as hell. Steals bases. Always gets contact and gets on base. I have him as our leadoff. He pitched last week and probably gave up 1-2 runs. He is kind of a shy kid though. So he does not like the spotlight. I think he would have done well as a pitcher but I do not want to make him feel uncomfortable.

The assistant coaches kid is fun too. He just always seems like he does not want to be there. I know his dad pushes him hard to play well. He has a pretty good arm pitching but people just seem to be able to hit him. This week he was not helped by the fielding. Every position I ask him to play he just seems like so not interested. Nice kid but I just feel like he hates being here.

My son had another outstanding night at defense. He is a really decent short stop. He handles the grounders well. Has a good enough arm with decent accuracy to hit first base. He has made several double plays and always makes the outs at first. Very happy with him at second and shortstop. If we can get his batting numbers up all will be good. I think he is a little scared of the ball since he got nailed one night. Nothing serious but he needs to get over that.

We found another awesome pitcher last night. The kid is like 4 feet tall and throws a fastball that is incredible. The batters just can not catch up with it. The couple hits they did have were right to the pitcher and he made the outs at first.

Out second practice is this Saturday. I hope to remember all the kids names by then. So hard.

On the poker front I played the Dank in honor of buddies birthday. It was a fun game. I did fairly well. The JackAce was the doom of me though. Let me know what you think about this hand.

I have an 11K stack and am chip leader on a short table of six or seven people. I am in the cutoff. A semi-shortie jams in for his 2-3K stack. I look down and see JackAce suited. So I rejam all in to isolate with a 9K and a 5K stack left to act. The 9K stack re-jams me and I am like "awww fuck". The hands turn out to be AJ vs AK vs 44 and I get knocked down to 4K. Do I have another play here? Do I just chalk it up to bad luck? Not sure.

Next hand I am going to mention was just funny. I had perceived Xklm the 1-2K short stack had been trying to force something to happen. He was a big short stack and I had noticed him pushing in once or twice before. He does it again on my blind and it's no more than 900 of my 9K stack to call. I look down and see K4. Now normally I muck here. However having played a lot of STTs, the table being short, him being short stacked, I figured I had a really good chance of being ahead. So I made the call. He flipped up 86 s00ted and my two pair basically doomed him. Bad play? He seemed to not like it or my reasoning.

The rest of the hands I played I was fine with. Montezuma would be my downfall here. On the final table with like 7 left and a 9K stack I jammed the JackAce s00ted again and he snap called with nines as a 4k Shortie. He held up. Getting short myself I again jammed the CO with KJo this time and he woke up with Jacks. I went out in fifth place with three spots paying. All in all I do not think there is much to talk about in those two hands.

So even though the Mookie is above my bankroll it was fun to play and I actually enjoyed it. Nice to see Zeem again. Not sure if he won it or not but he had a nice lead with four left.

Couch to 2K has not started yet. Possibly Sunday.