Friday, August 29, 2008

Waffles Method Approved by the Pro's

If you have not heard the breaking news yet: BRIAN TOWNSEND, FT Red Poker PRO... Is a Waffles initiate. He has decided to use my super system. The replacement for the worn out Brunson crap. Yes you heard it here first. Check it out in his own words:

This year I have been breakeven.
- Brian Townsend

Break even players everywhere are using the Waffles system to become mediocre. I guess the guy was also using a second account for anonymity. Is this really such a big issue? I am not sure. When I hear a guy has a second account it does not really equate to cheating to me. All the cry babies that can not use Poker Tracker on the new alias all I have to say is: L2P (Learn to Play). Faggots if you can not get your game going without some retarded software you are just crippled motherfuckers. Just hook up your fucking bot and let him play for you. Idiots. Anyone else have an opinion on this? I wonder if I can get Brian to sign copies of my new book. hmm.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I figured out how to improve my game! I have to kick Cayne in the balls so he is unable to play! Implementing plan Fedex Midget for next weeks Mookie.


Well well well.. I see how it is. Yeah. I saw it all. I saw you chip dump to LJ with your AA Hoyazo. How dare you! I saw you all just walk her straight up to first place to spite me. I am sure you toyed with the RNG too. I mean how do you lose 2-95% favorite hands in a row? Huh? No answer! Must be shenanigans!!! You all fear my next challenge so much you have to team up and try and stop me here. It will not work!!!!

This will backfire on you though. Ohh yeah. You think it will make me want to quit. ohhhhh no. It just hardens my resolve. You will go down. You will lose this bet. You will not stand before me. I will get you and your little dog too.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cayne Hates Me

Cayne must hate me. The other night he 2-outs me then runner-straights me to beat me heads up. Tonight he runner-runner hits flush twice in a row against my sets. Even I know the math for that is single digits. Wow. Guess I should never check-raise him all in on the flop when he has top pair jack kicker and one of his suit. I have learned my lesson. Good luck people.

King of the Short Bus People

If I keep this up I may have to be crowned King of the Short Bus People. Actually sounds like a pretty good horror movie. So lets review the past week of play. I actually stepped it up a little and hit most every blogger event. The results. I scored second or third place in every single blogger event this week. Mookie. Riverchasers. Live Poker Radio. Finished it up last week with a second place finish in the Skillz game PLO8. I must say that is a pretty damn good run. Now tonight I need to break through the glass ceiling and win the Mookie. I really need to do this so I can circumvent Mookies normal content and spew my self delusional rants of poker grandiosity.

Katitude is back from heaven and is writing some good content. I fully agree with her post and feel that playing less poker for me has improved my game a lot. The real test will be my next challenge after I get this pesky Mookie thing done.

Sometimes you have an epiphany in poker and your mental outlook on the game totally and radically changes.

P.S. In the ongoing saga of Live Poker Radio Stations that I can not keep up with.. The BuddyDank/Mookie Coverage is here and the LPR Instant Tragedy coverage is here. Joanne is hot and awesome so I will link here again. I blame Riggs for all of this but only because I think everything is his fault on general principal.

Monday, August 25, 2008


It was huge amounts of donkery but I had a good time. I donkeyfucked IT then Cayne Donkeyfucked me bad two times. I finally finished up in second. I did take out TBA and LJ which is always fun. Probably will not play again until the Mookie. I had a great time HU with Cayne. I was laughing my ass off even if the beats were nasty. I.E. 2 Outer and runner-runner two pair. The two outer was actually a hand Cayne could not get away from. The other hand he maybe should have folded the flop but he had chips and thought his king would be good if he hit it on the turn. All in all not bad plays.

I also made another buyin playing LO8 so that was not bad. See you all at the Mookie on Wednesday. You should all show up and try and stop me from taking the title of King of the Mooks. LJ and Bayne will appreciate it.

Semi Sootable for work?

I call it a dick stop trying to have one.

Could Happen

I might work on a post about how to turn your self from a loser to a break even player and some of the things that really matter if you want to play like Waffles but then again I might not. I played a little this weekend. I won a token and had two winning sessions at LO8. Fun game. Easy if you can be patient. A lot of variance possible thought so you need a good mindset. I am currently playing 2/4 but should move up if I win the Mookie bet.

Until I write the post I am working on I will give you a few tips. I think in order to win an MTT you have to suck really bad. I mean you read Hoyazo a lot and say "Wow what a donkey play he sucks bad!".. but I am here to tell you "HE HAS TO SUCK BAD!". It is the right thing to do. You have to be as bad as Hoyazo to win one of these things. It is the only way. The real skill is knowing when to suck and when to not suck so much. See MTT play is easy. I should write a book.

Good luck to you all. I may hit up Instant Sean's MTT tonight. Not sure. While playing a 15 person MTT does not excite me much I probably should support the guy. Right? I mean he is a good guy or something. Even if he is dating a pig. No she is not fat. Just a cop. Well she could be fat. I do not know. Have not seen her nude yet. Damn pig cops!!!! I will never surrender!!!! Anyway.. If you want to play here are the details.

What: The Tour Monday Night Madness
Time : 10 P.M. ET Full Tilt Poker Tonight
Buy In: $10 + $1
Format : Double Stack NLHE KNOCKOUT! $2 Bounty per player
PW : Boom

I feel retarded just typing that. Oh well. Fun fun. See you guys there possibly.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Riverchasers Bastard Leader

What the hell is wrong with Riggstad? I mean even Hoyazo would show up for his own fucking MTT. You would think a rockstar like Riggs would at least make an appearance once in a while to the Riverfuckers. At the very least you might think he would send his little toadie.

Anyhow the mood hit me. I felt like playing this "MTT" and so joined 13 other donkeys in the effort to not slit my wrists. I sorta of took the tact of not giving a fuck if I won or lost. In that mode I put on 7 BRUUUUTAL beats to people including getting in with second pair several times only to pull out two pair and going allllllll the way with JJ vs 44 on a 4xx flop. In my defense he did overcall pre-flop. BWAHAHAHAHA. I would get paid back for my evil ways. I made the money in third place but the other two donkeys including Skiddoo ended up sucking out on me 4x in a row to end my night. It was pretty brutal but fun. So remember people play the RNG not the cards.

I guess third is not so bad. The double up playing LO8 at the same time did not hurt either. I had the nut straight all the way and two people called every bet INCLUDING the river for my one hand of the night. Wheeeeeee. Always a fun game when you are winning. I may hit the tables for a few tokens this weekend. I failed my first attempt. I started off good getting a nice 4k chip lead. I then got cold called by a moron AK vs A2 or some bullshit like that and he won. I went out shortly after in tenth on some other donkey play. Morons. I really hate blackjack players. Oh well. No complaints. A profit is a profit and I had a little donkelishish fun myself.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Screw Harrington

Who knew. All these years I read books and played poker. The real secret. The more Bayne calls me a fucking idiot the better I do. Keep on hating bro. Great job tonight IG. Four games left to get it done. Bayne must be sweating. This is a far worse image than LJ sweating. His fat sweaty body and bald head dripping with sweat just does not do it for me.

I think tonights Mookie which I took second in came down to a few hands. I really had terrible cards early and played way too loose. I survived that despite myself. I then rejammed AT vs 55 and spiked my Ace. My thinking in the hand was my opponent did not have me covered and I needed chips if I wanted to go deep. Really the thing that makes MTT play a donkeyment is the fact that YOU NEED CHIPS.

The proof that I need chips came at the final table. I had finally chipped up a little and had a nice top three stack. I got all in with KK vs 99 and lost. I do not fault my opponent for his play. Given the circumstances I might do the same thing. I just happened to have a big hand. If I had not accumulated a ton of chips that would have been the end of my night. Accumulation is important. Tight may be right but then you are setting yourself up for pain.

The final thing that sealed my night was being a little too passive. I sucked them up inside and besides a few moves to keep even I really never made my move. OSU really put a clinic on as far as aggressive chip gathering. Instead of sitting on his ass when he got knocked down to 30k he worked it back up to double without showing a single hand. Now if he could stop getting sucked out on he might be a good player.

It finally got down to three players and I saw that OSU and IG were going nutz on each other. They both had 50k stacks and I had 20k. So I sat back. Stole here and there and waited for them to kill each other. Finally IG finished him off on a seriously cooler of a board and I was looking at a 135K to 20K deficit. I was not able to make a miracle comeback.

All in all I think I did alright but there were a few places I could have done better. So when I started this challenge I had 9 games to make $300. Even some of my closest poker buddies sneared at me. I now have 4 games to make $40. IF all things stay the same I feel good about my chances.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

To Iak With Love

Of course, this has sparked its own forum thread and ytmnd, which is good because the original post got deleted off of Craigslist. The druid didn't respond well to her infamy, writing a follow-up for the ages: "Hi, I'd just like to thank the (expletive deleted) who thought it would be funny to post my picture all over the internet and make 50000 threads about me on the wow forums. I got my epic mount in about an hour that was very enjoyable for both parties while all you idiots probably spent hundreds of hours farming for yours or don't even have them. ... So talk all the trash you want, I got MY epic flying mount AND I got laid which is more than you failures can ever hope for." Wow, she sure showed us. All I have is my lousy 60 percent speed mount and my self-respect.

All of the original Craigs list postings are deleted as well as links in the forums. Wow insider has the post above about the chick selling her body for a mount. A mount for a mount if you will. Here is a photo with the original ad and the followup. For the record I would probably hit that.

Since you seem so interested here is an offer for Mario Brothers Anal.

Also in case you were interested. The EPiC mount costs 5000 gold. You can buy the gold online for twenty dollars. So she maybe just wanted to get laid? Perhaps she has never seen the millions of gold sellers on the internet? Hmm.

Oh and AlCantHang -- GALAGA ROX!!!!!!!


Tonight is the exciting Mookie extravaganza. I have five more shots to become king of the Mooks. Everyone is hating on me. It feels good. I have been waiting for LJ to return to the Mookie before I win the whole thing. It just would not be the same if she was not there to witness my triumph. The look of adoring awe on her face will be priceless. What. It could happen. She has stated she will be in it tonight so I can finish off this silly bet and get on to more important things. See you all tonight.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Modern Technology

How soon will it be until beggars on the street play Guitar Hero on their free wireless connection for your quarters instead of those lousy instruments they play now? I mean I would be much more willing to pay some dude playing a cool song from Guitar Hero than the fucking retarded smelly asshole banging on some paint drums so loud my ears start bleeding. Thank God for technology.

I have purchased my EPiC MOUNT in Warcraft. This is the mount that some chick fucked a greasy WoW player for. That is how valuable it is. If you would like to blow me I would let you watch me ride the EPiC mount. Just send a message to Moosenipple on the Alterac Mountain server.

Mookie tomorrow night. Woot. Perhaps that will bring the quality of my posts up. I have five more shots at taking over the leader board. I feel good about all of my performances so far except one. I am feeling strong coming into the final legs of the competition.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Blogging Revolution

I have a new and revolutionary idea for blogging. We should start blogging on SKIN. If you are ugly like me this is how it would work. You would hire a hooker and write your blog on her naked skin. You would then take a picture and post your daily blog. If you are a hottie then you could potentially write on yourself. Still need to come up with a good name for this new technique. Would be great to see it in practice out there. Think of some of the major benefits.. you have never had more potential to call George Bush an asshole than using this method. Think about it people. Good stuff.

Friday, August 15, 2008


I think as I focus more and somehow improve my meta game I realize some of the things I do wrong. I think the thing that killed me in the Mookie besides only having 3 top 10 hands all game was a bit of frustration and indecision.

I realize I sometimes get frustrated in hyper aggressive games. I think this describes NY Rambler perfectly. I do respect his game actually because he can mix it up well. He had been re-raising me a lot along with Corron stealing my blind. The hand before he jammed in on the turn and I had AK-Ace high. I leaked about 2k of chips in that pot. I was very tempted to call with Ace high because I thought he was making a move on me. I also considered he might have a smallish pair. I think my indecision in the hand is what got me though. I should have just bet big on the flop and pushed him out. Otherwise I should have folded the flop with my missed AK. His cold call pre-flop did not mean much. I put his hand range as a small pair to Ax. So I should have acted accordingly instead of check-calling his flop bet and folding the turn. I basically said my hand is weak take the pot.

Same thing with the Zeem hand. I look down to see pocket threes. With Zeem I think I should have jammed his pre-flop raise. I doubt he calls with A5o there. I could be wrong. I have enough respect for his game to know he can make a laydown. Instead I call his bet pre-flop and jam the Axx flop. He obviously calls not putting me on any kind of Ace and I go home two hands later. The indecision pre-flop cost me here. I also should have folded the flop when he lead out. Possibly some frustration leaked in here too.

Anyway there are some things to look at in my thought process here. I look forward to that. One move I actually liked was calling off my entire stack with 57 spades. I was a little short stacked at 1200 chips or so. I get a raise before me and a cold call. So I decide to go along for the ride. The button then makes a classic squeeze trying to take down the pot. Both people before me fold. So I am getting really good odds to call with ATC assuming I do not give him credit for a big hand. So I make the call and he turns over 92o. I expected something a little higher but that would do. I turn a straight to get me some chips and start my run for the final two tables. The groans from the peanut gallery were enough reward to make that a +EV play.

I am going to try and get a few hands in this weekend. Mostly playing tokens and make some LO8 to try and offset any token costs. Should be fun. Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Here is a demonstration of how my wife thinks vs how I think. We had this conversation about an article in the newspaper. An old man visited his wife in the Alzheimer house and hugged and kissed her. They have been married for sixty one years.

Wife: Ohhh that is so sweet. He loves her so much. He goes down every weekend and hugs and kisses her. I am so touched. blah blah blah sentimental shit blah blah.

Me: Holy shit what a fucking pervert! I bet his is sticking his cock in her back and rubbing one out. She never wanted sex with him when she was sane so now he is getting his revenge. BWAHAHAHA. Stop me now you fucking whore! Your my Alzheimer's bitch whore! BWAAHAHAHAH! What's that? You have a headache? FUCK YOU WHORE!!! HAHAHA! I am raping my Alzheimer puppet whore! Life is good! WOOOT!

So apparently we have different opinions on things. Tonight is the Mookie. I have six more appearances in the Mookie to get a hundred and fifty bucks and take over the lead. All this assumes everything stays the way it is now. I could potentially win the bet tonight. So all you haters get out there and send your hate. Fuel me up and lets get this fucker done. See you there.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who Knew?

Who Knew Riggstad had a brain. I did not. I talk to him a lot too. He wrote a really good article for AlCantHang and Full Tilt Poker. I am really looking forward to part two which will go into more details in figuring out what kind of chop you should ask for. Not that I play live poker much mind you.

Also this just in I was called a lucksack for the umpteenth time this week. I am really beginning to believe I am lucky. WOOT!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Feed me the Hate

First off let me say leaving your sun roof down over night in a thunderstorm is not such a good idea.

So I tossed out the challenge to Hoyazo and apparently he is too exalted on his throne of awesomeness to come down to the mortal realm and take up the challenge. I personally think he will not do this because if he lost he would NEVER EVER live it down in ten thousand years.

All is not lost though my friends because I have found some motivation. First off Choad somewhat unexpectedly has come out of retirement, impregnated his saint of a wife, I mean she has to be if she lives with him right, and started playing again. As totally expected he has mocked my Hoyazo challenge. In all seriousness go wish him well with the expected bundle of joy.

However in an unexpected move Iak totally put the slam down on me. This actually really motivates me to GIT-R-DONE. Freaking one hit wonder. I honestly think he is probably still mad because I called him Fat Iakaris and said he would never make it to the sun with that lard ass. I really meant it in the best way possible. I was just looking out for you bro!!! Really. Ok I was really just gloating because I was so jealous when the hot chicks went straight to you like a bee to a flower and now not so much.. Alright not everyone is motivated by hate and trying to prove people wrong. I will try more gentile methods next time to help you along your way.

Anyhow he dropped the gauntlet and told me I am a freaking loser and will NEVER win an MTT until hell freezes over and Michael Moore has Anal sex with George Bush. I am paraphrasing but fuck man it is my world and I choose to perceive it my way.

So while I am NOT competing with Hoyazo I expect you will be reading some interesting things in this blog in the near future. Stay tuned my hatahs stay tuned.

Friday, August 08, 2008

I Challenge Ye to a Duel to the Death

However before that.. do you think LJ is sweating now? Cause I can picture her sweating after that last Mookie second place finish of mine. Yeah. Sweat. Wet. White T-Shirt LJ. MMMM. Tasty.

Oh yeah where was I. Um. yeah. So anyways I like giving myself challenges. I think it takes my game to new levels. I really feel like I am playing some transcended poker at the Mookie. So I figure I might as well start lining up the next challenge. Here it is. I call you out Hoyazo. I want you to contact me for the most ridiculous bet I have ever attempted. Yes this eclipses the Naked CK bet I lost. I challenge you to a first place MTT winner winner chicken dinner contest.

The rules are simple. We will pick an medium size MTT like the 28K for instance. One that costs $26 or lower. Hey what can I say I am bankroll responsible these days. We will then play this MTT as much or as little as we want. The first person to take the numero uno number one spot in the MTT wins the bet. Pure and simple. Easy peazy. We can have a time limit on this bet of a few months to a year to make it viable.

Now this is why this is a good bet for you.

1. I have not finished first in a general MTT in over two years. Amazing huh? Judging by the way you write I assume you finish first routinely in these things. At the very least you have had more firsts this year than I have.

2. I have not even final tabled a big MTT recently.

3. Your an expert pro MTT player with more funds. I will probably be playing like 1-2 of the 28K games a week so you will get 50% to 75% more chances to win the bet.

So there is my challenge. I am calling you out to setup the details. I know this will be an even HARDER challenge for me than winning the Mookie bet but I am ready. I believe that with the focus I gain from this bet I will dominate you and win easily. You on the other hand will be left with your chin dropping wondering how the hell you ever lost such an easy bet. I shall reach my transcended form and win a big MTT finally. Are you up for it or are you one of those pussy loser's you talk about on your blog?

Ship it baby.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cows, Chicken, Dogs and Rats

No idea what that means. Who would have thought. People yelling at me.. Not yelling your a loser or fuck off perv and die but "You are a lucksack". Looking back over the past few years I would never expect to be called that. Yet here it is. Hatahs yelling "Lucksack", "Luckmonkey", "Lucky Lucky Donkey" as I knocked out over a third of the field on my way to a tough loss and second place finish in the Mookie.

This bet was one of the greatest ideas I have had in a long time. It has reinvigorated my game. It has made the Mookie a hell of a lot of fun which is what it is supposed to be. Lately since I have been busy leveling my mage I have been playing poker once or twice a week. Every time I sit down to play though I feel like I dominate the table. It has really made a big difference.

I really hate when people say something is impossible. It just makes me want to prove them wrong. Goal one has been accomplished anyways and LJ has been de-throned as Queen of the Mook Donkeys and we have a new King, all mighty lord, SurFlexus.

In the three Mookies so far I have taken 2nd and 3rd and came really close to a first place finish last night. I have reduced the lead by half and have $150 left to go until I win the bet. This is a single first place in a Mookie. Everything is coming together for an amazing victory. I really feel if I stay focused I can win this. Even if I do not pull it off this has been hella fun.

The funniest part of this whole thing are the degenerate back alley bets going on. I have no idea what kinds of bets are out there but apparently most people will make money if I win since they are getting ridiculous odds against.

Of course the hate is still flowing hard. Nobody really wants to see me win. It is an affront to poker players everywhere when it happens. AlCantHang dies a little inside when it happens. Even more than his liver after a bender. Iggy's little tiny dwarf testicles shrivel up a little more. Chris Halverson rethinks his decision to be a professional poker player. It just tosses everything upside down. I love every minute of it.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Tao

Well the birthday celebration is over and man did they get a good turn out. Over five hundred donks from all walks of life got together to partake. I really did not feel like playing through that many people so I donked out early. I bluffed with Queen high nothing on an Axx board KNOWING for like 95% sure that NOBODY FOLDS AN OFF ACE. Raising pre-flop and betting the flop and turn means nothing when you have the all powerful off Ace. Ah well. At least I got a little woody when he showed AJ and a picture of CK came to mind. I enjoyed buffing up the prize pool for Pauly though even if I did not want to try and donk through that many people.

Tonight I should be more motivated. I have seven chances left to get past the top five on the Mookie leaderboard. Get your bets in with Hoyazo. He is giving good odds. ;). See you all tonight.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Did you see the fail blog today? Wii Fail! Funny as hell I am still laughing.

Monday, August 04, 2008


The Google Nazi patrol has not come for me yet. It looks like the good Doctor is back up and running after being shut down for a while.

This week is Pauly's awesome tourney. He's celebrating the Tao of Poker's fifth birthday by throwing a private tournament on PokerStars with a special bonus to the winner.

The winner gets two nights at the Borgata Hotel & Spa in Atlantic City as well as an entry into the $5,000 buy-in NL tournament for the Borgata Poker Open on September 12th.

For specific here.

Good luck everyone!

Be there. I better sign up now before I forget. I was randomly ranting today. What is RRS (Randomly Ranting Syndrome). It happens when you have not been ranting enough and then one day you come in and BAM! Ranting against everything.

Gerardo said...

I have been trying to contact you by e-mail, on behalf of PSO. Please take down our banner ASAP.
Thanks for your time.
Poker Source Online

SirFWALGMan said...

FU Jerry you cocksucker.

SirFWALGMan: I was reading DP's blog
SirFWALGMan: I think PLO are assholes
SirFWALGMan: so I figured id say it
SirFWALGMan: whatever the fuck there called
SirFWALGMan: their
SirFWALGMan: fuck english
SirFWALGMan: fuck you all
SirFWALGMan: Im dsylexic
SirFWALGMan: i cant help myself
SirFWALGMan: I was reading a book and I probably am mildly dyslexic
SirFWALGMan: put me on fucking wealfare
SirFWALGMan: im never working again
SirFWALGMan: because I am handycapped
SirFWALGMan: fucking retarded enabling society

I also told DP that he rubs fish on his boyfriends asshole but that was not technically a rant. He is probably going to kick my ass in December. See he is a fag. Goddamn there I go again with RRS.

Then I moved on to my boy JJ.

JJ: YAY Hurricane!
JJ: WEEEE!!!!!
JJ: can't wait!
JJ: looking forward to the carnage and waterlogged lawn!
SirFWALGMan: lol
SirFWALGMan: Fucking move somewhere else moron
SirFWALGMan: you live in the Hurricane basin of the USA
SirFWALGMan: and you whine about it
SirFWALGMan: retarded
JJ: wait
JJ: so I'm supposed to move inland?
SirFWALGMan: yeah so you can whine about tornadoes
JJ: if you ever whine about snow, I'll come up there and beat you silly with a wet noodle
SirFWALGMan: i never whine
SirFWALGMan: I have a few of the symtoms of dsylexis
JJ: yeah, that DYSLEXIA is a tough one......what is dsylexis?
SirFWALGMan: lol
SirFWALGMan: its Dyslexia for Rich people AHHHH YEAH!
SirFWALGMan: oh wait no thats Dyslexus

All that from a single Hurricane whine.

Anyhow while I am shilling things go play the next fucking retarded new Monday blogger game brought to you by Instant Tragedy. Are you even fucking shilling this thing yourself you retarded butt monkey? I will probably not be there as I am trying to get my self Epic fucking gear.

So far I have two purples. Grind away little monkey. Hell I am not even sure what I should get my Mage. I was going to buy the whole Dreadweave set. However it seems like the crit with the Silk set is better.

I already got the bracers for my guy. I was getting the materials to add the +15 Spell Damage to them. I then became distracted because I really would like a pair of Spellstrike pants. Those things cost a fucking fortune though. Probably like 2k in gold in just materials.

I think I will buy the feet and belt of silk to mix some of the resilience and better stats with some extra crit.

Holy fuck I am talking about CLOTHING for an Imaginary friend. If that does not make for the most retarded and gay thing since internet fights I do not know what does. Holy fuck I am brainwashed by my WoW masters.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Mother Fucking Google on Mother Fucking Tubes

The Intertubes latest Nazi's Google have banned some good people. Pauly is in exile at some Tootie frutie site. He can tell you how a bot decided his years of well written commentary were in a word "SPAM". Very simple really. A persons whole life's work summed up as "SPAM". Fuck when I say it that way maybe they are right. hahaha. Just kidding Pauly. Good luck getting this sorted out. The Nazi SS police have not caught up to my spam blog yet. Does anyone want some SPAM and HAM? Possibly the SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM and SPAM on SPAM?

P.S. I do not mean to correlate the baking of human beings with the ridiculous behavior of Google but in a literary sense it makes a good correlation. Where the burning humans are Pauly's writings, which are like his children, and the ovens are the oppressive heat of censorship that Google has brought down upon us in order to up its own Ad revenues. Something like that.

Every Once in a While

Michael Craig is a big fat bitch
its true
i hate that guy so bad
and I am not a hater
he deserves it
he deserves my hate
and being short and bald
he deserves that too
and fat
yeah being fat
hey this is a post WOOT!

Every once in a while when I see people add him to their blogrolls I feel a need to remind people of my personal feelings.

Lose One Idiot Get Another

So Hoyazo has quit the MATH for now and apparently the donks at LivePokerRadio are looking to replace him. I think Hoyazo speak for "I was not feeling it" translates to "Fuck everyone hates me and thinks I am a cheater so I can only get 5 people to the MATH these days". Just saying. Again I do not think Hoyazo cheated. It is easy to hate on the arrogant guy though. He did shit on Bodog.

Ah well. Here are the details for the newest donk fest. I have no idea if I will be playing any of these. Anything is possible.

The LivePokerRadio Tour will be offering many new opportunities for you to not only donk it up, but win. Originally I had this linked to BuddyDoosh but IT said and I quote "the livepokerradio link should be not". Come along for the ride. Everyone says they want to be there for the first.

You want the details? Let's get you all of them:

Monday's starting August 4th
Time : 10 P.M. ET Full Tilt Poker
Buy In: $10 + $1 (May change due to special events)
Format : NLHE (May change due to special events)
PW : Boom

Does this thing have a name IT? Like.. Donkey Ass Radio MTT or something. Is it gonna be called the LivePokerRadio Tour? Usually you go someplace on a tour.

A going round; a circuit; hence, a journey in a circuit; a prolonged circuitous journey; a comprehensive excursion; as, the tour of Europe; the tour of France or England.

Oh well good luck you fucktards.