Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I had a dream about BadBlood last night. yeah, yeah, I know I am setting myself up for ghey jokes... I will give you a second to finish.. ... ... It was really weird. I was at a traffic light as a pedestrian and Blood comes walking up the street. I then show him my new biceps and he is like "Nice man!". I thought this was an amusing dream.

Women are stupid. I swear. Like last night I am carrying this heavy laundry bag in for the wife. She is standing in my way on the stairs. She then says "Bring it down stairs".. So I grunt "If you get your fat ass out of my way then maybe I can". Ok. I agree not the nicest thing to say. Her response? "This is how you treat me when I do a favor for you and do laundry?". Now it is nice that she did laundry. Our washing machine broke and she had to go out and do it. HOWEVER here is where the retarded women part comes in. She did laundry for EVERYONE in the house EXCEPT ME. Hello? How is it a fucking favor to ME that she did her own laundry? She never even asked me if I wanted something washed. She never told me she was going out to do the laundry. I mean hello? What fucking crack pipe are you smoking? What universe do you live in where THAT is a favor to me? It's like saying "I did you a favor and sucked my boyfriends dick".. I mean how does that fucking help me? Jesus.

She is a fucking retard. Here is another point of contention. I am listening to my daughter talk to my wife's boyfriend and in the conversation she starts talking about his hairy boobs. How he has hairy man boobs and shit like that. Now I do not have a HUGE problem with that but it is inappropriate for a fucking 40 year old guy to be talking about hairy boobs with an 8 year old girl. Am I wrong about that? So I mention it to the wife and she is like "no no it's ok you misunderstand.. they like just play a game where they tease him about having a hairy chest"... um, yeah, I am pretty sure I do not misunderstand. So she disagrees with me and I just say something to piss her off to end the conversation. I think I said that her pervert boyfriend better stop talking like that to my daughter. She got so pissed. It was funny.

Anyways I know you missed the stories of the home life. So I brought some back. It had been kind of quiet lately but now the freak show is starting up again. Peace out.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Wow. What a fucking AWESOME run tonight. I did my normal 3.5 miles. Felt good throughout it all. I am finishing up my last lap feeling a little tired. It is dark out. The track is misty and filled with fog. All of the sudden I am startled when this punk ass kid goes flying by me in the outer track. It is my nemesis!

Ever since I started running I have always felt inferior to the other runners. Hell I could barely out run the old women power walking. I trained. I ran. I was slow. The worst fucker that made me feel horrible was the youngin. This kid has to be in high school. He would come down. Do a few really fast laps passing by me. Do a dozen pullups on the high school football uprights. Train hard. Totally make me look like a pussy. The kid even took his shirt off once and my Ex wife was gawking at him.

I was just starting my final mile. I was at the starting line for it. When the kid blew past me I got indignant! That is the only word I can think of to describe my rush of emotions. How dare this kid show me up. How dare he blow past me like I was standing still. What the fuck was his problem.

I decided right there and then I was not going to allow it. I turned it up a notch. I did not think I had an extra notch after running a 5K. Apparently I do. I then turned it up another notch. Again. Faster. Faster and harder than I have ever run before. It was like going ludacris speed.

It was amazing. It felt so good. I let it all out. I was not even breathing too hard. I was breathing hard. You could hear it. It felt good though and I was keeping up with him! Know what the best part was. I am entering the final straight away and the kid hears me coming up behind me AND HE HAS TO SPEED UP! I made the little fucker take it up another notch. I would have beat him is he stayed at his normal speed. As it was I did not beat him but I was not very far behind. I will get you my nemesis! I will get you.

Josie Rant

OMFG! I was like so peaceful this morning and then Josie is like "Hey I heard you were winning in Poker this weekend". Oh yeah, I was fucking winning, Until the ass hurting started again. I get great fucking hands like AK flop come AK two of my suit. I have the fucking nut AND a nut redraw and what do I do? I fucking bet it like a man! What fucking happens? Douche bag with a pair of 3's calls and what is the fucking turn card? I bet my long time readers can tell you? Cmon. Yeah. It is the ONE fucking three in the entire fucking deck that can help this douche nozzle. Fucking poker is making me sick. I get people into such goddamn ridiculous positions and they just fucking skip away with MY money. Jackasses.

The Wife was away for the entire weekend in Montreal with her boyfriend. So the Au Pair was watching the kids somewhat. I decided to do some things with them also.

My kid needs a beating now too. Oh my god. I took him and the girl to Lego Land Exposition this weekend. (Yeah fuck you word checker if I can not spell Lego! What fucking business is it of yours? Fucking cocksucking spell checker). He was bitching about how it would suck. We get there and the kids have a great time. Mostly at the inflatable obstacle course. Fuck Lego. Blow up obstacles are where it's at. Stupid fucking shit.

He goes around and gets pictures with all these life sized Lego models. I have to say I was NOT impressed. Not because the models sucked but I think all of them were glued together. I mean what kinda fucking Lego world is it when you need crazy glue? I mean are you fucking kidding me? I got the little girl a lazer keychain. Yeah, I know, I am fucking brilliant. Fucking sue me. I told her not to put it in anyone's eye. Yeah like that worked. So I took it away from her. Got the kid a pair of foam swords too. Pretty fun. Another fucking brilliant idea from me though. He is smacking everything in site. JESUS CHRIST!

Anyways it was a pretty good time. On Sunday I took the kids for haircuts. We all got one. I then dropped the girl off and took my son to the mall. He wanted to get a chin up bar. So I found the cool one where you just swing it up over any door frame and walla insta pullups. It also is good for pushups and other exercises. I get him a pair of dumbells too. He wants to get really strong so he can kick my ass. He asked for like 20 pound bells. So I am like "Ok, do 10 curls and you can get em". He is swinging his little body for all it's worth and still can not do one. So we downgrade to 5 pounders finally. I show him the right form. We hit the heavy bags a little. He so wants one. Not gonna happen. He liked the exercise bikes too. Um No.

We have a good lunch and I buy him a watch and a few books. Pretty good time. I go and watch some football. The Au Pair apparently tells him to stop doing pullups and to do his homework. He get's really furious and throws a house fan filter at her. Now this is not a heavy thing. It is small and flat but I guess he would probably be good at Frisbee because he slams her in the eye with the edge. Does anyone bother to tell me this happened? Fuck no.

I swear this Au Pair is a fucking retard. First thing I hear about it is when the wife comes in and starts yelling at the boy and takes the Au Pair to the hospital to get checked out. I mean what the fuck are you thinking? I fucking hate that mongloid bitch more and more every fucking day. I hope she does fucking decide it's too dangerous to watch the kid and goes back to her fucking ape family in Brazil. She is such a fucking idiot and a really bad Au Pair. She just like texts and plays on her computer and calls that watching the kids. Fucking retard.

I think she broke my washing machine too. Albeit this is better than the goddamn Au Pair that trashed my 40K SUV but still. I actually kind of like the old Au Pair even if she drives like a fucking 3 year old... but this one is a goddamn fucking retarded mongloid fat ass cunt licking fucktard. I swear if she goes missing it will not bother me.

See what you started Josie? Only highlight of the day? THIS. Sweet sweet irony how I love you.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finally Redemption

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Miss Iggy

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Spent the day finding a lowercase letter r. Programming sucks sometimes.

Geek Squad from Best Buy.. they can suck my dick. Such ripoff's. I went through the crap with the "Data Backup" and got that money back. Now I am pissed because they told my wife that they were shipping my son's broken laptop to HP to get checked out under warranted. Except instead of doing that they charged 30 bucks to send it to their own warehouse guys who told us it was $700 to fix a laptop screen on a laptop that cost $600. Um. Yeah. No thanks assholes. So I will fix it myself.

Team Waffles has been formed. VeryJosie, Lightbulb and I. I need to submit us for the Last Longer or we will not be in it. Unless one of my team mates have done it already. Do not listen to them when they say it is not Team Waffles. It is ALWAYS Team Waffles. Just ask Jordon.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fucking Bitch

No not that one. I called this chick a fucking bitch this morning. Ok. So I only whispered it. Hey that's an improvement over just thinking it right! I am standing in line for the exit door of the T station and this cunt just pops in front of me? Hello? Do you fucking see the line? Are you fucking more important than other people? So I used my Jedi powers to try and make her trip and fall on her face. Did not work. Fuck you midichlorians!

I swear I am in a foul mood today. Not sure why. I hate the goddamn bathroom tooth brushers. I watched this dude and figured out where he puts his toothbrush. I am going to go Office Ninja on his ass and pee on it.

Run last night was really good. Strong the whole three miles. Not a lot of fatigue. I felt a little tired around two miles then I bolted the last quarter mile. My leg is finally healed. I think. At least it is not twinging me. My hip is still a fucking mess. It feels good mostly. However when I sit a while or if I lay down with my laptop across my knees for a while then I go to get up it hurts pretty good. Not sure what I fucked up or what to do about it.

I obsess over the weirdest shit. Like today I Googled "How many shit's a day are normal?". I used to go once every day or two. Now I go like 3-5 times a day which is annoying. I guess my eating habits and running are effecting my body. It is weird though. Peace out.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Started New Diet

Not really a diet. Just trying a new way of eating. I was getting sick of eating huge portion of potatoes and gravy slathered meat and then falling asleep at my desk after lunch. Now I am going to try and listen to my body. (Insert fart joke here).

I got some snacks like peanuts and raisins. I will bring a sammich and some fruit to work. So basically the old routine was:

No breakfast
Meat and Potato feast at lunch
Frozen Dinner or some crap for dinner

New Routine:
7 - Cereal or a snack bar or banana for breakfast
10-11ish snack of fruit, peanuts, raisins, or something
12 sammich and some fruit or something
3-4ish another snack of fruit, or peanuts or raisins or something
Apple when I get home
Go for my Run
7-Tuna, or Chicken with rice, pasta, or something for dinner
9-10 - Possibly last snack
12 - Bed

I liked the suggestions for my build. I may do the blu ray thing. I think the SSD for the OS is a great idea. I am going to try and build a triple-boot system. Windows 64-Bit, Mac OSX, and some flavor of Linux. That way I can kick ass on multiple platforms.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sick Flop

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anatomy of a Run

In order to dissect a run I would have to know what the fuck I am doing. I hope I do not give that impression because I have no clue. Today my body was rocking. I was sleep deprived from the night before. Between taking 3rd in Omatard and railing Josie deep into a big MTT I did not get to be until late. I did my pushups and situps in the morning. I fucking nailed the pushups. I really felt strong doing them.

My mother came by and I fixed a few things on her computer. She wanted to know how to setup her printer. I asked if she brought it with her. No. What brand is it? Um, Printer Brand! No who makes it. HP! Ok. What model is it. 08374B. Um, that's not a model. What kind of connector does it have in the back? Um, I dunno, it has a lot of wires does that help? *facepalm*.

We got the kids new phones at the mall. By that time I was fucking dying tired and wanted to take a nap. However it was not to be because my mother left my nephews seizure medicine in our fridge. I had to drive it back up to their house. On the good side I was able to setup her printer.

I got my run in before I headed out. I nailed it this time. I really felt like I had a ton of energy. I kicked it up a notch at 2.5 miles and nailed the end of my run. I decided to throw in an extra lap so I could say "Hey, I have run a 5K". First time I actually did the 3.1 miles even though I am sure I could have before. I felt so good through the entire run. Only exception is my lungs or chest had some soreness or pain. Not sure if it was my pulse being a little high or possibly the cold air? Since it has started getting colder my chest does feel a little sore during every run.. not sure what that is about.

Hip is still hurting too. Not during the run though. I had a few twinges in the legs and hip but no real soreness or pain. I tried a different method of stretching. Normally I do like 3-5 short duration stretches. Not bouncing but like holding for 5 seconds the resetting. Tonight I tried just holding the stretch for 30 seconds. Not sure if it helped or not but I did feel really good. See above how I have no clue what the fuck I am doing.

One bad side effect of getting into great shape is I can not stop touching my boobs. I mean they are fucking cool. Went from like man tits to these things with like um, I think they are muscles! They feel so slick. I may be a little bit too self absorbed. Hit the scale at 174.5 today too. Lowest reading yet!

I Winned

Third in a 5.50 Omatard. Next up a 24+2 Omatard. Letcha know how I win.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Must Be Nice

All in on the flop. Nice one outer river. FML.

Go Figure

At times people ask me marriage advice. Sort of like "Waffles, how do I not fuck it up as bad as you did?". Now I am not pro-marriage. I think it is a construct that causes WAY too many problems. However if I would give a piece of advice I think I would say this: Leave Time To Be You.

It is so important to not lose yourself in the relationship and the children and the hectic busy schedule. We have some good examples of this with the bloggers. Peaker still manages to get out to the mountains. HighOnPoker gets his poker fix. Chacko got his Ferrari. All seem to be really happy people in good loving relationships.

In that vein I have been trying to recapture some of myself. Instead of just being a dumpy, depressed, motherfucker. The exercise has been helping a ton. A million kisses for HellaHoldem for getting me running. Seriously has improved my life a ton.

Fuck PokerPeaker though. First he like links these articles about some bitch who fucked her hips up. I am already a hypochondriac. My lower leg hurt so I have a stress fracture or compartmental syndrome. Now I read his link and think I have a stress fracture or frayed tendon on my hip.

He chides me for not running in the street when the football players are having their game. So last night I did a street run. I had no idea where I was going. I am like "Hey that way looks cool".. I see the name of the street as I am running.. Cedar Hill Road. HILL. HILL. HILL. FML! How do I always manage to choose the hardest route? I mean seriously. I chugged up this huge hill feet barely churning at the top and almost died. I kept running though. It was just a fifteen minute run. So. Tired. Fucking hate hills. The hills are fucking assholes. I want to punch one. Ug. All PokerPeakers fault!!!

Anyhow my key interest is probably computers. It has been a LONG while since I have had a kickass rig. I am going to be responsible and get the parts over the next couple months then I am going to build my first PC ever. I have done things with memory and drives and parts but never put together a whole fucking rig.

I am going to build the following:

High end gaming - Will rip through games now and for the foreseeable future - £1000+
CPU - i7 930 - £220.85
Mobo - Asus P6TD Deluxe X58 Socket 1366 8 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard - £216.33
RAM - Corsair 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz XMS3 Memory Kit CL9(9-9-9-24) 1.65V - £111.64
GPU - GTX 460 1GB x2 in SLI - £352.48 OR
ATI 5850 x2 in crossfire - £423.84
PSU - OCZ GameXStream 850W PSU - Silent 120mm Blue LED Fan 4x PCI-E 6x SATA - £84.99 (some will say that's overkill but if you want to overclock or add a second or third card you will be glad of the headroom)
Case - Antec P183 Case - GunMetal Grey Super Mid Tower - No PSU - £111.65
HDD - Samsung F3 1TB - £43.79
Optical drive - LG CH08LS10 8x BD-ROM with DVD±RW & LightScribe SATA Blu-Ray Drive - OEM Black - £48.99

Sub total - £1190.72 - £1262.08 depending on GPU choice
Still needs operating system, windows 7 64bit is a must in my opinion

Price is going to vary. I also may wait to buy some parts till the end because new stuff is coming out and the prices should fall. I may adjust some parts too. I am going to get back to programming for fun and playing all kinds of video games. I will also get the kid interested in being a bit more nerdy. Although I think that the hacker gene has gone to the daughter. She has already broken into my wife's iPhone and just takes to this shit like a fish to water.

The other bigish change I am going to start is... grazing. I read that it is more healthy to graze instead of eating huge carbo and meat loaded meals. Lunch around Boston is kinda hard. I usually end up with huge slab of meat, potatoes, bread, and some juice. Instead I am going to graze. Now cows are fucking fat. So I am not sure this whole graze thing is gonna work. Have you ever smelled a cows ass too? I mean Jesus fucking stinking Christ! I am going to give it a wack. Need to do more research but I think I will have things like peanuts, and raisins, and I dunno Beef Jerky? Who the fuck knows. I will keep this shit in my desk and eat when I feel the urge. I will bring fruit and a wrap with like a couple pieces of meat and cheese for lunchtime. See how it works out.

Nothing else going on. I got some other plans to implement after these first few. Some money making items. Some fun. Just keeping the good time rolling. Peace.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Final Hand of the Night

This hand was kind of interesting and made my night. After I doubled up earlier I busted out on some horrible rivers and some bad calls. I buy in for my 2nd buyin and am a little up. Small stack raises, larger stack re-raises to 1.68 and I see the hand of AQTT DS. This hand is pretty good. I think for a while and decide the poker gods will reward me for playing this hand. The flop comes QK of my suit. So I have a pair, a nut flush draw, a nut gutter draw, and the big stack likely just has AA. So I decide to shove it all in. Both players call. I turn the flush and do the happy happy dance.

Nice Start

Good first session of Omatard. I checked the river and the dude with AA jammed. TYVM!

Another Day Another Run

Meh. Went to the track. The stupid football players were there. So I went home and nearing darkness went running in the woods with no flashlight. It was still light out but a little creepy. Fricken dogs everywhere! I did a 20 minute loop in the woods then came out on the road near my house, ran past the house and down a huge hill. Spun around and ended up right before the big hill. I was not going to run up the hill. Finished at about 28 minutes.

I find running in the woods to be more challenging so I think I got a good workout. I was supposed to run 2.5 miles. God knows how far I went. Probably around that amount of distance. Tomorrow is my 1.5 mile speed run.

I find that since I started running I am always achy. I got like chronic hip pain and my right lower leg is achy. Nothing hurts all the time or even too bad.. it's just nagging stuff. The veins in my left leg are kinda freaky too. Of course Ick has to come by and be all like "Yeah could be a blood clot, ur gonna die". Fucker. Fucking Cardiologists can suck my ballsack.

I shall be hitting the tables again tonight. Not sure exactly what I am going to play. Perhaps LJ will give me some lessons. She has been on the run of a lifetime. Good job girl! Fuck Ya I am jealous! Happy for ya too!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Interesting day. Went to my daughters soccer game. Played some soccer with the boy. Racing after him killed my heart and lungs after a little. I then went and saw Resident Evil: Aftermath. with the boy. We enjoyed it. Ate popcorn and drank lemonade and orange drink. It was not as good as some of the other movies but still fun.

Went to buy a Droid-X. All sold out. The salesperson tried to sell me a Samsung. It is the newest one. I have not done any research though so I figured I would check it out online first.

Hit the track and did 2.5 miles. I killed my first mile. It went something like this:

1/4th 2:14, 2/4th 4:20, 3/4th 7:08, 1 mile 9:36. The rest of the run KILLED me though. Really tough. I finished up at 27:30, which is not bad for me for 2.5 miles. I need to learn to slow down a little though.

I feel like I have so far to go. I can see that I have done a lot and am in much better shape. I still feel like I have a ways to go. I mean on one hand I CAN run pretty far. On the other hand short sprints wind me as much as they ever did and the long runs are hard. I have increased speed. My chest is looking much better. Not a lot of fat anywhere. My tummy still has a ways to go though.

I have not been doing this exercise thing very long so I am proud of what I have accomplished. I just see I have a long ways to go before I am in really good shape.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Well that was fun...

Got 17 bucks rake back. Raise AA56 pre. 4 Callers for 1.75. Flop comes J83. I jam in for my remaining dollars. QJxx with top pair Queen kicker calls. Jack turn. FML.

PokerStars Is A Bloggers Best Friend

Check out the details on the Luckbox Last Longer. The good folkes at PokerStars are adding over 4500 in prizes to our little blogger game. Very nice of them! Now I just need to come up with a team!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

I Am

I realize there have not been a lot of Wife stories lately. I guess I have been doing better so no need. A few nights ago she did something ridiculous involving the boy. I am not going to go into it. So we were all talking about it afterwards and she says "Your no Father of the Year". Now normally I would agree. I walked away for a moment and then came back and said "Fuck That! I am Fucking Father of the Year!". I coached the kids baseball team. I have brought them out for at least the past few months. I just got back from fishing with the boy. Screw that. I am the fucking Father of the year. Nobody is going to tell me I am not.

I am used to being a crappy dad because of depression and having no energy to do anything. One nice side effect of running is that it has removed a lot of that. I am now able to be active and do what I need to do. So Fuck Ya! I am Father of the Fucking Year!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Nice Run

No football players tonight.

I started my new program.

Tues - 2 miles.
Thu - 1.5 miles
Sat - 2.5 miles
Sun - 30 mins (easy run / walk)

Increases the Tues and Sat runs by .5 miles per week until it gets to 3.5 and 4 miles. It then drops down to 3 miles and 4 miles.

I had a NICE two mile run tonight. I felt like I was really cruising. I felt like I had something extra to give at the end and I turned it up and booked. I of course did not take my watch so no idea of my final time. I am going to take the watch from now on to see if my time increases.

The Sunday easy rest runs I am going to do as trail runs for sure. I might do like 5 minutes on then one minute rest up to the 30 minutes because I am supposed to be semi-resting on the Sunday runs. Should be fun.


I went to go out running last night and as I cruised into the HS parking lot what do I see? A fricken football game or practice going on! Did I not get tormented by HS Football players enough as a kid? Now you gonna mess with my running? I will have to see how often they play at night but this could put a crimp in my running. I tried a second field also and same thing. I may have to figure out a new plan because this really sucks.

It also sucks that this was to be the start of my new program. So now I am bunched up at the end of the week if I want to put all the days in. Probably what will happen is I will do Wed/Fri/Sun then restart on Tuesday. Assuming the field is not taken every night. I mean don't these little bastards have a bedtime? Curfew? What the hell.

On to the sick and twisted side.. Does running fuck with your crap or what? I swear every day is a new experience in the toilet bowl. I can get most of the colors of the shit rainbow. Greens and browns of all types. It is fucked up. I used to have pretty stable shit coloring. Now it is like a roulette wheel.

I had other shit to bitch about but I forget. So go back to work fucktards.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Home Game

I went with my friend Mark and played a home game. It was a lot of fun. It started with two tables of six. I got the downstairs table with the little cute 25yr old. She was horrible at poker but cute as a button. Upstairs was some skank on X. She was dating some butt ugly guy she met in rehab. She was blond and skinny and pretty hot. She was wacked out of her mind. Both of them got totally loaded and then drove off.

I survived the consolidation of the tables. Deep in I get sucked out on with AK vs K7. Ug. I should have played my hand a little stronger but oh well. I finally ended up flipping against pocket eights and losing.

The guy who sucked out on me with K7 always told people what he had. So he saved me a lot of money. I would just wait for him to get impatient and tell me what he had and do the appropriate move.

Even though this is the second time getting ass raped live by crappy cards (remember last time was AA vs K9) I had a good time. It was a fun group and they were giving each other shit. Was amusing.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Finally Broke

Omaha. Equal stacks. $150 pot. Guy raised in ep. Second guy calls. I re-jam with AA. Second guy re-rejams. Third guy calls. I call. I am up against the amazing hands of 4456 and 679T. Of course the board plays out on the river as JQK. Fun times.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Trail Run

I decided to do a 4th day of running this week in preparation of my new program on Tuesday. I figured I would try a nice trail run. It was interesting. My legs in general felt really good. The run was peaceful and enjoyable. I however could not do a full 30 minutes. I got to 15 minutes and my chest was sore and I was breathing too hard. I decided to take a break and walked for five minutes. I then finished up the final ten. I am not sure why I did not do the full 30 run.

I think there are a few reasons. First off the hills. I am not used to hills. It really killed me. I also think part of it might have been the fact that it was not an "official" run. Not part of a program. All during the program I would not quit. Ever. So perhaps I had less motivation to never stop.

All in all I am good with it though. I enjoyed the running and walking and I am sure I got a good workout. I will do some more of these runs for sure.

Fucking Idiots

Out in 11th. Fucking moron calls my pot bet with a flush draw on the turn. I have like 3/4 my stack in by that time. Fucking asshole. River's his only out of course.

Not the Nuts

Love this Guy

Yeah, I overplayed my hand but...

Busting Out

I am in the process of being angry and busting out. It is kinda hard sometimes though. PLO MTT. I raise pre. 1/2 pot the flop. He jams the turn.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Cash hmm..

Jammed the turn here. Was happy with what called me. All in 3 ways.

Couch To Five Kay Grad

I had a wildly awesome run tonight. So glad I went. Eight at night. Pitch black. Hurricane coming in. Clouds overhead. I went to the pitch black track. Fog everywhere. I almost lost my nerve. I said fuck it and started running. I had the most awesome first mile. I was totally and instantly keyed in to the zone. The last mile was tough. The last lap my right leg basically felt like it had a flat. I kinda drag to the finish line. I did it though! I am a graduate!

It was very spiritual too. One of those runs where you just question. "What are you" "Where are you" "Why should I believe in you" "What does that really mean?". Thought about my life. How I became so self absorbed and selfish. Had a really good time. The winds blew a little. I had no fear of the dark track.

Everything held off. The second I got into my car it started raining. I figured out why I hate running too Peaker. It is correct for me to hate it. Every week I am challenging myself beyond what I can do. The first mile I ran tonight was well within my powers. So it was fun and easy and free. The last mile is always tiring, somewhat painful, and hard. Once I work myself up to where a half hour run is easy then I think I will enjoy it more.

Starting to See..

I am starting to see the wisdom in Bayne's roach abilities. Especially in these PL08 SNGs. One key point I am working on is: NEVER GO ALL IN PRE. It is sometimes right to go all in pre-flop. However this is NOT where my skill in PL08 shines. If I have any edge it has to be in out reading people on the flop. Deciding if the flop hit me hard enough to get my money in. No hand in Omatard is all that favored pre-flop.. it is so much more so than in HE. Now I relax this a little once I am in the money. The blinds are so high and I have made my buck so now I need to win.

Second key point I have been working on is: ALWAYS play NUT NUT hands. Obviously this has to be relaxed towards the end also. It downgrades to ALWAYS play two way hands. I see so many people in these contests play hands with absolutely no low potential. Like KK29. Hey I have kings! ALLLL IN! I called a real shorties jam with 2345 s00ted. His KK29 went down in flames to my straight. Not saying it was the best call but with him having no low I am locking in half the pot most of the time. The other half is then a flip to see who wins.

Someone was glad "I grew some balls" and started playing 11$ SNGs. Poker is not about that. If you want to gamble your whole bankroll then have fun playing bingo. Poker is about staying in the game and hitting those nice upswings. I am sticking with the extra risky stuff because of one thing: I AM A LOSER. Seriously. Now it may work out and I may get my bankroll up to a level that supports the 11$ SNGs. It is not really the recommended way to go though. I beleive in the grind. I just get too frustrated to stay with it. One day I will get past the whole variance, numbers not working out, up and down swing thing and then I will be a very successful poker player. Until then breakeven is the best I can hope for.

Pushups and Situps suck. I have been skipping out on them. I do not want to skip them. With the running I dedicated myself to it. I do not enjoy it as much as Peaker does. It is a grind for me. I dedicated myself to becoming healthy though. The enjoyment may come after I have been doing this for a while. Three nights a week I know I am leaving as soon as it gets cool enough to run. I eat my apple or banana and a few peanuts instead of dinner because I know I have to run. I get prepared to make some protein dinner after the run. It is a part of my life now.

The pushups and situps I am like oh yeah I am supposed to do those tonight right. I eat my dinner. Watch TV. Play some PLO8.. then all of the sudden it is 11:00 and I am done. I need to apply the same routine to these as I have to the running. Doing pushups once a week just will not give me any good result.

That is all. Return to your work.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Day 3

Not as good today. Only like a 6 buck profit.

6th, 4th, 2nd, 7th, and went out 10th in a PLO8 MTT.

A2KJ with K suited vs A35T. I was short. Flop 23. Turn T. No resuck. :P. Some pretty sick suckouts tonight so good to make a profit. Wish I could have gone further in the MTT though.

Need a Plan

My final day of C25K is finishing up on Friday. On Sunday I will throw in another 30 min run. I think I will do it in the forest by my house. Make it a trail run. I am not sure how rocky it is but horses do it so I am going to give it a try.

Right now I am running like a 2.5-2.75 rate in 30 minutes. I need to build up my distance and my time. I am going to start this next program. It is noted as a "Advanced Beginner" 5K training program. I am going to start in week 4. Since I know I can run 2.5 miles. Here is the program. It lasts for 6 weeks.

I think this will be good. It works on speed by adding extra distance to 4 miles. It goes slow enough. Right now I can do the things I need to accomplish this. Not sure I will be doing the Wednesday Cross Training. Everything else I will do though.

I am also going to continue my fail pushup and fail situp programs. Ug.

Week 3:
Mon: Rest
Tues: 2 mi run
Wed: CT
Thurs: 1.5 m run (race pace)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 2.5 m run
Sun: 30 min EZ (Walk/Jog Slow)

Week 4:
Mon: Rest
Tues: 2.5 m run
Wed: CT
Thu: 1.5 m run (race pace)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 3 m run
Sun: 35-40 min EZ (Walk/Jog Slow)

Week 5:
Mon: Rest
Tues: 3 m run
Wed: CT
Thu: 1.5 m run (race pace)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 3.5 m run
Sun: 35-40 min EZ (Walk/Jog Slow)

Week 6:
Mon: Rest
Tues: 3.5 m run
Wed: CT
Thu: 1.5 m run (race pace)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 4 m run
Sun: 35-40 min EZ (Walk/Jog Slow)

Week 7:
Mon: Rest
Tues: 3 m run
Wed: CT
Thu: 1.5 m run (race pace)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 4 m run
Sun: 40 min EZ (Walk/Jog Slow)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

First Day

Two games. Two firsts. Up over 70 bucks on the night. This PL08 idea might have been a good one.

Jog tonight was rough. Kinda humid. Got crampy legs. Very tired. Finished the 30 minutes on willpower. Stretched afterwards. I then had a muscle attack in my chest. It was on the right side on the boob. Hurt like hell. I have had these attacks a few times. Mostly I think because I was out of shape. So when I moved my atrophied muscles they said "WAHHHHH!"... Surprised I had an attack tonight. Although my muscles were fucked and I was stretching my arms and stuff.. so who knows...


Time to Leap

Off the edge into the destructive poker side I always embrace! So after a losing weekend and being stuck at 200 for like months I am fucking sick of it. I am implementing plan **gusto or busto. I am playing $11 TURBO PL08 SNGS with my remaining 120 or so bankroll. So either I will bust or shoot to like five hundry fast. Keep ya posted!!!

First Night: 4th, 4th, 3rd, 1st.

** Please do not try this at home children.